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12 Modular Bedroom Furniture Décor Ideas

Do you agree that bedrooms should be the best space inside your dwelling? When you get home from a long day of work, all you want is spotless, inviting bedroom with an exceptionally comfortable bed. A bedroom outfitted with the appropriate furniture set is more of a need than a luxury. In addition to all of the comfort, the attractiveness of your room is also an important aspect to consider.

Modular furniture packs a lot of fun. It is functional and allows you to obtain “tailor-made” results that immensely meet your style and needs. Thus, embracing this versatility is a good thing to do.

This type of furniture comes in separate modules that need arranging. Since they are not fixed together, you can combine them to more variety of options.
You can find many pieces of modular furniture in stores. But if you are unsure what to choose, consider these 12 modular bedroom furniture décor ideas to furnish your sleeping space. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

12 Modular Bedroom Furniture Décor Video:

modular bedroom ideas
10 Modular bedroom furniture Poster

12. Modular Home Office in the Bedroom

Many people do not have a dedicated room for their home office. Thus, they prefer to create a workspace in their bedroom. The options you have are limitless when designing a home office in a bedroom. You can make the desk from scratch if you are into woodworking so that you can adjust it to your liking.

Another option is to get modular shelves and cabinets in stores and assemble the modules as you please.
This workspace, for example, shows you how versatile a modular shelving unit is. You can install it in your living room to house books and knick-knacks. Or, you can just place it in your bedroom to create a decent home office.
The good thing about this modular shelving unit is that you can add as many shelves as you need and remove some if necessary. You can also adjust each shelf and cabinet’s height to meet your need.

11. A Trundle Bed for Limited Space

If your bedroom lacks space but you have to share it with another user, investing in a trundle bet is a great option. A trundle bed is usually a bit higher than a standard bed because you will use the underneath space to stash away the second bed. This way, you can have two beds in the footprint of a single bed frame.

One of the most common trundle beds you will likely see in stores is the roll-out trundle bed. This type of trundle bed features a lower mattress nesting in a lower frame with casters. This way, you can access it easily.
Since the top and lower bed frames are not fixed together, you can arrange them in whatever you like.

10. Modular Furniture for Kids

For families with more than one child, it’s often necessary to have them sleep in adjoining bedrooms. Some people feel compelled to do this because they are limited by the number of bedrooms in their dwellings. Some parents also report that their kids have trouble falling asleep because they’re afraid to be alone in the bedroom. When kids have to share a room, it can be helpful to choose a set of furniture that can serve multiple purposes.

This room, for example, sets the tone of multifunctionality in a vibrant red and blue color scheme that will bring Spiderman to mind for your children. The furniture set comprises individual modules, which gives you a lot of room for creative expression when designing the optimal and most useful layout for your children’s space, which packs a lot of fun.

9. The Geometric shelving idea to furnish the modular bedroom

When it comes to storage for your bedroom, you have a wide variety of alternatives to choose from. For example, you can screw wooden boards to the wall to acquire wall-mounted shelves or use some L-brackets or angle brackets.

Investing in modular cubes such as the IKEA cube storage or the IKEA Kallax shelving unit is another alternative if you want something beautiful and practical.
These cubes here offer a great deal of enjoyment and have the potential to inspire your imagination. You can arrange them in a random pattern, as you see when you play Tetris, by sticking them to the walls, spreading them out over the floor, or sticking them up on the floor. You get to decide in any situation!

8. A Clever bed choice for the modular bedroom

This sleek, multi-functional bed is ideal for a space that aims for the highest levels of contemporary design. It’s possible to alter the bed size to suit your needs, and there’s even a drawer underneath. There is a twin console with side storage and a little door for magazines and books at the base. Additionally, you may store anything in the ottoman’s storage space or the cabinet integrated into the headboard. You can transform the modular bed into two chairs, a desk, a table, a bookcase, a reading lamp, a charging station with USB ports, and Bluetooth speakers. You can rearrange each of the interchangeable parts to suit your needs better. With this one, your new baby can get a new crib, too, with features that the best baby crib product can offer.

