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It is difficult to win a small bedroom makeover competition when available spaces given to you hinder you from adding things you want.
But don’t worry, in the next video, I’ve already prepared some of the finest bedroom makeover ideas you can use to save the space of your room and upgrade them.
This is 10 Dramatic Bedroom Makeover for Small House Owners by simphome.com.
I hope some of these ideas will give you new creative imaginations and let’s start our count down from number 10.

10. Use Built-In Shelves as the Headboard
10 Use Built In Shelves as the Headboard via Simphome
What is the main problem of having a small bedroom? Yes, storage. A small bedroom surely lacks storage, so if you are thinking of doing makeover, consider applying this built-in shelves to your room. It will give you more storage as well as more decorative rooms to your bedroom.
The shelves are built in with two cabinets and they are also functioned as a headboard.
The white colour of the shelves blends perfectly with the wooden wall and ceiling. The lamp mounting on the wall is also dedicated as a storage solution too. With this simple trick, the owner is no longer need a side table to store his reading lamps.

9. Minimalist design bedroom idea
9 Minimalist design bedroom idea via Simphome
You don’t have to spend much money for a bedroom makeover. No need to waste time thinking what knick-knacks you should add to give it a new look. Simply get unnecessary things out and leave it simple. It will dramatically change the appearance of your bedroom, making it much tidier, more spacious, and more comfortable too.
The combination of white color and wide floor-to-ceiling windows maximize the natural light and create illusion of a larger space and “could be” mood booster too. Adding some houseplants makes the room fresh and incorporates a little bit of details to it.

8. Dramatic Wallpaper for a Dramatic Accent Wall idea
8 Dramatic Wallpaper for a Dramatic Accent Wall idea via Simphome
Do you want to do bedroom makeover but don’t have enough time to do complicated restorations? Just add texture on your wall using wallpaper. This wallpaper for example has changed the whole atmosphere in the room as well as adding the touch of luxury to the space.
Hanging wallpaper on the wall is one of the most effective ways to give any bedroom (big or small) a facelift. It comes in various patterns, design and price range, easy to install and you can use them to embellish your wall storage solutions too. Check description area to find a link that will lead to dozens wall storage solution for small bedroom.

7. A Mirror Wall idea
7 A Mirror Wall idea via Simphome
A mirror is more than just an appliance which assures that you look good. In fact, it is an important element for a small bedroom. First, placing a mirror across the window reflects plenty of natural light that makes the room brighter and airier. Second, mirrors create visual illusion that makes a room look bigger.
And third, mirror is flexible. You can incorporate it with other furniture pieces like built-in closet, cabinet, cupboard, even headboard. For the last case, you can choose mirror piece made from acrylic or flexible Mirror Sheets if you are not comfortable working with glass. Use Amazon search bar for more detail.

6. Try Ceiling Decals
6 Try Ceiling Decals via SimphomeCeiling is the first thing you see when lying on bed. Like the other parts of a room, ceiling deserves decorating in order to make it look more appealing. Ceiling decoration could also bring a comfort to whoever in the room.
Unfortunately, it tends to be overlooked. As a result, it is usually left untreated, which makes it stark. Ceiling decal comes in various brands and different application method although you can always DIY them with any material you desire. If you prefer upgrade version of this idea you can choose those packed with 3d Wall Stickers. They look more professional and usually come with clear removal instruction too.

5. Add a Twist to your Existing Furniture
5 Add a Twist to your Existing Furniture via Simphome
Drawers are a must-have item when it comes to organization and space efficiency. They are reliable, but unfortunately many homeowners keep their drawers untouched for years, and make them quite boring.
If you think your drawers are getting boring too, it’s the time to give it a new look. Your alternative. First, clean the drawers in case it has been collecting dust. Replace the handles with new ones if you think it is necessary and paint it two-toned. Leave it dry for few hours.
Once it is dry, replace the old legs with new hairpin legs to give your drawer a little bit touch of mid-century modern style and done.

4. Hang Terrariums
4 Hang Terrariums via Simphome
A terrarium is mini plants that grow in a small transparent container or light bulbs. It fits those with gardening passion but lack outdoor space. Making a new terrarium piece is entertaining and the end product could be best investment for your bedroom awkward space. Making a terrarium is merely a breeze. First, prepare a small glass container or mason jar and some pint-sized plants. Put the plants inside the glass, then hang it on the wall.
To reuse light bulb, use YouTube search bar to find video tutorials you need. You’ll find dozens inspiring leads you can follow and re-use for your own benefit.

3. Wall Hanging planter ideas
3 Wall Hanging planter ideas via Simphome
Plants are usually placed on tables for decorative purpose but they actually carry more than just aesthetical function. Plants in a room help to improve the air quality. It reduces carbon dioxide levels, increases humidity, and keeps the temperature down. It also can help you feel more relaxed.
They are affordable, can give you fun activity, and If you’re unable adding extra table for your plants, you can hang them on the wall. Prepare some square wooden pots, paint them in different colours, then let them dry. Next, nail or screw them on the wall. Last, fill them with soil and some decorative plants.

2. Display your Beautiful Memories
2 Display your Beautiful Memories via Simphome
Creating a gallery on the plain wall is a simple and easy way to bring style as well as personality touch to a bedroom, but it doesn’t mean that you have to damage your wall with nails, tape, or other adhesives. Instead, attach a net of interlocking ribbons to it. This idea will instantly give new pattern to your wall and space for you to display your beautiful memories in photos, postcards or other memorabilia. Simply by inserting them through a net.

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Lastly number 1. Add a Romantic Ambiance with the Lighting
1 Add a Romantic Ambiance with the Lighting via Simphome
Light is an essential element in a bedroom no matter how small or big the room is. The lighting also plays an important role to strengthen the ambiance. The pendant lights in this bedroom, for instance, create a romantic ambiance, thanks to the patterns provided by the lampshades. Moreover, the lights go fantastic with tall ceiling, making the room look gorgeous and more epic.

So, those are 10 Dramatic Bedroom Makeover idea which prove that makeover doesn’t have to be costly and consume days of labors. Sometimes little changes are everything you need to give a new impact to the whole room, making it chicer, and extra fantastic. Last, which bedroom makeover ideas inspire your next bedroom transformation agenda?

10 Dramatic Bedroom Makeover for Small House via Simphome com Pinterest Featured image
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