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10 Under Stairs Living Room Ideas

Finding a great space for your living room can be challenging, but what about the space under your stairs? Surprisingly, it is often overlooked. We gathered some of our favorite furniture and decorating ideas to help you redecorate this area

Key Points:

  • Space under your stairs is often overlooked. That’s why you need to take a look at these ten creative living room ideas that make the most of them.
  • Space underneath stairs is often wasted, but you can use it creatively. Read this article to learn how to use the area under your stairs for your living room.
  • Start the transformation project with a stylish accent wall in the living room. The contemporary style is terrific for this small space and can easily be adapted to the room’s colors, style, and size.
  • A beautiful furniture piece will help you produce a cozy and stylish atmosphere. Take a look at our ideas to make your living room more inviting, especially under stairs.
  • There are many modern pieces that you can use in this area. You can find a variety of components that suit every taste and style or even create your unique furniture by integrating modern elements into eclectic pieces.

The space under the stairs packs a lot of potentials that have been lying dormant for so long. It has been waiting for you to tap into it. Of course, you can simply hang lots of shelves there and use them as displays for the things you buy on the go.

Plus, you can hang the TV there and create a shelf for other media devices. A fireplace, bookshelf, or workbench can perfectly fill this room. So, check out these 10 understairs living room ideas to find some great ideas for your own project. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

10 Under Stairs Living Room Ideas Poster
10 Under Stairs Living Room Ideas Poster

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List Entries:

10. Build a Cozy Breakfast Nook There

A breakfast nook is a clever way to transform a seemingly useless small space. The previously awkward stairs have turned into a cozy and comfortable breakfast nook.

Not only a place to sit and enjoy a meal, but the antique wooden table also becomes the fantastic focal point of the room, while patterned cushions add extra comfort to the breakfast corner seating.

Detailed instructions:

  • No 1. Start building the nook by first marking the location of the two benches on both sides of the staircase. Cut wood to assemble the benches and then lay them on top of each other.
  • No 2. Then, put two legs on top of each bench and secure with wood screws. Place a tabletop between the two benches, secure with wood screws, and sand down until smooth.
  • No 3. Cut the wood for the tabletop and glue it on top of the benches. Not only does this increase its storage space, but it also makes it look more stable.
  • No 4. All you have to do now is put in some cushions and a place to sit down. You can fill the space with pillows and chairs or just use a bench and two chairs.
  • No 5. For added warmth, you can hang decorative wall-hangings on the wall behind that table for more height at this spot for a nook breakfast corner and seating area.

9. Just Add a Bench

If the stairs are a real feature in your home, whether it’s a traditional design with curved wrought iron rails or something more contemporary like this open-wood style, let it be the focus by keeping the space below it to a minimum.

You can still make it practical, though. Instead of filling the area with built-in wardrobe blocks, keep it open by adding a shoe bench. See how the decorations work in this space. The bench also features drawers that provide ample storage, making it attractive and functional.

8. Make It As a Hangout Zone

Why don’t you try to turn this extra space into something handy and practical? This space is the ideal place to relax while reading a book or enjoying your coffee in the morning.

Now you don’t need to go out to a cafe or restaurant. You just need to create a special area to relax and use the space under the stairs as a brilliant idea.

Additional options:

  • No 1. Put an Ottoman
    An ottoman makes the perfect cozy seat that is comfortable and looks stylish. It will look great in a modern room design and make the best of an awkward corner or space under the stairs.
  • No 2. Build a Bar Under Your Stairs
    If you want to make your home fit for a party, then building a bar under your stairs is the way to go. It’s a great space saver, and it’s very decorative too. You could also choose to build some shelves or cabinets instead of this bar area if you prefer.
  • No 3. Give it a Wall Shelf
    Wall shelves are another great idea to make this awkward space look good. It will help you save more space, and they are efficient too. The best part of the wall shelf is that you can customize them with style, design, and color to match your home décor.
  • No 4. Or a Cupboard
    Cabinets are great not only for storage but also for organizing. They are better than an ordinary shelf as they serve many purposes simultaneously. This option is perfect for storage and organization as it looks elegant and stylish.
  • No 5. Or a Bookshelf
    If you prefer a little bit of color or pattern, you can try creating a colorful bookshelf to put on this awkward space. It will add color and personality to the room and easily customize.

7. Consider a Reading Nook too

Have you ever thought about having room for a home library? It would be awesome!
The space under the stairs is excellent for turning a book collection into a lovely display that can work regardless of the available size.

Keep it simple and add shelves to fill wall space or create something more extraordinary for your reading nook and built-in shelving designs that will fill any corner of the room.

We love how black chairs and soft white cushions come against a black background in this reading nook under the stairs. This definitely makes a reason to choose a dark color for the bookshelf.

