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12 Inspiring Kitchen Nook Choices for A Small Space

In what establishment do you often indulge in your three daily meals? Here, in the dining room? At home, in front of the television? Or as you’re stooped over your kitchen sink? A home with a comfy breakfast nook is a great addition, regardless of how you spend your days.

Diners can enjoy more than just breakfast foods at their tables. All sorts of informal meals, and more, can be enjoyed in this space that serves as a substitute for the dining room.
And if you’re worried that adding a breakfast nook to your kitchen would detract from the overall design of your house, you should reconsider. Breakfast nooks can take on various styles, from ultra-contemporary to timeless.
Here are some of the most cutting-edge ways to update the style and practicality of your eating space.

The contemporary kitchen has become more of a gathering place for friends and family to spend time together. We can no longer consider this location merely functional. However, if you can fashion a respectable kitchen nook, you may be able to make this concept a reality despite your limited square footage.

A kitchen nook is a small table and chairs set up in a kitchen corner or elsewhere in the room that can seat four people for informal meals. You can set up the tables and chairs like a restaurant, or they can be built as benches or placed in front of windows.

It sounds fantastic, right? Thus, we have developed these 12 kitchen nook ideas to help you enjoy your meals comfortably. As always, Simphome brings you the list.

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12. A Kitchen nook with a hidden Sliding Rack idea

An innovative way to add storage is to build a sliding rack to fit into a kitchen alcove. You may use this simple do-it-yourself technique to consolidate your barware into one convenient location.

First, get some wood boards to create the frame of the rack. Then, cut the boards to the size of the opening at the back of the bench. To keep drinks from spilling, you can also use dowel rods. Slides for the drawers should be attached to the base of the rack next. The last touch is a pull knob for the rack.

11. A Renter-Friendly Kitchen Nook Idea From HGTV

Typically, rental properties feature tiny kitchens with limited or no dining area. Create a cozy eating area in your kitchen without breaking the bank by using some basic pieces of furniture. A simple bookcase can serve as a makeshift banquette.

To start, turn the shelf on its side and push it against an empty wall. Then, get four upholstered cushions and tie them up on the shelf for cozy seating. In addition, some lumbar cushions will serve as the backrest. Next, place a slightly extendable table and three chairs in front of the banquette. Remember that the empty horizontal shelves are a great space for book storage.

10. A Three-Legged Foldable Dining Table

If you’re short on a room in your kitchen, you’ll love this clever nook design. The sleek design of this folding table with three sturdy legs is unwavering. Construct it next to the window in the kitchen, and it will always be within easy reach.

First, you’ll put the legs together, make the wall mount, make the foldable tabletop, and finally, put the legs on top.
For the legs, cut all required pieces for legs, rails, and short legs, adjust them, and assemble all the components.
For the tabletop, you will need three components, mounting upturn, mounting top, and folding top. When the legs and table assemblies are ready, screw them to the wall.

9. A Simple Breakfast Nook Idea with Storage

This kitchen nook can accommodate more people, making it perfect for hosting a feast.
To begin with, remove the baseboard off the wall to nail the base of the bench frames so they will be sturdy. Then, form the board frame following the 90 degrees angle.

Next, nail some plywood on the side and top of the seat. Bring in a DIY table to the spot. To polish the nook up, install wainscoting along the wall. Add cushions and pillows because they will always be great for statement and style.

8. Renew Your Banquette Upholstery without Costing You a Fortune

If you’re trying to save money, renovating your existing banquette upholstery can be a better alternative than building a new one. Do it yourself in a few minutes for less than sixty dollars.
To complete this project, you’ll need foam toppers, insulating fabric, and upholstery fabric. The leather-like fabric used in this project is soft and easy to clean, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a chic farmhouse.

First, attach the foam topper to the plywood work surface with staples, then trim the overhang. Fabric for the upholstery, insulation and foam topper should all be placed face down before assembly. After that, staple the insulating cloth around the plywood to secure it. Now you can wrap the upholstery fabric tightly.

