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12 DIY Storage Improvements for Your Living Room

Small Space, Big Style

The Cardboard Floating Shelves

To make this economic floating shelf unit, you’ll need cardboard, thick white paper, and wood-color paper.

Cut three exact sizes of cardboard to make each side and then stack them together using glue. Start making the first bottom box with two 8x13cm and 8x17cm stacked boards. The middle box is from 8×32, 8×25, 8×18,2, and 8×11,2 stacked boards.

And the last box is 8×20, 8×17, 8×13, and 8×10 stacked boards. After that, cover the edge with paper banding by tracing the shelf unit onto the paper, cutting, and gluing it on. Also, cover the board that might contain writing with wood-like paper.

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