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12 Small Bedrooms with Clever Cabinet Setup and Choices

10. A Mirrored Storage Cabinet Idea

This dazzling silvery wall-mounted storage cabinet is made from lightweight wood. If you show the measurement to the shopkeeper, they will cut them for you.

First, using constructive adhesive, assemble the mirror frame and the shelves. There are six smaller boxes. It is better to use wood screws to help all the boards stick together.
Then, add the mirrors to the mirror frame, then cover the backside with silver card stocks. After that, add hinges to connect the mirror frame and the shelves. You can use a magnet to keep the door closed. Finally, mount the cabinet to the wall.

9. A Simple Platform Bedroom Made of Kitchen Cabinets

You can make this platform bed with stairs and a crawl space underneath with IKEA kitchen cabinets. First, get a standard mattress size, which is 54×75 inches, then choose three widest cabinets, 24x15x30, to frame along the side, and four cabinets at the foot side in various heights to create stair steps.

Second, assemble all seven cabinets and leave one of the big cabinets open to access the underneath storage. Then, lay out all the cabinets and screw them together.
Next, make the mattress frame using pine boards. Make sure to make it strong by adding the center rail support. Then, dress up the top of the cabinets using paneling and the stair steps using rubber back rugs.

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