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10 Ideas on How to Style Bedroom Shelves

Transform your bedroom into a place of rest and inspiration with these creative ideas for styling shelves. From sleek and modern to cozy and rustic, these tips will help you achieve an Instagram-worthy look that still prioritizes comfort and function. Whether you’re looking to add storage, display your favorite items, or simply create a new aesthetic, these ideas will help you elevate your bedroom to the next level.

So, let’s start organizing and decorating your bedroom shelves for an unforgettable transformation! Next, we will learn ten ideas on how to style bedroom shelves. Same as the previous bedroom improvement videos, Simphome curates and presents you with the list.

10 Ideas on How to Style Bedroom Shelves Video

how to style bedroom shelves
10 Ideas on how to style bedroom shelves

10. The IKEA Moppe Hack

If you think your IKEA Moppe is getting dull, do not buy a new one yet. You can give it a facelift and make it as good as a brand-new one. You only need to harness the magic of paint.

First, apply prime whose shade is close to the topcoat color to your IKEA Moppe. After that, let it dry well. Next, lightly sand it to remove the rough strokes. Then, apply wood varnish using a lacquer felt roller for an even result.
The IKEA Moppe features notches that allow you to pull out the drawers. You can attach beautiful handles to each drawer if you want a brand-new look.

9. How to build your own Personal Library inside your Bedroom?

If you sleep in a small attic and you still want to create a home office there, you can consider this idea. This is a perfect solution since it offers ample workspace with lots of storage. Most importantly, you can make it yourself.

First, you need to get three IKEA Expedit units and assemble them based on the instruction given. You will also need two Linnmon tabletops.

  • Measure the height and consider cutting one of the tabletops if necessary. This way, you can work comfortably.
  • The inside of Linnmon is made of cardboard honeycomb, which needs reinforcing. Therefore, you need to cut your 3×3 strip to 3×2.8. Then, cast it inside the side piece.
  • After that, assemble it with the top piece using three dowels and a bracket.
  • Then, lay the Linnmon upside down along with the Expedit to check the dimension.
  • After that, screw 3×3 wood strips right under the top, with 1cm spacing, to guide the modules smoothly.
  • You will also have to make holes in the head of the guide for the side casters.
  • Finally, attach the Linnmon to the wall, and slide the three Expedit units under the top.

8. A DIY Tree Bookshelf from @Livefreecreative

Some people want everything in their houses to be unique, including a bookshelf. Therefore, you can see many designs like the one in this picture, although it only provides a little storage.
But in terms of aesthetics, it does have a charm that attracts people’s attention.

This kind of design suits a tiny room. You can measure how tall the shelf is and how many branches you would like to have on it.

Cut and assemble the branches on the frame with the same gap. You can draw a line first to show what it looks like before installing them. Secure it to the wall with some nails or screws.

7. An ingenious Shelving transformation idea with A Bench

Imagine you have multipurpose shelves along with a comfy bench in your bedroom. It will be the best place to enjoy your favorite book.

  • First, get some scaffolding planks and cut them to size.
  • Then, get two Expedit cabinets, one Stuva bench, and the drawer block, and assemble them based on the instructions.
  • Consider purchasing two Ikea Pränt storage bins to optimize the storage compartments. However, you will need to shorten them to a height of 20 cm so that they can fit perfectly in the top compartment under the rail.
  • After that, connect three scaffold planks of the same length to create four panels. You will assemble them using 10 mm dowels.
  • Thus, you need to drill a hole 12 mm thick and 12 cm deep. Do this on the side of the scaffolding planks every 30 cm.
  • Once you have created the planks, paint them.
  • To create a sleek look, you need to attach six 32.5x5x2 cm scaffolding slats to the three top shelves of Expedit. S
  • crew them through the shelves from below. This way, you can attach the scaffolding panels from the inside without displaying screws from the outside.
  • After that, arrange the Expedit and Stuva to their place.
  • Then, screw the panel on top of the two Expedit.

6. A Simple yet Modern Bookshelf Project Ideas

This bookshelf should be a great addition to the home for a book lover. If your bedroom is large enough to have it, you should make one for yourself.

It has a simple design as there are only squares. But still, it needs to be handled carefully.
You will need two sheets of 3/4″ plywood and cut them into eight pieces.

