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12 DIY Storage Improvements for Your Living Room

Small Space, Big Style

A Floating Media Console Project with Built-in LED Lights

This floating media console brings a modern home theater to your living room. First of all, prepare plywood and cut it into four 10″ pieces, one for the cover, one for the back, and two for the up and bottom sides.

Cut one piece into two 10″ pieces for the sides of the cabinet, and three 9,25″ for the dividers, then pre-drill pocket at the four corners each. Next, join the two sides to the up and bottom sides, then drill the dividers.

Move on to the back of the cabinet, cut the plywood into the half with a 45-degree angle, one to be attached to the cabinet, and one will go to the wall. Make some relief cuts for a gradient effect for the door and install it to the cabinet using four hinges. After sanding and applying the natural oil-based finish, install the LED strip. Now you can install the cabinet to the wall.

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