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17 Creative Ideas to Expand Your Small Bedroom Space

08. A Cluttered Closet hack

This easy-to-follow guide shows you how to build a customized storage solution using readily available pine boards and basic tools. Get ready for a more organized and spacious closet in just a weekend!


  • 1″ x 12″ x 6′ pine boards (quantity based on your closet size)
  • 1″ x 5′ shower curtain rods (quantity based on your needs)
  • 3″ drywall screws
  • 2″ finish nails
  • 3/8″ dowel rods (optional for adjustable shelves)
  • Paint (optional)
  • Tools: saw, drill, chisel (optional), hammer, tape measure, stud finder


  1. Clear the space: Remove everything from your closet and relocate it temporarily.
  2. Plan your layout: Decide on the shelf height, spacing, and number of hanging rods you need. Make a sketch and mark stud locations on the walls.
  3. Build the back wall: Start with the back wall. Use drywall screws to mount two 6-foot boards at each end, securing them into studs. Cut and mount a third board in the middle to create a sturdy base.
  4. Install the middle section: Cut two 6-foot boards in half lengthwise. Mount them horizontally, spaced evenly across the back wall. These will support vertical shelf boards. Attach vertical boards with finish nails. Top it off with a 10-foot shelf, secured with finish nails.
  5. Add adjustable shelves (optional): For flexible storage, create adjustable shelves. Drill holes in the side boards where you want shelves. Cut dowel rods into 1-inch pieces and chisel out small spots on the underside of each shelf for the dowels to fit. Slide shelves onto the dowel supports for easy height adjustment.
  6. Build and mount the shoe rack: Assemble the shoe rack in your garage. Consider leaving space underneath for baskets. Create slanted shelves at a 45-degree angle with a top molding to hold shoes in place. Secure the shoe rack to the wall using drywall screws, hitting studs.
  7. Paint (optional): Give your closet a fresh look by painting the shelves and shoe rack.
  8. Hang your clothes: Install shower curtain rods as hanging rods. Space them based on your clothing needs.


  • Use a level to ensure everything is straight.
  • Pre-drill holes before using nails to avoid splitting wood.
  • Label shelves for easy organization.
  • Consider adding baskets or drawer organizers for additional storage.

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