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12 Small Bedrooms with Clever Cabinet Setup and Choices

12. Turn Kitchen Cabinets into Space-Saving Storage for a Tiny Bedroom

This small bedroom IKEA hack utilizes a kitchen set of wall-mounted cabinets and two stackable box beds beneath that can be closed upright when not in use. You need five IKEA METOD cabinets and five HAGGEBY doors.

This project is quite challenging because this room has an awkward angled corner that automatically reduces the wall length needed to attach the box beds. Thus, you must build a new faux wall from wooden beams from floor to ceiling to even out the wall and as the frame for the beds and the cabinets. Then, cover the exposed frame by nailing thin boards neatly. The last step is painting them soft pink.

11. Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets Idea for Extra Storage

This project builds cabinets out of four layers of concrete shelves. First, take measurements for each shelf. All the plywood used in these cabinets is layered with laminates rather than paint because it is more durable and harder on the surface.

Wood glue is better than contact cement, specially made for laminates because of the worst smell. You may need help with this process to ensure no air is trapped underneath the laminates.
The next step is making boxes and placing them on each shelf. Then, build the drawers and install them in the lower part boxes. Finally, install all the cabinet and drawer handles.

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