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12 DIY Storage Improvements for Your Living Room

Small Space, Big Style

The Art of Preservation with No Fridge

If your living room is combined with a kitchen, and you don’t have a fridge to preserve your food, Jihyun Ryou has designed a project to preserve food traditionally.

There are five designs that you can adapt. The first one is a wooden box to keep potatoes inside with a wooden cover that has some holes for apples. The ethylene gas from the apple will prevent the potatoes from sprouting.

The second design is a wooden egg rack with a hole for a glass of water to check the egg’s freshness. The third is a U-shaped wood and glass rack filled with sand and a glass tunnel for adding water to keep the humidity.

The four design is a spice jar with a cork lid with rice bags in the upper part to absorb humidity. The fifth is a wooden rack with a small glass funnel for adding water to keep the vegetables, such as bell peppers and zucchini, fresh.

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