13 Small Kitchen DIYs, You’ll Wish You Knew Them Sooner!

7. A Simple but effective spice organizer with IKEA Picture Ledge hack

Transform your empty kitchen wall into a stylish, functional spice and grain display using recycled glass jars. Don’t throw away those yogurt jars! Clean and repurpose them for spices or even soap dispensers. Create labels for easy organization and download the free customizable templates from Nonsolofood. Print them on adhesive paper, available at most stationery shops. Cut out the labels along the lines, paying attention to detail.

To showcase your jars, grab the 55cm RIBBA shelves from IKEA. While designed as picture shelves, they work perfectly for this project. Place the jars at an angle on the shelf to prevent rolling and secure them using plexiglass spacers for license plates. Drill a hole in the shelf, insert the spacer with a long screw, and secure it with a bolt. Voila! Your shelves and jars are ready to go.

Now you can enjoy a neat and organized kitchen display with spices and grains at your fingertips. Let your creativity shine as you repurpose everyday objects and add a personal touch to your space. It’s time to get hands-on and embrace the joy of DIY!

Source: Nonsolofood

6. A Spice rack idea from Jenwoodhouse

The Shanty Sisters’ wooden spice rack is inspiring, but Jen made a small modification to add a door for better spice storage. She found affordable spice jars at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and labeled them.

Now, for the building!

  • Start by measuring the wall space; Jen chose dimensions 14″ x 32″.
  • Use clamps and a 3/8″ drill bit to create dowel holes 3/4″ from the edge and 1 1/4″ from each shelf position.
  • Next, construct the box with 32″ boards on the sides and 14″ on the top and bottom. Attach the shelves, spacing them 5 1/2″ apart, with the top shelf should be shorter.
  • Tap the dowels into place with a rubber mallet, and create a door frame using pocket holes and wood glue. Secure a plywood panel with finish nails and paint the panel with chalkboard paint while giving the rest of the shelf a few coats of Heirloom Lace.
  • Attach the door using 2″ hinges (spray-painted oil-rubbed bronze) and add a knob for convenience.

It’s time to hang the rack!
Use D-ring hangers at the back, supported by drywall anchors. Secure a couple of drywall screws through the bottom of the shelf for extra stability.

Finally, fill the rack with your spices, arranging them alphabetically for easy access. It’s fascinating how many herbs and spices start with the letter C, making them a dominant player in the spice world.


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