Detailed instructions:

1. Start by installing the shelf in your wall, ensuring it is a couple of inches from the ceiling and level.
2. Attach MDF boards at an easy angle around the bookcase to keep it steady and prevent falling books. Use small nails for extra stability.
3. Dampen the MDF boards until they are not sticky anymore and install them on top of each other to build a frame around the bookcase box frame.
4. Install white protection panels so that you can paint them later or remove them for painting later as well, once your bookshelf is already complete.
5. You can start placing your collection of books on top once it’s ready.
6. Create a cozy corner for your reading nook by adding an armchair and some pillows to it, or simply keep it as a shelf full of books.
7. Enjoy your new home library!
8. If you want to hide your personal belongings from view, install a mirror on the wall behind the bookshelf instead of painting it black as in this case.
9. Use white or light grey paint for a classic look and add colorful cushions to personalize your reading nook by choosing something that will go well with the room’s theme. You can also choose a patterned fabric for an extra touch of style and coziness and cover them with wooden boards for protection.

6. Build a second Family Room there or first

Has the idea of installing a TV right under the stairs ever crossed your mind?
Maybe you don’t have enough room for that, but you can do this, instead.

The space under these stairs does not accommodate the seating area.
Still, you can place a couch against the wall.

Then, mount the TV against the wall under the stairs and some floating shelves.
The space under the stairs is not useless anymore. Now, you can also turn it into a family room to relax full of warmth.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Begin by measuring the width of the space under the stairs.
  2. Build a floor and install an outlet when you are done.
  3. Mount shelves. You can also mount a TV on this space if you want to use it like that.
  4. Mount a washer and dryer on the wall of the stairs, place some cabinets underneath and finally add lighting fixtures above it to complete your remodeling project easier.
  5. Place a sofa against the wall and install some seating.
  6. You can store your stuff under those stairs if you want to save more space in your living room.

5. A Contemporary Office Home idea

We are all trying to find smart home office ideas because even though many of us are now working remotely, not everyone has the space to call ourselves to work.

Make the space where you want to spend your workday, so decorate it like a full-sized office. Add some narrow shelves for decoration, hang prints, and choose an uplifting color scheme.

And make sure to light the room well, too, with a few different sources. Adding spotlights will ensure plenty of light. You can revamp it as you please, but do not take up too much space.
And for more focused lighting, add a table lamp or wall-mounted downlight.

4. The Hidden Playroom Idea

The backyard playhouse is exciting but not very nice on cold or rainy days.

You can have a place for the kids to play without their toys making a mess around the house. A good solution is to transform the open space under the stairs into a children’s playroom.
Not only does this make a fun hiding place for your kiddos, but you can also store books, games, and toys to keep them all neatly tucked away. Furthermore, it can also become a perfect place to gather with family.

3. Dedicate the space to get a private Relaxing Room

If you can’t install a relaxing space in a small living room or bedroom, you can create one under the stairs. Just add comfortable pillows and good lighting, and you’ll have a space you’ll never want to leave!

If you have enough space, make benches and chairs to give yourself some comfortable seating and enough for the family members. The small square space is ideal to become a relaxing area under the stairs, perfect for having quality time with the family, enjoying a book, a long phone conversation, or listening to music.

It’s such a great small place to get away from it all.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Add attractive flooring: choose a beautiful carpet under the steps, or add a rug.
  2. Add an area rug: hang a small area rug just below the couch on one side to add color and contrast. This idea will give you another seating area for someone to cuddle up with.
  3. Paint the walls: try a soft gray color or light blue for a calming effect and then paint the rest of the walls white to add some contrast and make sure it all blends nicely together.
  4. Add soft pillows: comfy new pillows on the sofa so you can relax and feel like you’re home in the most!
  5. Add a corner sofa: having a common area where everyone can sit will make it more inviting and cozy overall.
  6. Add some lighting: add a few downlights or spotlights to draw attention to your relaxation area and make it feel warm and inviting when your guests visit.

2. Transform it as a new Entryway or Drop Zone

Are you missing an entryway or drop Zone in your home? Often stairs lead to the attic or second floor, right next to or outside the bedroom, and there are magical things that you can do with those spaces.

