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10 DIY Space-saving wonders using IKEA for a Brilliantly Organized Bedroom

IKEA Bed Hack: A Built-in Wonderland by @Lumminati

Ladies and gents, brace yourselves for a wild IKEA adventure!

We’re diving headfirst into a world of wit, whimsy, and wonderful bed hacks. So, grab your Allen wrench, and let’s get cracking!

Meet @Lumminati, the IKEA hack guru who turned an empty, chalk-white bedroom into a cozy haven with the help of trusty sidekicks – Mom, Dad, and Brother.

Together, they conquered the chaos and created a bed with built-in storage, a fear-of-height-proof design, and stylish bookshelves.

Talk about #FamilyGoals!
Wondering about the bed size? With a width of 140cm, it’s a royal queen indeed! But hold on to your screwdrivers because this hack doesn’t stop there.

Introducing the IKEA step stool (codename: Bekväm) to give you that extra lift to your lofty dreamscape. Cleverly hidden during the day, it’s your secret weapon for sweet slumber.
Now, prepare to be bed-azzled!

This MALM dresser-mattress combo isn’t just your average snooze station. No, it’s a sleep sanctuary, a reading retreat, and a storage superstar all rolled into one. Did we mention it’s also eco-friendly?

That’s right, @Lumminati scored all the components secondhand or donated, except for the mattress and bookshelf.

So, there you have it – an IKEA bed hack that’s equal parts stylish, functional, and sustainable. Sleep tight, fellow IKEA hackers, and may your dreams be filled with flat-packed furniture and endless puns!

Written by Simpson

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