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17 Creative Ideas to Expand Your Small Bedroom Space

16. A Floating Bed Idea with Tension Series

Tired of boring furniture? Ditch the mass-produced snooze-fest and build your own floating bed! This project packs a punch of cool with its illusion of defying gravity (well, almost!), and you can personalize it to match your unique style.

Ready to unleash your inner builder? Ready your tools and let’s go!

Planning Your Masterpiece:

  • Sketch it out: Start with a standard mattress size (queen is 203cm x 152cm) and adjust based on your space. Then, unleash your creativity!
  • Gather your arsenal: Scaffold boards (7 x 2400mm, 1 x 1800mm), timber for slats (69x18mm whitewood), wire rope (around 20m), eye bolts (8), turnbuckles (9), cable grips and thimbles (plenty!), electrical tape, bolts, wood glue, stain/oil, and assorted tools (saws, drills, router, sander, etc.).

Let’s Build!:

  • Base: Cut the base parts (plates, supports, spine) from your prepped scaffold boards and assemble with glue, screws, and clamps. Remember, safety first: add rails and a ladder using Single Socket Tee fittings!
  • Arms: Craft the side, front, and back arms, ensuring they’re identical. Pin-joint them to the base, then connect opposite arms with tensioned wire rope to create a stable structure.
  • Surround & Slats: Join the headboard and surround pieces using lap joints, then glue and clamp them together. Add slat supports and secure the headboard with bolts.
  • Finishing Touches: Sand, stain, or oil your creation, and don’t forget the final level-up: LED strip lights under the bed for an extra dose of awesome!

Pro Tips:

Download the full CAD model and drawings for detailed guidance.
Consider adding diagonal braces for larger beds.
This project involves cutting, drilling, and rigging – so proceed with caution and appropriate safety measures.
Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your one-of-a-kind floating haven! Remember, this is just a guide – personalize it, make it your own, and most importantly, have fun building it!

P.S. Skip the boring furniture stores and embrace the DIY spirit. You’ve got this!

Written by Simpson

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