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10 DIY Space-saving wonders using IKEA for a Brilliantly Organized Bedroom

The IKEA Hack seating bench idea to complete your window gazing

Welcome, DIY enthusiasts!
Today, we’re tackling a brilliant IKEA Kallax hack that transforms it into a seating bench, perfect for all your window gazing needs!

And hey, who doesn’t want a nifty window seat that doubles as storage, right?

Let’s dive into this simple, no-sew, no-fancy-tools-required project that will leave you beaming with pride as you sit on a bench you put together all by yourself!

Picture this: you see those fancy banquette seating benches on Pinterest, and you can’t help but feel envious. Well, envy no more!

We’re here to show you how to create a functional, affordable storage bench using an IKEA Kallax – and trust us; it’s easier than assembling a piece of IKEA furniture!

First things first, measure the area where you want your bench to go – remember, measure twice, cut once!
Once you’ve got the perfect spot, let the Kallax shopping commence.

Pro tip: if you’re not close to an IKEA or simply want a more convenient option, check out Amazon’s Better Homes and Garden bookcase – it’s like the Kallax’s long-lost twin!

Now, let’s talk cushion material.
Our recommendation is to go for a durable, easy-to-clean vinyl or a thick, canvas-like fabric that can withstand everyday wear and tear. As for the foam, you can save some bucks by repurposing camping foam sleeping pads – the thicker, the comfier!

When it comes to cutting your MDF board, don’t sweat it!
Head over to Lowes or Home Depot, and they’ll make the first three cuts for you – for free!

Now, it’s time to assemble your bench.

Attach the foam to the MDF board with spray adhesive, wrap your chosen material around it, and staple it in place.

Finally, secure the cushion to the Kallax using hook and loop velcro strips, and voila! Your very own window gazing bench is complete!

So, get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy your handiwork while contemplating life’s mysteries – or just take a well-deserved break from the IKEA assembly.


Written by Simpson

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