13 Small Kitchen DIYs, You’ll Wish You Knew Them Sooner!

9. A 3 Tiered Pull-out spice rack Idea from Thebrainandthebrawn.

Upgrade your kitchen organization with this creative and functional solution for storing spices. Inspired by a custom-designed vertical stove utensil drawer, have devised a way to incorporate three drawers within a larger one.

Drawer A: In the central outer vertical drawer, you can place your most frequently used spices here. Use drawer slides and brass drawer clips to secure the topmost spice drawer. This ensures easy access to essential spices like cardamom, whole cloves, and frequently used items like salt.

Drawer B: To access the drawer below, gently pull on the brass drawer clip to slide it back, allowing access to the second drawer.

Drawer C: Repeat the process for Drawer B. Release the brass drawer clip to slide it away, revealing the bottommost drawer.

This innovative design allows seamless access to all three drawers while maximizing space efficiency. However, it’s important to note that implementing this idea may require custom modifications to your existing drawers. Consider consulting with a professional or utilizing appropriate hardware to ensure smooth functionality.

Access the vertical spice drawers by pulling out the central outer drawer. Sliding the top drawer back unveils Drawer B, which can be released to access Drawer C. Ensure all drawers slide fully back for a tidy and organized look.

While this design offers an ingenious storage solution, it may not be suitable for all kitchen layouts, drawer configurations, or islands cabinet. Consider the specific requirements of your space and adapt the idea accordingly.

8. Two incredible DIY Wall-Mounted Coffee Bar Ideas.

The first idea, brought to you by, showcases a Rustic Bin Wall Organizer. Begin by aligning the 4 Rustic Bins and securely clamping them together. Attach a metal French cleat for sturdy hanging. Then, mark out three rows of 3 hooks on the Framed Rustic Pallet and screw in 3/4″ cup hooks at each mark.

To add a personalized touch, create a “Coffee” sign using the Creative Woodburner Detailer, transferring the design onto the Rustic Provincial Board. Don’t be afraid to try wood burning, even if you’re a beginner!

Finally, apply a stain of your choice to complete the project.

If you’re looking for a similar but exclusive budget-friendly plan, our Danish blogger from has you covered with a cost-effective option (Under $5). You can bring your design to life using basic tools like a ruler, pencil, circular saw or stick, screw clamps, brushes, sandpaper, and a screwdriver with a wood drill. The step-by-step guide will assist you in measuring, drawing, cutting, assembling, and finishing the project with precision.

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