  • You can route dadoes that will allow you to assemble those pieces more easily. This step is optional, though. If you think it is complicated or too much trouble, you can skip it and use screws to assemble them later.
  • Once you have finished cutting, you can assemble the frame and shelves. It will be easier if you lay the frame on the floor. Then, insert the shelf dividers.
  • After that, attach the face frame to create a modern look. You can make it by cutting two 1x2s the height of the shelf.
  • You will also need to cut one 1×4 to the width of the shelf.
  • Remember to subtract 3 inches from the width.
  • For the bottom and top, you will need 1×4 and 1×2, respectively.

5. The IKEA Kallax to A Modern Shelf Transformation Project Idea

IKEA Kallax is extremely versatile. You can use it that way or even turn it into a bench, bookcase, or console table. Now, let’s try to create a modern console table with storage using an IKEA Kallax.

  • First, you need to get an IKEA Kallax and assemble it according to the instructions.
  • After that, add hairpin legs for a modern look.
  • Then, get some pole wraps, cut them to length, and glue them to the door fronts.
  • Once the glue is dry and the pole wrap sticks to the door firmly, you can add pulls of your choice.
  • Then, attach the doors to Kallax with hinges.

4. A Zigzag Shelf Project Idea with Lights

Yes, you can design your bedroom a lovely retreat, a space you love. This shelf is unique; you must be skilled enough to make it.

  • Make a brace based on how many shelves you would like to have.
  • You can see four shelves in the picture, so that’s the number you should cut and make.
  • Put some glue at the end of the spacers and joint them with the braces and screw.
  • Repeat the same steps. Secure them on the wall.
  • Start constructing the shelf and cut the end of the self to 45 degrees.
  • Then, put the shelves into the braces and secure them. Install lights if you need them.

3. A Colorful and Chic Shelf Idea from Designlovefest

This shelf has three shades of colors and matches well with the wall and surroundings. It can be made by tapping out a board and spray painting the areas you want to be colored. Once it’s dry, you can open the tape and see the results.

You will also have a different result when using a different style or pattern. And you have so many options for that. You can search on the internet for any pattern you like and apply it there.

2. A DIY Folding Shelf Desk Idea

This shelf can make a pretty nightstand right next to your bed. Another surprise is it can turn into a decent desk that you can use as a workspace or dressing table.
The secret of this mind-blowing design is the angle. You can make it as steep as you want. However, you have to leave enough of an edge because it will support the top surface when you close it.

You will also need to ensure that everything lies flat and smooth, and the hinges must be at the exact vertical point. For this reason, consider choosing a point slightly below the midpoint when you measure and cut the board. You will use it as one of the ends of the lines.

After that, make the angled cut. Next, try to line up the pieces to see whether the top is one flat line. You will find that the bottom piece sticks out towards the front side. Thus, you can trim it to make it fit. This way, the pieces will seamlessly meet when you fold up the desk and fold it down.

1. A Minimalist Floor Mirror with Built-in Shelves

This one is another brilliant way to add a mirror to your bedroom. Instead of hanging it on the wall, you can lean on the mirror against it and install built-in shelves to incorporate extra storage solutions.

To make this mirror, you need to get maple plywood and lay it on the floor. Make three cuts for the shelves and attach them to them. Put the mirror on the left side and secure it with mirror clips. If unsure how strong the clips hold, add some glue before clipping it.

Other interesting ideas relevant to our 10 Ideas on how to style bedroom shelves:

  1. Grouping items by color: Arrange items on the shelves, creating a visually pleasing and cohesive look.
  2. Mixing and matching decor: Combine different decor styles and textures to add interest to the shelves.
  3. Creating a gallery wall: Use the shelves to create a gallery wall of art, photos, or other decor items.
  4. Incorporating plants: Add small indoor plants to the shelves for a natural, calming touch.
  5. Using baskets and boxes: Use baskets and boxes to organize and conceal items on the shelves.
  6. Stacking books: Stack books horizontally and vertically to add texture and interest to the shelves.
  7. Creating vignettes: Use the shelves to create small vignettes of decor items, such as a collection of vintage cameras or a display of vintage postcards.
  8. Displaying collectibles: Show off collections of items such as figurines, vases, or other small collectibles on the shelves.
  9. Adding lighting: Use task lighting or small lamps to highlight items on the shelves and create a cozy atmosphere in the room.
  10. Creating a focal point: Use the shelves to create a focal point in the room, such as a large piece of art or a statement mirror.



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