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17 Creative Ideas to Expand Your Small Bedroom Space

15. A 20″ Floating Corner Bed Project

Ever dream of a bed that floats, impossibly defying gravity, but your space disagrees with that thought? This 20-inch beauty does just that, but with a clever twist: it won’t leave you scrambling to re-attach it to the wall every morning. Intrigued? Let’s dive in!

Building the Base:

  • Wall Support: This project utilizes the magic of hidden supports. On the walls, screw the frame directly into studs every 32 inches, using three sets of heavy-duty deck screws per side. This invisible reinforcement provides crucial stability.
  • Underneath Magic: The secret sauce lies beneath the bed. Joist hangers, cleverly flipped upside down, become the heroes, taking all the weight from the corners. Don’t worry about placement – just jump on the corner and see where things flex to find the optimal spots.
  • One-Piece Wonder: Hide the entire support structure with a single sheet of plywood, ensuring a seamless, floating illusion.

Finishing Touches:

  • Light Up the Night: Christmas lights (or your preferred alternative) add an extra touch of magic, illuminating the hidden depths and highlighting the floating effect.
  • Hidden Support Peek: The support is only visible from extreme angles like the corner for camera purposes. From your normal viewing points, it remains cleverly concealed.

Safety First, Fun Always:

While this design is sturdy, some helpful advice from structural experts can elevate it further:

  • Center Post Power: Adding a hidden center post, running from floor to bed center, offers additional stability. This “pedestal” approach would minimize reliance on wall screws.
  • Vertical Load Magic: Another hidden vertical post near the wall attachment point can transfer weight more efficiently, reducing stress on the wall screws.
  • Load Distribution: Remember, your bed exerts outward and upward forces. Distribute weight strategically to minimize pulling on the wall screws.

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