20 Modular Furniture DIYs

5. A Translucent Cabinet Idea MadeModern

Set the stage for a futuristic environment with a splash of nature by crafting your very own translucent cabinet—where the sleekness of space-age materials meets the warmth of natural wood. Here’s a project that’s perfect for those who vibe with ultra-modern aesthetics and do-it-yourself spirit.

You’ll begin with the star of the show: opal polycarbonate, a material that echoes light and brings a soft glow to your room. Choose the triple-wall variety for strength, pairing it with robust ¾ inch thick oak to add that touch of organic elegance. Now, let’s talk tools—no need to haul out the heavy machinery. A trusty circular saw equipped with a finish blade will slice through the polycarbonate like butter, shaping out the perfect panels for your 6-foot 5-inch cabinet that’s set to dominate any room.

But why stop there when you can elevate? Envision this: strategically placed LED lights, be it behind or tracing the edges of the polycarbonate, casting an otherworldly aura as they play with shadows and light through each drilled hole.

This isn’t just a cabinet—it’s a statement. A beacon of your craftsmanship that not only stores your favorite tidbits but also infuses your space with an ambient luminescence. So charge up those power tools and prepare to blend textures, light, and functionality in one brilliant, modern masterpiece.

4. A Mid Century Modular Shelving Idea

You’re about to create your very own modular shelving unit that’s not only a feast for the eyes but also a storage powerhouse perfect for those kicks you love showing off. Let’s dive in, but watch those dollars – you’re doing this without breaking the bank.

Materials: You’ll need a laser level, wood conditioner, wee screws for support, a duo of spray paints in satin bronze and rustic must, plus a collection of IKEA brackets (snag 4 small and 8 large).

Step 1 – Map It Out: Grab some masking tape and mark where these shelves will live. Sketch out the spacing that works for your space; my measures are just a guide.
Step 2 – Saw Time: Whether you’re a power tool pro or you buddy up with the local hardware store, get your wood cut to size. Afterward, give those boards a spa day with some conditioner and stain to suit your taste.
Step 3 – Supports Up: Align your vertical wood strips on the wall along your tape guides. Whip out that laser level to keep things looking sharp and parallel.
Step 4 – Bracket Bash: Those IKEA brackets? Give them a spray-paint makeover. Attach them to the support strips, making double sure they’re aligned – it’s critical for the shelf-sliding finale.
Step 5 – Slide and Admire: Slide your shelves right into those snazzy brackets. Stand back and behold your mock modular masterpiece, a custom cubby for your closet that screams ‘you’.

And there it is, your creation, turning heads and tidying up your treasure trove, all with a touch of Mid Century pizzazz. You’ve nailed it!

3. + Shelf

Whip out your toolkit and get ready to play adult LEGOs with the + Shelf—a DIY marvel that turns basic boxes and snazzy connectors into a storage masterpiece, customized for your haven. You’ll start with a 4’x8′ sheet of chic 3/4″ ApplePly, impressive for its edges.

Clutch your #10 biscuits with wood glue and let’s roll! Your 3D printer, craving that Vero material, will birth the vibrant plus-shaped connectors—your shelves’ new best friends. Saw, join, and clamp down as you craft cubes from the ApplePly, dreaming of the potential layouts. Embrace the sawdust as you sand down edges for that smooth, touchable finish.

Donning rubber gloves, you’ll dye those 3D-printed plusses with Jacquard iDye Poly, cooking up a color storm. Make them pop—until they bend. A little too flexible? A dash of super glue will set those connectors straight. Drill those holes with a Forstner bit, create a smart little jig for drill precision, and pop the plusses into place.

As you assemble your cubbies, the magic happens. Aim for those perfect right angles—it’s all about clamping and gluing in harmony. With delight, see your storage structure click together, one plus at a time. A test stack could lead to minor tweaks, but behold: your custom shelving stands tall.

Yes, the bendy connectors might crave a sturdier metal upgrade, but this setup? It’s a playful spin on a mod classic with storage aplenty. Prepare for shelf satisfaction—and maybe the odd envious glance from your furniture-loving friends.

2.The Floating Column


Welcome to the world of cultivated collecting, where every treasure you own can find a home with grace and grandeur. Enter the Column, a piece that raises the question: Is it a slice of architectural marvel or a bold statement in furniture form? Let’s break it down for you:

First, feast your eyes on the top half: a cedar wood cabinet that’s a tailor-made wonder. It stretches up to 240 cm tall, stands 35 cm wide and deep, and is crafted by the skilled hands of Kevin Hughes. This isn’t just any cabinet—it’s custom-built for your space, ensuring it fits like a glove in your home.

Imagine drawers that glide open in every direction, offering homes for items from the tiniest trinket to sizable keepsakes. The Column is more than a storage spot; it’s a personal monument, a testament to your unique journey.

Now, let’s talk base – a solid Carrara marble pedestal. Fixed at a height of 45 cm (yup, the same 35×35 cm width and depth), this baby’s the work of John in de Braek of Terratorium B.V. It’s sturdy, it’s stylish, and when not in use, it tucks neatly under the cabinet, completing the monumental visual. Think of it not just as a support act but as part of the star attraction.

Together, the cedar cabinet and marble pedestal make the Column a seamless combination of function and form—a vertical wonder that blurs the lines between sculpture and shelf, between the foundational and the ornamental.

So here you are, standing in your space, ready to transform how you display your passions. The Column invites you to elevate your interior to museum status, where every article has its spotlight, yet peace and order reign supreme. It’s more than furniture; it’s a conversation starter, an ode to memories, and a centerpiece that says ‘you’ in every wood grain and marble swirl.

Indulge in the Column, where your cherished objects ascend to new heights, framed in the elegance of nature’s finest materials. After all, your home is your gallery, and every collector deserves their own personal exhibit. Make it majestic. Make it yours.

1.A 20m square Modular Solutions

In the heart of the city, where square footage is as precious as the quiet moments we snatch from the hustle and bustle, Architect Angel Rico has defied the space-time continuum. He’s transformed a humble 215-square-foot cranny into a bastion of smart living that caters to a bustling family of three, with a warm welcome for two more when the sun sets.

Imagine a single, transformative modular box—a magician’s cube, if you will—that stands proudly, promising a culinary hotspot one moment and, in the next, flipping the script to reveal a cozy Murphy bed. By day, this bed tucks away, leaving no trace as the family’s youngster claims it as their nightly retreat.

This chameleon of cabinetry doesn’t stop at rest and recipes, though. It doubles as a bibliophile’s haven and a clever room divider, marking the territory between dreams and daytime. There’s also a surprise hideaway bed lofted above the bathroom—it’s the ultimate sleepover setup for guests.

As night descends, the couple unfurls their sofa bed, choosing simplicity over suburban sprawls. This isn’t just an apartment; it’s a dance of design, where every piece of furniture performs a tango of transformation, creating rooms and memories without raising walls. This is modern living reimagined, a testament to ingenuity and a blueprint for tomorrow’s homes.

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