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All people must know about Star Wars since this movie franchise is very famous for all age especially after the new franchise series comes out. The loyal fans do not only watch the movie multiple times, but they also use Star Wars home décor to accessorize their house. This show pride as Star Wars fans as well as their love for the series. And since Star Wars is very unique the decoration inspired from the movie also very unique. You can surely be proud in your own Star Wars sanctuary and feel that ‘the force’ is with you always. Here I have 5 Star Wars home décor items to create space room.


1. Galaxy ceiling

Galaxy ceilign 2 Simphome
As the star wars occurs in outer space, then the first thing that you need to have is the galaxy ceiling. This Star Wars home décor painting will be able to create outer space feeling even when you still inside the room. Paint the background with dark blue color then add several white stars spread everywhere. If you can, try to draw several Star Wars spaceships to make it even more authentic. You can also extend the painting not only on the ceiling but also on the wall according to the design used.

Galaxy ceilign Simphome