A Modular Deck House Review:

How Crisis Paved the Way for Creativity

Credit ReadydecksystemsLivingbiginatinyhouse, and Patreon.

You there, sitting on the couch, scrolling through your phone, perhaps considering another Netflix series to binge-watch? Stop right there. Let’s embark on a whimsical, fun, and slightly emotional journey about, of all things, a tiny house.

You’ve heard about tiny homes, right? Those cute little compact spaces that seem perfect for Instagram photos but impractical for life? What if I told you there’s a story here that’s far richer than any filter could provide? Buckle up, buttercup; it’s time for a wild ride through the world of minimalistic architecture.

Picture this: a pristine landscape, lush green meadows stretched out, a gentle breeze caressing tall trees, and amidst it all, a tiny yet majestic home, as if straight out of a fairy tale. But remember, every fairy tale has its backstory.

Meet Rebecca. No, not your cousin Rebecca, who accidentally dyed her hair pink during quarantine. This is a different Rebecca. This is Rebecca, who, at the age of 40, had to rebuild her life after a series of unfortunate events. She landed on her sister’s doorstep with a small child, clutching the promise of a fresh start.

Rental markets were a nightmare, especially in New Zealand. Seriously, if you’ve tried renting there, you’d know. But our Rebecca, in the face of adversity, saw an opportunity. And with a little inspiration, some fierce determination, and maybe a splash of fairy dust, she transformed a piece of land into a haven.

You might be thinking, “Oh, another sad story turned inspirational.” But stick with me. This ain’t no ordinary house. This tiny home, nestled in the heart of nature, embodies every dream, every hope, every moment of Rebecca’s life. And boy, did she get creative!

Every nook, every corner, every millimeter of the house was designed by her. And let’s just say size isn’t everything. As much as we love expansive mansions, there’s something about this intimate space that resonates differently. And the view? Imagine opening your window to a picturesque landscape rather than the grey building next door. *Chef’s kiss.*

Hold on, we’re not done yet. The magic extends beyond the house. Remember her supportive sister? She’s got five adorable munchkins who practically worship the ground Rebecca’s son walks on. The bond these families share? It’s straight-up goals. No, seriously. 

Jumping back to the house, the design is impeccable. From a spacious-feeling interior light-drenched room to the cleverly constructed kitchen – it’s all about details. Rebecca even introduced a modular deck system that’s sure to make any architecture enthusiast swoon.

As you step inside, it’s a tapestry of emotions. The elegance of the flowing curtains, the golden hues interspersed with subtle pink, and the well-thought-out aesthetic choices speak of Rebecca’s journey. They tell a story of resilience, of rebuilding, of finding beauty amidst chaos.

And then there’s Hugo’s room. Young Hugo, with an affinity for the moon and stars, has his galaxy painted across the walls. A reminder of the infinite possibilities that await. Every night, as the lights dim, a 3D sky comes alive, illuminating his dreams.

Ending our whirlwind tour, you’ve got to admit tiny homes aren’t just about downsizing. They’re about dreams, challenges, innovation, and sheer willpower. So the next time you’re scrolling past one on Instagram, maybe pause and wonder about its story.

Life, my friend, isn’t about the space we occupy but how we fill it. So, fill yours with joy, adventure, and maybe, just maybe, a tiny home of your own someday. After all, if Rebecca could turn her dreams into reality, what’s stopping you? 😉