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12 Small Bedrooms with Clever Cabinet Setup and Choices

6. How to build a new bedroom’s Symmetry

Incorporating cabinets into the headboard is an attempt to make use of every inch of your tight bedroom. The floating bookcase in the center that links two IKEA PAX columns on either side gives the bedroom a classic symmetry dimension. Purposely don’t install the doors of two alcoves on two sides to create bedside tables.

Painting them in the same grey color as the wall makes them feel like a concrete built-in unit. The three shelves are enough to display your books, moving the wardrobe’s primary purpose. What a simple way to shape the bed while creating storage space.

5. Mix Them up

Have a lot of stuff in a small bedroom? Well, it can be intimidating to organize them, but with a few changes, you can get over it. Try to mix hidden storage with doors like cabinets or wardrobes and open storage like wall shelves.

When it comes to limited space, exploit every inch, and go high whenever possible. Attach open shelves vertically as much as possible. Even the empty space under the cabinet can donate extra storage by just putting in some baskets. Keep the stuff you use the most in an easy-to-access place. For example, you can put it on open shelves or baskets that easily slide in and out.

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