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10 DIY Sofa Cover ideas

Looking at the same sofa for years can be tedious, especially if the upholstery begins to be torn into pieces. Consequently, you might be thinking about buying a new sofa, which sadly can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, the best way to solve this problem is by reupholstering the existing sofa.
If you think reupholstering a sofa is arduous, think again!
Next, this is 10 DIY Sofa Cover ideas that you can try and experiment at home.
In the next view seconds or after you read this list, I hope I could change your mind.
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10 DIY Sofa Cover ideas Featured Image Pinterest

How to craft some New and Ingenious Sofa Cover ideas

No matter how beautiful and comfortable our couches can be when we bought them, they will always go through natural wear and tear; this is unavoidable. Over time, your sofa is not going to look as good as when you bought it. This fact is because we sit and lie on them pretty much every day. Also, over time, we encounter accidents on them. This situation is especially true if you have little kids in the house. From permanent markers, Sharpies, glue, juice, and other liquids can stain even the hardiest couches.

You don’t have to buy a New Couch. You just need to get a Modern Look

While it’s tempting to get a brand-new couch every time you look at the stains on its surface, you probably sober up when you realize how much it would cost you. The good news is that there is a perfectly good alternative to just buying yourself out of your problem. You might want to pay serious consideration to change the cover of your sofa.
Please understand that your sofa has three parts – the frame, interior and the exterior cover. The cover of your couch has many different sections, so by paying close attention to the different zones or areas on your couch and putting new material on top of it, you can save yourself quite a bit of hard-earned money.

Focus on the Problematic Areas of your Couch

If only part of your couch has stains and others are still in reasonably good condition, you could choose a temporary cover to conceal the tainted parts. You just need a piece of cloth that will hide the area thoroughly. The great thing about this is you don’t need to sew. You just push in the edges to tuck it in your couch. It will act as a kind of decorative “accent” to your otherwise ugly, one-colour sofa or couch.

Use Drop Cloth

Another approach is to use a drop cloth of your preferred fabric. Some people prefer canvas, others like cotton, and some other materials. Whatever fabric you’re into, just drape it over your couch and cover it entirely. The key here is to let the design on the cover add an accent to your furniture. In other words, it is supposed to make your couch look better, not necessarily just cover up nasty stains. The key here is to make sure that it looks like it fits.
For the most part, if nobody’s sitting on the couch on a day-to-day basis, you can get away with just tucking the covering and pushing it at different sections. This way, it doesn’t move around all that much when you sit on it. You can then readjust it when upon getting up from the couch. If you want a more permanent or cleaner or tighter fit, you definitely should look into sewing the drop cloth.
The good thing about drop cloths compared to slipcovers is that they are cheaper. They don’t set you back all that much, and they’re relatively easy to work with.


The next alternative is to use a slipcover. This piece will require a little sewing, but the good news is that you don’t have to hire a professional tailor or go to a specialist. You can sew these items yourself. They are relatively large, so there’s quite a bit of margin for error. Also, the measurements of slipcovers are pretty straightforward, so there’s not much mystery or additional skill required. You can make one for your couches, chairs, ottomans, recliners, dining chairs, and pretty much anything else that can accommodate a slipcover.

What to do if your sofa is not too old?

If your sofa still has a lot of life to it but could use a little bit of spicing up, you can use thin rugs or satin covers, or maybe even quilted cloth and drape these over your sofa. If done right, it adds a little designer’s touch to your couch. It can go a long way in bringing what would otherwise look like a beat-up piece of furniture with its best years behind it back to life. It all depends on the design. It also depends on how you plan to use the couch.
But the best approach is to add some sort of accent covering made up of thin rugs, or quilted cloth, or satin covers on couches that you don’t use all that much. In other words, it’s a great decorative cover. Of course, if you end up using the couch, make sure you fix things up quickly because the thin covering can’t take much wear and tear.

Other ideas for re-purposing your couch

Other materials that you can repurpose as covers for your couch are old tablecloths, bedspreads, and pillowcases. The truth is the only limit to the kind of design inspirations you can come up with is your imagination. The key here is to come up with a happy marriage or a decent balance between functionality, durability, and style. When it comes to your couch, it is doable, but it all depends on how often you use the sofa.
You can get away with just merely layering stuff on top of your couch. This technique can bring your sofa back to life, but if you’re looking for something more rugged or intended for the long haul, you would have to roll up your sleeves and do a little bit of sewing. The other great thing about using any of the alternative covers above is that they cover a wide area and deal with big pieces of material. This way, they are relatively simple to sew. Accordingly, you can quickly transform your couch with reasonably little to almost no effort.
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10 DIY Sofa Cover List Video

Next I am going to present you a super relevant video that is completed with a professional voice over production and editing process. I bring this video to enrich your learning experience and to appeal your love. I hope it works. BTW, Feel free to enjoy or share it with anyone close to you in social media. Thank you for your attention and have a good day

10 Recommended DIY Sofa Cover Project Entries:

10. No-Sew Temp Sofa Cover

10. No Sew Temp Sofa CoverSomething happens to your sofa somehow. And one of the most irritating things is when you spill coffee on the sofa or when your kids use it as a canvas and begin to doodle. No matter how hard you try to wash it, the stain remains there. Don’t worry! You can still fix it by covering your sofa.
Hey! Who says that covering a sofa entails complicated sewing? The truth is you can cover it yourself even if you’re not good at sewing. You only need to prepare some fabric and cut it if necessary. You don’t need to measure the fabric thoroughly since you just wanna see how much fabric you need.
After cutting the fabric, tuck it into your sofa, and that’s it!

