Unpacking the Arc Tiny Home:

A Journey into Compact Luxury

Redefining Off-Grid Living:

Inside the Arc Tiny Home

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Welcome to the world of high-end, off-grid living. We invite you to explore the Arc tiny home, our masterpiece of a dwelling crafted inside a 5×20 ft shipping container. 

On this tour,
You’ll see the remarkable features that make this architectural marvel a paragon of sustainable living.
Eye-catching Exterior:

Your journey begins with the exterior. Outfitted in colorbond standing seam metal cladding, a material known for its durability and widely used in architectural homes, it lends an undeniably stylish look. The 40-degree pitched roof adds a modern architectural edge with its sharp, clean lines.

Captivating Entrance:

As you step inside, you’re greeted by an expansive 40-degree pitch Gable end window standing 1800 tall. This window bathes the interior in natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Birch-Lined Beauty:

Look up, and you’ll find a circular pendant hanging from the apex of the birch ply-lined ceiling. This high-end material adds a touch of elegance to the interior, showcasing a unique blend of practicality and style.

Comfortable Daybed:

Just beneath the Gable and Arc window, you’ll find a daybed, equipped with three large storage drawers beneath it. Perfect for lounging during the day, it also offers a double daybed option for extra comfort.

Innovative Kitchen:

The kitchen boasts a three-meter bench with a breakfast bar at one end. Kitted out with an instantaneous gas heater, a two-burner cooker, a full-size integrated fridge freezer, and a Westinghouse convection oven, it offers an array of modern conveniences. A double brass sink with matching ABI tapware accentuates the brushed copper fixtures throughout the home.

Mediterranean-style Bathroom:

The bathroom features a captivating ‘crazy pave’ tile from Tile Cloud that gives a Mediterranean vibe. Paired with Newport subway gloss tiles and a rounded shower screen, it gives the space a minimalistic yet stylish look.

Loft with a View:

Access the loft via a birch-ply library ladder. The loft is an intimate retreat with two optical skylights that not only illuminate the space but also offer an excellent source of ventilation.

The Arc tiny home is not merely an off-grid dwelling; it’s an expression of creative vision and sustainable living. With careful design, we’ve created a space that maximizes functionality without sacrificing style. This unique blend of eco-friendly options, modern aesthetics, and practical living truly sets the Arc tiny home apart. Welcome to the future of sustainable living.

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