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10 DIY Space-saving wonders using IKEA for a Brilliantly Organized Bedroom

The DIY IKEA Besta Hack Idea for the Children’s DIY – By ADC x Le Bon Coin

Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever wished your small bedroom could double as a stylish, IKEA-inspired playground? Well, buckle up because ADC and Le Bon Coin are back for Round 2, and they’re bringing the magic of upcycling and IKEA hacks to transform your humble abode!

Introducing ADC KIDS – a brilliant project that merges baby-oriented discoveries and DIYs for both adults and kids to create whimsical, functional, and cost-effective children’s furniture.

No need to break the bank to make your little ones feel like royalty!

Now, let’s dive into the DIY process of creating this enchanting children’s furniture using an IKEA BESTA structure, furniture legs, wooden boards, hardboard, brackets, screws, hinges, paint, and a leather link. With a bit of patience and a 40-minute commitment, you’ll be crafting a masterpiece for just €12!

  1. Grab your drill and create a grid pattern on the wooden board.
  2. Cut and glue it to your wooden boards if you’re using a hardboard.
  3. Sand and paint the wooden planks with a roller to avoid clogging the holes.
  4. Attach the brackets inside the cabinet at mid-height.
  5. Screw the legs into the cabinet – thank you, pre-existing screw threads!
  6. Create handles by threading a leather tie and knotting it at the back.
  7. Attach the hinges, following the instructions. By now, drilling holes should be a piece of cake!

Picture this: a cozy, organized bedroom filled with coloring books, colored pencils, and plush friends. Thanks to ADC and Le Bon Coin, you can now turn that dream into a reality!

So, get started on your DIY adventure and share your creations online. Remember, laughter and inspiration are just an IKEA hack away!

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