7. The IKEA Hack Kitchen Nook Idea

IKEA is well-known for its versatile function and affordable price. Thus, using the bookcase as a banquette seating for the kitchen nook saves time and money.

You’ll need two IKEA Kallax bookcases to form the shape of an L to fit the corner. Lay them horizontally on their backside, so the storage is face up. Then, secure the bench to the wall and the floor with anti-tip brackets. To cover the top, use some plywood and attach them to the bookcases using piano hinges. Next, add the trim baseboard to the banquette seating. Finally, paint it white and embellish it with patterned wallpaper.

6. A DIY budget-friendly kitchen makeover and custom nook transformation

In this dining area,-modern black and white give way to a more retro palette with hints of beige and green.

First, Kelsey painted the nook matte black. She replaced the table by repurposing a historic cast-iron leg and a white marble top she found at a thrift store and making them all fit together with silicone.

She added some fantastic pieces to finish up this nook that pulled it together. She began hanging some beige linen curtains before she sewed some one-of-a-kind black seat cushions for the bench and added some wishbone chairs with seats covered in the ladder fabric. She finished by including a few throw cushions and a blank canvas upon which she plans to create one-of-a-kind artwork.

5. A high-end looking breakfast nook idea for cheap by oh joy studio

Since the main dining table doubles as a shared workspace, this nook is used for lunch breaks and extra seating for gatherings or guests sleeping downstairs. It seats 5-6 and may accommodate a small party when friends and family visit. This thin wall to the left of the nook is excellent for plants, paintings, and Mokum wallpaper that complete the nook with a tropical backdrop.

This central nook is ideal for bold, large-scale wallpaper. This tropical design with room hues was great. Bold, elegant, and fun! Evening sconce lights warm the space, and A wall-mounted banquet maximizes it.

The combination of tambour paneling at the base and brass at the very bottom makes it feel very upscale, yet it was simple and affordable to implement. Additionally, round tables in a nook make it easier for guests to talk to one another and create a cozier atmosphere than their rectangular counterparts.

4. a Classic DIY Drop Leaf Dining Table

A drop-leaf table design has one center section and two folding laps on each side. If you have a woodturner in your area, making the table legs is a breeze, leaving you with just the tabletop to craft.

Prepare three sections cut of wood sheets on the tabletop and place them side-by-side. Mark a center spot on the middle section. Then, draw a circular line from this spot and cut them out.
Assemble the three sections using butt hinges. Make a support assembly to the bottom of the table to strengthen the attachment to the legs.

3. An Industrial Drop Leaf Table Idea

As an extended table, a drop-leaf table is a sought-after addition to compact cooking space. Folding leaves can be stored under the table when not in use or extended to create a larger surface area. It is DIY friendly too.

Get a hardwood board divided into three pieces as a starting point. They need to have a pair of equals. Connect the three pieces together using the drop-leaf hardware and two pine wood block supports. The next steps are constructing the pipe legs and painting the table. Once everything is finished, set it up on a flat surface.

2. Turn Dressers into a Breakfast Nook

Instead of a traditional bookcase, a dresser can serve as a banquette in the kitchen. It is ready to use without further treatment and additional storage construction.

You need two Nordli dressers from IKEA, one with six drawers and one with eight drawers. Then, place them against the wall in the corner. Make a small hollow box to fill the gap at the corner, so all the drawers are still open. The dressers are suitable for storing tablecloths, serving bowls, cups, glasses, and other cutlery. Enhance the look by tossing a sleek fur blanket and cushions for extra comfort.

1. A Convertible Shelf Table to a dining table By Cannibal DIY

This iron-folding table has shelves and works in the same way as a murphy table. You may raise it to make shelves for the wall or drop it to make a table.
You’ll only need four 92-centimeter iron bars, eight 30-centimeter iron measuring rods, six 6-centimeter and two 8-centimeter flat irons.

To assemble the iron table, brackets, and legs, weld the various pieces needed. Use air pistons to lift and lower the table without breaking a sweat. Later, choose four 18 mm poplar plywood sections for the wooden shelves. Paint them white and gray before attaching them to the iron frame.



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