10 Modern Interior Plan for Renters

Creating a comfortable place for renters is the least way to make them feel at home so that you can get trust from your customers. Here are 10 modern interior plan for renters that can turn any house or apartment into a place they can hardly leave.
These ideas are relatively simple, and they shouldn’t give any trouble when trying to apply them. And they aren’t permanent installments as your renters might want to change or elaborate them a little bit to meet their expectations or preference. For more references, follow the link posted and provided for you inside the reference area.

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10. Natural Element

10. Natural Element by simphome.comA simple natural touch would be a perfect style for young generations as it can reflect their personalities. This natural element of greeneries gives a fresh vibe with no complicated attachment or ornament.
Renters would appreciate having such a place with a blend of a modern and natural element at once. It will make your living room has an aesthetic look that also brings a comfortable view for them.
Greeneries smooth the vibe of a modern look that’s quite intimidating. Adding some pots on the table or putting them on the wall is a bold move.

9. Use Draperies

9. Use Draperies by simphome.comCurtains make something look fancy and more elegant when applied in the right manner and way. From the image, we have learned that they are a perfect element to upgrade a room, which renters are looking forward to.
This room also shows an interior with almost no accessories. They appear simple with not very much stuff or adornment here unless some clean lines with no detail that always been a common characteristic of a modern home.

The space also comes with walls that are enriched with some unique ornaments from small glasses next to the cupboard,  a wooden cupboard, and a white chair in an industrial design that is straightforward and shows a modern touch.

8. Wallpaper Design for Modern interior

8. Wallpaper Design by simphome.comWalls come in the form of many things. For example, you can find brick, wood, or concrete walls. You can even use wallpapers to complete that structure. If you are the landlord, you can leave the walls empty and let the renters decide what to put on them.
Allow them to paint the wall any colors they want as long they agree to repaint it later or to wallpaper the wall with any pattern or material they desire. Restrict them to only use a removable one but still allow them to drywall anchors the wall so they can attach some photos, TV bracket, or some cabinet anchors securely.

7. Industrial Touch for Modern house

7. Industrial Touch by simphome.comAdding an industrial element into your space and combine it with concrete is another clever way to get a modern feel in your interior.
Complete with glasses to show an open space and get minimalist lighting set to light your corner
You can limit things that may be a little too much to give more room for the air. Also, make it less crowded with accessories to give your renters some space for their own creative expression.

6. Add a Sofa

6. Add a Sofa by

In the picture, we can see a sofa and some wooden chairs that complete the living room. It has a pinkish tone that blends in with the concrete walls, floor, and the contrast colored chairs.
The table features a straightforward design with some unique waving on one side and an empty space that is wide enough for a pot or bottles. From the space, we can learn that a minimalist sofa and matching furniture sets like this can also be best for a modern interior concept.
With a sufficient amount of space, wooden cabinets, a bare wall, and some mirrors are enough to update your space for the new interior trend.

5. Shelving Ideas for Your Interior

5. Shelves by simphome.comShelves are an integral part of any interior style and they don’t have to be intricate or multifunctional. You can undoubtedly create an atmosphere with a different material to accentuate your house or living room.
From the image, we can learn that we can use a simple wooden surface to turn our interior more sophisticated and updated. We can use it not only for our bookshelf but also for our favorite art piece even minimalist lamps. If it’s high enough, we can even add a portable slim ladder.
This trick should cost less than repainting the whole space and you can even use thick plywood board if your budget is limited.

4. Rug Choices for Modern Interior

4. Rug Choices by simphome.comGiving another layer on the floor is a common way to elevate the beauty of the room. With the right choice, you can use it to trick your guest’s perspective.
A rug comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The pros and cons would be that it adds some value to beauty, but at the same time, it can be a place where dust pile. For that reason, choose a rug with material friendly for your condition. Get new inspiration by watching “10 Ideas on How to Choose the Best Rugs and Carpets for Your Bedroom” by

3. Wood Dining Table Chair

3. Wood Dining Table Chair by simphome.comWhen you want an Asian accent to highlight your kitchen, start with a wood dining table chair. It looks clean, nostalgic, minimalist, and homey.
Chairs are one of many crucial interiors in a house, and it would be a perfect match to complete a piece of wooden furniture set like this in the picture. Include with the lamps that offer a classic touch with their dim lights, hanging planters, slim cabinet, floating cabinets, and everything else in between.
Although this concept is not purely modern, we are sure no one would consider this interior choice missing the trends

2. Modern Blind Shade

2. Modern Blind Shade by simphome.comWhen huge windows or glasses are parts of the house, you need something to cover and tone down them. The windows, for instance. The owners have made the right decision to complete his large windows with lovely dark frames and black shades.
Not only adding some privacy to the owners, but it also comes with a roller mechanism that the owner actually can perfect with the electric motor. This modern blind shade should be part of your next makeover plan if you can’t feel separated from nature around you

Lastly, Number 1. Mid-century Modern Touch

1. Mid century Modern touch by simphome.comA mid-century style is a long-lasting trend that’s still popular today. It’s proof that a modern style should never abandon its origin.
From the last picture in the list, we can learn that the mid-century element can also be welcomed in the modern age.
We can prove it from a brown sofa with pillows, a table, and chairs with metal legs in the picture. The stone wall blasted our memory to distance past, and with few searches, we could find a little tip (and wallpaper products) on how to trick the wall look ancient without costing a large budgeting plan. Something that most renters conventionally afraid of.

So, from the previous 10 modern plan for renters list, we hope you already take one lesson or two that you can use to advantage your rental space to a new level. Good luck with a new deal with your landlord and stick to this channel for more home improvement ideas for renters.



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