You can turn your stairwell storage space into a small mudroom with a small bench and storage basket! Do not forget to add some hooks. This idea is an excellent choice for storing backpacks, coats, umbrellas, and shoes.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Use a basket or over-the-door plastic storage: to store backpacks, umbrellas, and coats that are easily accessible during all seasons; hang an over-the-door plastic storage basket on the inside of the door. This action will keep them all bundled up and ready to go upstairs or outside.
  2. Add hooks: add some hooks to hang your coats, so they are always hanging up while you’re out of the house. You can place some hooks near a small bench for extra convenience.
  3. Use a bench: place a small bench next to the door for placing keys and small items like wallets, cell phones, and purses. For the small space, it’s best to have this bench be as low sitting as possible so that it’s only above a half-step height.
  4. Add more hooks: Add hooks for hats, scarves, and coats. Hemming is unnecessary for hanging items that aren’t very heavy because they can easily dangle from the hook.
  5. Add storage baskets: to make tiny spaces for keys and other easy items like wallets and cell phones all over the stairwell and another in the foyer or hallway, you can add small storage baskets between the vertical railings of your door.
  6. Add a mirror: hang a mirror on one side of the door to create the illusion of more space and make it seem like you have a bigger entryway.
  7. Add some lighting: add an overhead light fixture or pendant lighting above the bench and door storage room to illuminate this area well if you find your keys and bags after dark.
  8. Add warm colors: choose soft pastel colors for your stairwell storage area, such as light blue or lavender paint color schemes to make it feel cozy, welcoming, and relaxing here.
  9. Select soft or soothing fabrics: add either a smooth or soothing fabric sofa or a bench to make it all more comfortable.

Lastly, Number 1. A new Beverage Station under Stairs

Now, this is an under-stair space idea that we can actually get our hands on.
Domestic bars have been increasing in reputation over the previous few years and are not reserved only for luxury homes with acres of area.

However, you can hit the house bars even when the square footage may be cramped, and what better space to use than under the stairs?

You can create a dry bar with a beautiful display of your drink and your best space for storing glassware. Or you can try going a step further by installing a sink and mini-fridge, so you don’t have to go between the bar and the kitchen.

Again, this would be a great home bar idea if your stairwell is in a livelier space than a hall, but also, what better way to welcome guests than to lead them directly to the downstairs bar at the entryway?

Detailed transformation instructions:

  1. Install the sink and mini-fridge: a sink and a mini-fridge are a must for having everything under one roof in this area. And if you already have a countertop and sink, you can get them moved here from the kitchen.
  2. Hang two hooks on either side of the fridge: hang two hooks on either side of the refrigerator so that you can hang wine glasses! This idea is excellent for minimizing trips between your bar and kitchen during parties or gatherings.
  3. Add some storage containers: Add small storage containers like drawers or shelves to store all the things that clutter your bar area.
  4. Add some light fixtures: hang some pendant lights or table lamps above the bar and add a few downlights over the top of the sink to create a soft, warm glow over the bar.
  5. Add some beauty: add a wood shelf or wall unit for keeping coasters organized and adding more functionality to your kitchen and bathroom.
  6. Add some storage baskets: add some small storage baskets or drawers to store glasses, trays, bottles, and other small items that clutter your space up from time to time.
  7. Add soft pillows: comfy new pillows on the sofa so you can relax and feel like you’re home in the most!
  8. Add a corner sofa: having a common area where everyone can sit will make it much more inviting and cozy overall.
  9. Add some lighting: add a few downlights or spotlights to draw attention to your relaxation area and make it feel warm and inviting when your guests visit.
  10. Add warm colors: choose soft pastel colors for your stairwell storage area, such as light blue or lavender paint color schemes to make it feel cozy, welcoming, and relaxing here.
  11. Add some artwork: add beautiful artwork that’ll instantly improve the beauty of your space.
  12. Add some hanging baskets: hang decorative hanging baskets on either side of the stairwell, so you can have cute fruit arrangements and fresh flowers regularly.
  13. Add some mirrors: hang a mirror on one side of the door to create the illusion of more space and make it seem like you have a bigger entryway.
  14. Add wall art: hang art on the walls for more color and design choices for your interior design ideas here!
  15. Add throw pillows: add soft throw pillows to give your relaxation area a cozy touch that’ll make you feel right at home right away.
  16. Add a rug: add a rug to cover some concrete, making room for more soft surfaces in your interior design ideas.
  17. Add your favorite plants: add some plants and greenery to soften the space and make it feel like you’re outside, even when you’re inside your home’s stairwell!


So, transforming the haunted area under the stair does not have to be arduous and life-treating; all you need to do is move around a few things and add some touch-ups to make the area seem welcoming and cozy.
With these ideas, you can make your stairwell into a second living space that is practical and comfortable for guests even when you want to use it as a cupboard.

The staircase is one of the most essential interior architectural features of a building. Ideally, it should subtly draw the eye upward but not dominate the overall design. It should also be appropriate for its function. Staircases are generally defined by their purpose: treads on steps used by people, double risers or landings where people slow down, or single risers or landings where people speed up.
Whether you need more storage space, a cozy reading nook, or are planning to build a lounge. The opportunities are endless in these simple little corners of the stairs. So, consider these 10 under stairs living room ideas that will help you make the most of the space under your stairs.



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