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Take These 6 Actionable Steps to Winter-Proof Your Home

Winter may seem like a fun season to some people today, but in the past, it was much different. In the past, winter was a season of survival and battle. People had to prepare many months in advance to prepare for this season, so it could pass in peace. Heating and constant supply of food is not what many common people had during that period. No matter how harsh your surroundings were, you would need to find a way to survive the winter.

Fortunately, the battle for survival during winter is no more. At least not at that big scale, but the hassle with winter still exists. Snow is something that many people love yet hate at the same time. This precipitation is just one of the elements that we need to protect our houses from. Many people are stuck when it comes to finding solutions for winter, but that ends now. Here are 6 actionable steps you can take to winter-proof your home.

1. Snow guards

Snow accumulation on the roof can result in two very bad things. It can result in someone getting hurt during an unexpected rooftop avalanche. If not an accident, it will over time cause tear and wear on your roof. Snow guards are small stumps or bars on the roof that, according to, cause snow to fall and slide from your roof in smaller amounts. These smaller chunks are much safer for your gutters and your property.

2. Window glazing

Good insulation is the key to having a warm home for the winter. There are a few ways you can achieve this, and window glazing is a good one. It is less expensive than insulating your whole house, yet the benefit is much larger. Not only is window insulation good for winter, but it will serve even during the summer. Glazed windows are also much sturdier, so they will keep you safe from storms.

3. Seal wall cracks

No matter how good your insulation is, a crack is enough to make it much less efficient. A crack will result in heat transfer to the outside, and thus your rooms will be colder. Besides that, the colder air will cause humidity in the air to condensate on the wall. This humidity on the walls and near them will be a perfect home for mold to live in. Sealing wall cracks is really simple and cheap, just caulk the gaps, and it is done.

4. Regulate the thermostat

Energy bills are one of the biggest concerns right now with these soaring prices. They were still a big problem for lower-income families, but the problem got even worse. In order to stay cozy and not pay a big bill, you should regulate the thermostat often. Do not just put it at one temperature and leave it like that to drain the energy the whole day. Some studies suggest that sleeping in a bit colder rooms is healthier than hot ones.

5. Keep your pets cozy

In the same way, you need to stay cozy and make sure that your pets can also stay cozy during winter. Upgrade their sleeping place with a few warm blankets to keep them warm. Make sure to play with them regularly indoors because they are also affected by winter. In the same way, we can get the winter blues, so animals can experience it. Stock up on some supplies in case a storm is coming, which makes a trip to the pet store challenging.

6. Get an air purifier

Since your windows will be sealed most of the time, it is still important to get some fresh air. If you live in a poorer country with polluted air, you definitely should not open windows. Especially during winter if burning coal is the main way of heating. Air purifiers will make your winter stay much more pleasant and more healthy. The hazards of polluted air are numerous, and it is unfortunate we live in such conditions.

Winters are not what they used to be in many aspects. The aspect of survival is gone for good, we do not want that back. Unfortunately, if the big companies that keep polluting the earth continue working like this, they will be fighting for survival again. The list of advice you would need to take to winter-proof your home would be much bigger.

Even if the winters are actually less harsh now, that will not last for long. There are already many severe weather conditions throughout the whole world and harsh winters are next up. If we want to live winters peacefully with only a few winter cautions, something big must change. And that big change must come immediately if we want winter to stay a season of happiness.

Written by Simpson

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