Inexpensive Home Décor ideas to Renew Your Room Appearance

Inexpensive Home Décor Shelf 5 Simphome com

Purchasing new decoration for your home might be a burden for some since they are rather expensive; however actually there are some inexpensive home décor that you could use. As long as you know how to use those cheap home décor, it would be able to make your room more beautiful even in small spending. Even with small changes that you do, it will be able to give the room big impact. Here are some items that you could use to redecorate your room in inexpensive way.
Using Inexpensive Home Décor to Beautify Your House

1. Bamboo shade

First you can try to change your windows treatment. Most windows treatment is expensive since it uses a lot of cloth especially the curtain type window treatment. However you could actually use bamboo shade as your window treatment. This bamboo shade is available in several beautiful colors that you could match with your room theme. Furthermore this natural touch will be able to match most themes you have inside the room so you do not have to change your room theme.

2. Wallpaper the shelf

If you have a shelf in the room, you can quickly change the atmosphere only by adding wallpaper on the back of the shelf as inexpensive home décor ideas. This will add some deep to the shelf which makes it stand out more. Moreover when you filled the shelf with a lot of items, it will not appear empty or too random as the wallpaper makes it look neater from outside. You can add plain wallpaper or pattern wallpaper, anything that you want as long as the color and pattern that you use match well with the color of the shelf and the room where you put the shelf in.

Inexpensive Home Décor Shelf 4 Simphome com

3. Paint the lamp shade

Ever saw those expensive lamp shades with beautiful color and pattern? You could actually make the inexpensive home décor version of it by painting your lamp shade. What you need to do is to purchase a paper lamp shade or use your old lamp shade and repaint it with any color or pattern that you want. Use stencil to make the pattern if you cannot draw it yourself. Let it dry then use it on any room that you want.

4. Sharpie light bulb

Some houses uses special shadow lamp to create beautiful shade when the light is on. Try to make it yourself by using sharpie and draw or color on the light bulb. That way you can turn ordinary light bulb into something more interesting when used. Draw any pattern that you like or just color the light bulb randomly. When you use the light bulb they will cast a shadow in the room like those special shadow lamp lights. This will make your room more romantic and luxurious even though you only use DIY inexpensive home décor.

5. Picture

If you want to decorate your hall and stairs, you do not need to purchase those expensive painting. Try to print your family pictures and purchase inexpensive frame to go with it. The frame could be in the same color or you can have two or more color for them. Match the frame with your hall and stairs color theme to make it uniute more. Then just puts a lot of frames along the hall and stairs this will make it look more interesting and not empty. Moreover by using your family picture this will create personalized inexpensive home décor that everyone could afford.

6. Frame Your Mirror

Mirror will give a huge effect on your room, which is why you must have one. But purchasing framed mirror might be expensive to some that is why you must try to frame your own mirror. The easiest inexpensive home décor is to purchase an oversized picture frame and have a mirror cut for you according to its size. Or you can also apply patterned fabric to your old mirror frame to change the appearance. If you have several broken tiles, you can cut it and attach it to frame the mirror. For nautical themed room, you can try to frame the mirror using sea shells that you collect from the beach.

Decorating Your Home in Inexpensive Way
There are many things that you could do when you want to decorate your home in inexpensive way. What you need to have is only creativity and time to create the decoration yourself. There are many DIY projects to create inexpensive home décor that you could do over the weekend, so really everyone could do it.
If you do not want to purchase something new, then you could try to renew your old items look so it will appear different. Try to repaint your old furniture so it will appear as new furniture, or add several details here and there on your old items which will change the appearance.