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10 DIY Space-saving wonders using IKEA for a Brilliantly Organized Bedroom

The DIY Ikea bed hack that doubles storage space by Sarah Tomin

Gather ’round, folks, for the story of Sarah Tomin, a mom on a mission to tackle the beast of small bedroom storage! She transforms a cluttered box room into an organizational wonderland with a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of IKEA magic.

Picture this: Sarah devises a brilliant bed hack by combining IKEA Kallax shelving units to create a storage-savvy U-shaped base. With bed slats in the middle and a mattress on top, she achieves a spacious haven under the bed without compromising an inch of precious floor space.

Sarah’s genius bed hack takes the internet by storm when she posts it on the DIY on a Budget Facebook page. Over 2,200 likes and 740 comments pour in from admirers left in awe of her ingenuity. Some are inspired to recreate her masterpiece, while others hilariously imagine alternative uses—like the perfect hide-and-seek spot.

So, dear friends, let Sarah Tomin’s triumphant IKEA bed hack be a shining example for all those struggling with small bedroom storage. Just remember, with a bit of laughter, creativity, and IKEA wizardry, even the tiniest of spaces can be transformed into a beautifully organized haven.

Written by Simpson

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