9. A Simple Sofa Cover Idea

9. A Simple Sofa Cover IdeaThis idea requires sewing skills. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do it well. You just need to cover your sofa with weight fabric like heavy cotton, liner, or canvas. You will need one piece of fabric for the back of the sofa, one for the seating, and two for the arm rests. Secure them with anchor pins. You’re gonna need to push the pins from the fabric to the sofa so that they stay in place. Make sure you leave an inch or two of excess fabric for the seam. After that, pin the fabric together, and mark with a pencil where the two pieces of fabric meets. The mark you make show you where the seam will go. Remove the anchor pins, and sew the fabric all together.

8. A Non-Fitted Box Cushion Slipcover idea

8. A Non Fitted Box Cushion Slipcover ideaIf sewing isn’t your forte, you can always opt for another way to cover and protect your sofa. This is one of the best and easiest ways to cover your sofa while maintaining the style immensely.
Actually, you can get beautiful box cushion slipcover at stores or online easily, but it will be always fun to make one yourself as you can proudly say to the guests that you’re the one who made it.
You just need to get thick fabric and add some accessories like embroidery along the edges. Then simply drape the fabric onto the back, the seating, and the arm rests of the sofa, and you’re good to go!

7. Another Use of Thin Rugs Another Use of Thin RugsThis idea falls under the no-sew sofa cover. But it is easier and more beautiful. Instead of plain fabric that covers your sofa, you can opt for a rug.
Covering your sofa with a rug adds texture and pattern to the space, making your living room look more attractive. Besides, it is super easy and – more importantly – doesn’t require any sewing skills. It works like a throw. All you need to do is just laying your favorite rug onto the sofa, and it’s done! Everybody can do it, can’t they?

6. An Easy Sofa Slipcover makeover idea An Easy Sofa Slipcover makeover idea

Who says that making a chic sofa cover is an impossible mission? It is not impossible to make one to conceal your tired sofa.
To make a sofa cover, you will need:
• Canvas Fabric
• Pins
• Thread
• Upholstery Zipper
• Piping cord
• Velcro
• Fabric pen
First, you need to make the piping for your slipcover by measuring the cushions of your sofa, so you can know the length of the piping you need. Don’t forget to add extra 5” to the measurements.
Next, cut 2″ strips of fabric at the length you’ve got. Then place the piping inside the fabric and sew along the piping. But be careful! Remember to stop stitching 5″ from the end, and cut the piping a little bit smaller than the end of the fabric.
First, start pining piping to fabric from the back of the cushion, and pin it around the cushion. Trim the piping, and sew the fabric.
Once you’ve done with the piping stuff, now you can drape some fabric on your sofa, and do the same thing as the previous sofa cover.
To make it easier to remove the cover in case you need to wash or replace it with a new one, sew Velcro at the back panel of the slipcover.

5. A Ruffle Slipcover project idea A Ruffle Slipcover project ideaAdding ruffle to your sofa cover can create an upscale look to the space. It will definitely complete the look of your shabby chic living room. It will just the same as the other DIY slipcovers. You will need to drape some fabric on the sofa, pin it for the seam, and sew it. What makes it different is you need to make the ruffles.
To make the ruffles, you need to fold and press fabric strips in half, sew a double seam along the edge, pin the ruffles to your slipcover, and sew them together.

4. Quilted Slipcover Quilted SlipcoverCovering your sofa or ottoman using quilt and adding skirt can make your room looks better. You just need to drape the quilt on the ottoman, pin, and sew it. Then, you just need some extra quilt for the skirt, and simply sew it together with the top cover after seaming it. To complete this idea, you can treat your other sofa, if you have any, with next following idea.

3. Tufted Velvet Sofa Cover project idea Tufted Velvet Sofa Cover project ideaVelvet is smooth and elegant piece of fabric. Covering your old sofa with velvet is a brilliant idea, especially if you are in quest for both comfort and elegance. I won’t say following this idea is easy though. However, the idea comes with a useful link inside description that you can follow through and modify. One thing, don’t forget to retufted your sofa after covering it with velvet.

2. Vintage Peach Satin Sofa Cover Idea Vintage Peach Satin Sofa Cover IdeaNothing can beat the luxury of satin. And if you want to add the touch of luxury into your living room, without rechecking your finance book, simply cover your existing sofa with satin. It’s pretty similar to the previous steps. You only need to make some pinches on the satin to enhance the elegant look.
If you already felt old by seeing this image, keep playing this video to get final idea in this list that I think will give you a strong reason to like this video or share.

1. Slipcover for Sofas with Attached Cushions idea Slipcover for Sofas with Attached Cushions ideaReupholstering a sofa with attached cushions is a little bit tricky. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do it though. Basically, it’s like making any other slipcover. But you’re gonna perform a surgery when detaching the cushions from the sofa.
Next, you need to remove the stuffing, making the sofa cover, then last, fill the cushion covers with the stuffing again before attaching them back to the sofa.
Making a chic sofa cover can be a daunting task. You might feel anxious, especially if this is the first time you make it yourself. However, 10 DIY sofa cover ideas that you already watched will definitely save the day as you can make a sofa cover yourself without breaking a sweat. Well, at least that what I hope for.


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