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10 Home Decor Furniture Ideas for Anyone Living in A Small Space

Some people have no choice but to live in a small apartment as it is more affordable than a bigger one. As a result, they have to put up with the limited space, which can be dismaying somehow.

Don’t see small space as a big trouble.
For creative people like you, a small apartment can be a cozy place to dwell in when you can pick up the right furniture to furnish your home.
Check out these ten home décor furniture ideas for you who live in a small space. 10 Home Decor Furniture Ideas for Anyone Living in A Small Space Pinterest Featured Image

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10. Keep the Floorspace Clean
10 Keep the Floorspace Clean via simphomeThe best way to make limited space appear to be larger is by keeping the floor space clean. You can opt for wall-mounted shelves and desks like this one to achieve this goal.
You can even make this multipurpose desk yourself.

You only need some boards, piano hinges, chains, and screws. When you use the desk, unfold it so the leaf drops. Two chains on both sides will hold the leaf in place. Once you’ve done with it, fold it back so you can still have plenty of space to move through.

9. Ditch the Coffee Table

9 Ditch the Coffee Table via simphomeThe coffee table is one of the essential pieces of furniture for your living room. It helps you to set down snacks and drinks when your friends come to have a visit. Unfortunately, limited space doesn’t allow you to have much furniture in a living room.

Downsizing the furniture without compromising its function is the best choice to get along with the little living room. It would be best if you tried opting for one or two ottomans in place of the coffee table.

The ottoman can function as the coffee table when you need to set up something.
It can also be an additional seat when you have more guests.

8. Get Rid of The Cabinet
8 Get Rid of The Cabinet via simphomeThe idea of a clean floor is also implemented in your small bathroom. Therefore, a vanity with cabinets would be a bad idea as it can gobble up the space and make your bedroom look more crammed.

Get rid of the cabinets instead.
This tiny bathroom looks more spacious because of the absence of cabinets.
The vanity only has a minimalist sink and exposed piping.
You can try open shelves hanging above the door or the bathtub for the storage solution.

7. White Bathtub and Sink
7 White Bathtub and Sink via simphomeWhen it comes to a small bathroom, picking up no-fussy furniture in light hues will be your safe bet, just like this white bathtub and sink. The clean line edges fit snugly in the limited space. And the white finish makes the bathroom look super clean and hygienic. The most important thing is they don’t overwhelm the bathroom. Combine minimalist furniture with wide tiles for the wall and floor to expand the bathroom visually.

6. Use Headboard Shelves
6 Use Headboard Shelves via simphomeIn a bedroom with limited space, every inch counts. Therefore, you need to use up the space to store your things, including the area above your headboard.
These headboard shelves can help you solve the most ubiquitous problem small bedrooms face – the clutter. The shelves feature a built-in side table that you can use to put your glasses or phone on.
The shelves provide plenty of space to host books, knick-knacks, and photos without making your bedroom look messy.

5. Bring Ladder to the Kitchen
5 Bring Ladder to the Kitchen via simphomeYour small pantry doesn’t allow you to store more kitchen utensils because you will end up cramming them all and making them messy.

Instead of cramming all the kitchen utensils in the pantry, store your mostly-used ones near the stove so you can grab them in an instant. To keep them tidy, bring a ladder to your Kitchen. It is not the typical Ladder, though. It’s a ladder that you modified earlier.

The project is relatively straightforward; You only have to remove the steps from your Ladder and replace them with DIY wooden trays. Don’t forget to stain or paint them as you please, and your work is done.

4. DIY Honeycomb Shelves
4 DIY Honeycomb Shelves via simphomeFurniture for your small apartment has to be chic. And to get the chic one that suits your home décor as well as adding a personality boost is by make it yourself.
These honeycomb shelves will make excellent wall art and add more storage space.
To make these beautiful shelves, you’re going to need 1”x4” blocks of wood, sandpaper, staple gun, wood glue, sponge brush, and paint.

  • First, have your wood cut at 30 degrees angle and 8” long.
    Make sure the cuts are angled inward.
  • Then, create the hexagon from the cuts and attach them using glue.
  • After that, staple the joints of the hexagons. Once they are dry, sand them down thoroughly.
  • Next, let your creative works with colors and finish.
  • Finally, attach the shelves to the wall using nails.

3. Fill in the area Under the Stair with Drawers
3 Fill in the Area Under the Stair with Drawers via simphomeEvery nook and cranny is essential if you live in a small space, especially under the stair. The area under the stair is the perfect spot to store things. However, it is prone to clutter as you throw everything in it.

To get rid of clutter and make use of this spot, make some drawers under the stair. The drawers will help you hold the mess at bay and push them out of sight.

2. Get Bed Frame with Built-in Drawers
2 Get Bed Frame with Built in Drawers via simphomeMultipurpose furniture means everything in a space-challenged bedroom. Try getting a bed frame with built-in drawers and cabinets just like this one. This bed frame features ample storage space that allows you to hide the clutter away and keep your bedroom tidy.

You can find this bed frame in the home-improvement store near you, or you can use a little bit of elbow grease to make one.

1. Try A Room Divider
1 Try A Room Divider via simphomeMerging two rooms into one is the best solution to make small rooms look more prominent. However, it means you have to compromise your privacy. Therefore, you need to invest in a room divider.
Place the room divider behind the headboard to separate the living room and bedroom. Try getting cubes or shelves as the room divider so you can store more things without gobbling up the remaining space.

Never look down on a small space. Dwelling in a small apartment is such a blessing in disguise. You don’t have to splurge out on a fancy apartment if you can have a cheaper one because you can make it cozy and look fabulous by picking up the right furniture.

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