Marvila’s Attic Makeover: A Journey from the 20th Century to Trendsetting Today

A Transformation story of 645sqft/60sqm in Lisbon

Oh, honey, 

Let’s talk about that intriguing spot you’ve been dreaming of. Yep, that charming apartment perched right in the heart of Marvila, Lisbon. Marvila! 

The old industrial heartthrob of Lisbon where the buildings have that “I’ve-seen-some-stuff” look from the 20th century. And, sweet cheeks, it’s heritage-protected. Oh, la la! Kind of like your grandma’s porcelain vase but, you know, bigger, and you can live inside it.

So, here’s the deal. 

This apartment, she’s been doing some yoga. Her layout stretches from half a meter to a whopping 3 meters at its highest point. It’s kind of like how you feel when you put on those high-heeled shoes, towering over your problems, looking fabulous.

Now, I’ve heard through the grapevine that there are these fancy folks with a passion for rejuvenating old, forgotten properties. Think Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but like, classier and with more delicious Portuguese pastries around. Their vision? To share that postcard-worthy view of the industrial zone and the Tagus river. What a flex!

But wait! There’s a twist. They’ve crafted a guide – not just any guide. The Never Too Small Essential Guide – think of it as your home’s personal stylist. Got a small living room that feels like it’s gasping for air? Need to jazz it up without breaking the bank? This guide is like having a fairy godmother but for interior design. And the wizards behind it? Icons like Mariah Burton, Nicholas Gurney, Jack Turner, and Heidi Wong. I mean, with a lineup like that, your living room will go from “meh” to “ME-WOW!”

But back to our Marvila dream. This place used to be known as “villa dumarum” which translates to “village of the sea.” Over time, it’s been getting the ultimate glow-up. From old factories transforming into these hip galleries and creative studios to artisan establishments. It’s kind of the Brooklyn of Lisbon.

So, the apartment? 

First off, accessibility was like trying to decipher your ex’s mixed signals. Previously, there was a kitchen, two rooms, and a toilet, but no bathroom. So, where were they supposed to shower? A mystery. But, after some wizardry, the entrance space turned into a generous bathroom. Bravo!

Do you see that beige-colored entrance? 

That’s fiber cement. You take a few steps inside, and BAM! Open plan kitchen, dining, and living area, with a cheeky mirror that gives off “Who’s the fairest of them all?” vibes. The space is cleverly designed, with windows here and there throwing in dashes of light, making everything feel spacious and airy.


Honey, there’s so much, you might just lose yourself. 

It’s everywhere, from under the sloping roofs to integrated walls. And the living room? Gosh, it’s like they took every tiny space and sprinkled some magic. Niches, sofas, kitchenettes, and even an office space under a window. The lighting? Simply dazzling! The dining area feels like a roundtable where you’d sip your wine and discuss world domination plans or, you know, the latest TV show you binge-watched.

And the kitchen? 

It’s like Narnia. Pocket doors reveal this wonderland – induction cooktops, range hood, fridge, and even a sneaky dishwasher. Meanwhile, the sleeping area is pure romance, with a skylight to watch the stars, and I mean, who wouldn’t love that?

But, the real showstopper? 

The bathroom. It’s got this boutique-hotel vibe, with fluted glass windows, a custom-made vanity, and skylights that just open up to let your troubles (and steam) out.

The secret sauce? 

Natural light. 

It’s like Vitamin D for rooms. 

Plus, renovation isn’t just about slapping on some paint and calling it a day. It’s about giving soul to a space. Like a phoenix, these old gems rise, more fabulous than ever.

So, darlings, if you’ve got a space itching for a makeover or if you just love drooling over stunning designs, you know where to go: Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk – I mean, my casual chat about dreamy spaces. 

Stay fabulous! 

Atop a heritage building in Lisbon’s historic Marvila district lies an attic marvelously revamped by KEMA Studio using eco-friendly materials like fiber cement and metal. The open-plan design, birthed by removing internal barriers, integrates kitchen, dining, and living spaces. A multi-use sofa beneath the sloped roof and a hidden kitchen segment in the living room storage showcase ingenious space-saving. Enhanced natural light flows through new skylights, dormer windows, and strategically placed mirrors. This redesigned apartment masterfully combines spaciousness with coziness, shining as a beacon in Lisbon’s industrial backdrop. Channel: Nevertoosmall