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6 Must-Have Furniture If You’re Living In A Tiny Space

Having a small space doesn’t mean having a cluttered space that brings a cramped feeling. There are different ways of making a small space seem larger, including furniture choices.

Going for versatile pieces is a great way of saving space when shopping for furniture—you’ll need to keep an eye out for pieces with extra storage as you’ll need that in plenty. Take time to draw up what you need instead of what you want.

In addition, when choosing furniture, opt for those with legs that’ll leave the floor to bear and create an illusion of a larger space. However, if you don’t know where to start, this article gives you some top picks of furniture that’ll be perfect for a small space.


Choose A Versatile Sofa

A sofa has evolved into more than a seating option, more into a storage space, and some can double as a bed; with small spaces, it’s highly advisable to pick from the numerous sofa beds option.

The chances of having a spare bedroom in a small space are quite low, and this is where a versatile sofa comes in handy. And thanks to the extra sleeping space, you can host friends for a sleepover.
This furniture is space-saving but offers the same comfort as a bed. It’s also easy to fold and move, making it functional. In addition, the sofa comes with extra storage for excess blankets and sheets.

A Coffee Table That Doubles Up As Storage

Getting a sturdy and functional coffee table might be a good investment for your living room. Coffee tables serve different purposes, including being an extra storage space, holding remotes and magazines, can hold drinks and plates of food, and many more.

You can also use the coffee table to show your aesthetic since they come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Whatever style you get, ensure that it creates a cohesive feel when placed with the rest of the furniture and doesn’t take up unnecessary space.

Incorporate Café Seating Style

If you’ve always dreamed of having a dining area, then you can achieve it in small spaces as well. Take a small corner and get a small table, and round ones will be the most preferred and add two small chairs.

This placement will create a dining area that’ll fit you perfectly without taking up unnecessary space. You can go the extra mile and place a small vase with a fake or real flower to make it look presentable.

Get A Console That Doubles Up As A Desk

Working from home is possible if the past two years have shown anything. But in case you need to work remotely, you’ll need a work desk which can be space-consuming when living in a home with limited space.

A console can double up as a desk without becoming a redundant piece. When selecting one, consider the depth that’ll be perfect for you; the seating space it offers, depending on the amount of time you spend on your desk.

All in all, your console should match the entire aesthetic and theme you have going on. It should also be easy to move around if you want a new seating design.

Use Geometric Bookcase To Create Partitions

Chances of getting privacy in a small space, especially studio apartments, can be hard, and you’ll need clever ways of creating partitions. One great way is getting a geometric bookcase that’ll hold all your books or décor while still creating dividers in a room.

When choosing a bookcase, avoid getting large pieces that go all the way up and opt for unique thin pieces. These bookcases can also double up as a décor piece.

Invest In A Free Standing Rack For Clothing

Most small spaces don’t come with closet options, making storage difficult. As a result, getting a free-standing rack for your clothing is the next best option. When getting one, opt for racks with shelving for clothes that can’t be hung, including tops and shorts.

If you also need a shoe rack, you can settle on a standing rack with a shoe rack on the bottom, which saves space in the end. Whichever style you go for, ensure that it’ll meet all your needs.

Bottom Line

If you have control, get a simple light color for your walls, making your house look wider. Minimalism is a great way of making a small space feel larger. Avoid hoarding furniture that you won’t frequently use and will take up lots of space.

Find one with thin frames and tapered legs that are in lighter tones. Such furniture will introduce more space and keep the room feeling airy.

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