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10 IKEA Small Bedroom Ideas

To all Simphome readers, how’s everyone doing tonight/day?
So, let me ask you, who here has been to IKEA recently?
Yeah, I thought so.

You know, IKEA is a lot like a bad relationship: you know it’s going to be difficult, yet somehow, you keep going back.

Speaking of IKEA, have you ever tried to pronounce the names of their products? I mean, they all sound like some Swedish techno band. For instance, “Kallax” sounds like a DJ who plays at underground raves, while “Ektorp” is probably the band’s manager.

Now, if you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself deep in the IKEA rabbit hole on social media. One minute you’re checking your Facebook feed, and the next thing you know, you’re watching a 15-minute video on how to transform a Billy bookcase into a chic loft bed.

I mean, who has time for that?
You do, apparently, at 3 AM on a Tuesday.

And then there are the IKEA hacks.
It’s like people just can’t leave well enough alone.
We’ve all seen that one person who turned their Malm dresser into a combination wine bar and chicken coop.

Sure, it’s clever, but do I really need to drink wine while collecting eggs?
I don’t know about you, but that’s not how I unwind after a long day.

Navigating through an IKEA store is an adventure in itself. I swear, they purposely design it like a maze to keep you in there longer. You’ll be walking through the store, trying to find the exit, when suddenly you’re in the middle of a staged living room. And somehow, you’re now contemplating if you need that new L-shaped sofa for your studio apartment.

Spoiler alert: you don’t.

Do you know what’s even more frustrating than navigating through the store?
Trying to assemble the furniture.

The instruction manual is like a cruel joke, with nothing but confusing pictures and no words. It’s like trying to decipher ancient hieroglyphics. You’ll spend hours connecting random pieces of wood, only to find out you put it together backward. Now you’ve got a bookcase that looks like a modern art installation.

Don’t even get me started on the tiny IKEA wrenches.
Those things are the real test of your relationship.
You can survive anything if you and your partner can assemble a Hemnes dresser together without breaking up.

Oh, and if you’re single, just know that IKEA is like the ultimate dating app. You’ll walk through the store and see all these potential partners pushing their carts around, looking lost and confused.

If you can find someone who can pronounce “Ingolf” without laughing, you might have found your soulmate.

Finally, you’ve got your furniture built, and now it’s time to show it off on Instagram.
But, instead of people admiring your new Poäng chair, they’re more interested in critiquing your choice of rug.

Really, Susan?
You’re going to judge my taste in home decor when your profile picture is a selfie with a Snapchat dog filter?

In the end, IKEA is a love-hate relationship. You hate the confusing instructions and the maze-like store, but you can’t resist the allure of stylish and affordable furniture. And let’s be honest, where else can you buy a bookcase and a plate of Swedish meatballs on the same trip?

That’s it for my dear reader; thank you for your time and for being a great reader!
Enjoy the rest of your countdown, and remember: if all else fails, there’s always duct tape and super glue.

10 IKEA Small Bedroom Poster

The Swedish furniture and HomeGoods retailer IKEA needs no introduction thanks to its hands-free social media reputation and loyal supporters. IKEA beds are already quite remarkable, but did you know there are a ton of ways to modify them to make them even better?

The internet is rife with IKEA hack projects that involve modifying a bed, but here are some of the best that will help you get the most use out of your purchase.

There is a broad spectrum of complexity, materials, and uncovered details in the countdown, so make sure to visit the reference section after the video ends. These are ten IKEA small bedroom ideas by Simphome. Without further ado, let’s open the countdown with the idea on

10 IKEA Small Bedroom Video

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