7. The Expandable Twin-to-King Bed idea for the guest or yourself

This DIY daybed fits a 75-by-39-inch twin mattress. If you use a different size daybed mattress, alter your measurements. We used 6-inch, $125 mattresses.

For the expandable mechanism:
1. Cut 10 14’s to 40″ for 20 slat boards. Half will be linked to the frame and half to the slide-out. Keep the excess for the following step.
2. Place slats on the frame. Lay two 14 boards horizontally and vertically for uniform spacing. Before attaching them to the frame, lay them out to ensure they line up. We offset either end to make room.

Bed Slats
3. Determine which slats go on the daybed and slide out.
4. Drill two countersunk holes onto each end of the daybed slats and fasten them using wood screws.

6. A Semi-Modular bed idea with extra storage

Beds are bulky and usually don’t have many drawers if any. You can create this storage bed for next to nothing, and its three drawers are perfect for storing seasonal attire, sports gear, or anything else you don’t use much but don’t want to get rid of. Their storage capacity is increased by not using drawer slides or wheels and instead setting the boxes directly on the carpet. With a total of 400 liters (about 100 gallons), they may hold as many as three large suitcases.

Glue and dowel the project board trim to the frame after screwing the 1952 x 345 mm plywood to the back. Miller dowels look excellent, are easy to use, and are accurate. Next, you must clamp the components together and drill holes with a stepped bit. Remove clamps, glue, and hammer in Miller dowels.
Dense items (like books) will make the boxes challenging to move. They’re for bulkier, lighter things.

Relevant to the box,
We have already published twelve DIY storage boxes you can take to make your belongings safer and improve the interior decor of your modular bedroom and all furniture inside it. Check it out, and with that said, let’s continue our countdown with

5. The +X Modular Shelving Idea

This one is another cool way to display your cubes. Forget about stacking them vertically, which can be a bit mundane. If you like a challenge, you can try this layout.
Instead of stacking the cubes up, try opting for a diagonal layout. You can carve out this bewitching look by only tweaking your storage a bit while incorporating additional storage solutions.

+X by Niu Lei is a modern, modular shelving system with countless interchangeable parts that you can reconfigure in countless ways. The 45-degree slope afforded by the shelves’ diagonal placement eliminates the need for bookends when arranging bookshelves.

4. A Modular Wardrobe Idea with a Hidden Bed

Wardrobes designed to maximize available space aren’t typically considered storage furniture, but they may make a huge difference if used correctly. Especially if you have to live inside a small apartment and your bedroom might serve as a second living area for watching TV or relaxing, you should consider getting rid of your bed.

Beds that fold up are often constructed as part of a closet, complete with collapsible legs for storage. They’re sturdier because of the materials used, and the wardrobe has plenty of space because of how it’s constructed. A built-in TV that you can hide away has the same space-saving design, including beds that fold up in kids’ rooms and can be used as desk space.

3. Modular Cabinets for a Modern Bedroom

Without a closet, a series of cabinets can serve as an extra functional system in the bedroom. There is a wide variety of cabinet options to choose from to find the perfect fit for your home’s decor.

Such movable shelves, for instance, are a perfect fit for that entrance. They would look great in a modern or minimalist bedroom because of their clean lines and lack of knobs or pulls.

2. Say No to Clutter

In a small bedroom, storage is crucial. A good rule of thumb is to put every square inch to good use.
There is plenty of room to keep things in this bedroom’s many closets. Given the confines of the room, it is possible to stack the beds.

An alternative to using a ladder is purchasing a staircase with storage drawers so you can access the higher bed without disturbing the rest of the room. You can then prop the upper bed by the cupboard section.

1. Wire Closet Shelving

Wire closet shelving has unmatched adaptability. There is no limit to the number of different ensembles you can craft using it.
Because there is no such thing as having an excessive number of shelves, increasing your storage capacity is never a problem. You have the option of adjusting the heights so that you can simultaneously hang many sets of pants or dresses.



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