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12 Kitchen management and DIY organizations to declutter your kitchen chaos quicker

When talking about beauty and tidiness at home, it’s not just your living room that needs attention. Remember, there is a space where neatness may be ignored even though you spend a lot of time there. Yes, that’s the kitchen.

Whereas cooking daily and doing many other things in the kitchen will be more enjoyable once accompanied by a clean environment. And, of course, neatly arranged spices and good space utilization also play a role in this situation.

Not only calms the mind, but a well-organized cook room will again be the focal point that you most admire. Along with these 12 kitchen management and DIY organizations, you will find ways to beautify your kitchen and declutter your mind simultaneously.

Everything will be DIY-furnished, so be prepared to spend some time duplicating it right away!

However, before starting the countdown, you may need to know that managing kitchen clutters and organizing them better and quicker, you need to

Identify the problem areas:

The first step in managing kitchen clutter is to identify which areas are causing the most chaos. This could be a cluttered countertop, overflowing drawers, or a disorganized pantry.

Make a plan:

Once you have identified the problem areas, plan how you will tackle them. This could include decluttering, reorganizing, or purchasing new storage solutions.


Go through your kitchen and remove any items you no longer use or need. This could include old appliances, expired food, or duplicates of kitchen tools.

Use vertical space:

Utilize vertical space in your kitchen by installing shelves, hooks, or hanging racks. This will help to free up counter and cabinet space.

Get creative with storage:

Think outside the box instead of using traditional kitchen storage solutions. Use tension rods or hanging baskets to create additional storage space.

Label and categorize:

Once your kitchen is decluttered and organized, label and categorize items. This will make it easy for you to find what you need quickly and efficiently.

Maintain the organization:

Organizing your kitchen is not a one-time task; it requires regular maintenance. Set aside time each week to straighten up and put things back in their proper place.

Get the whole family involved:

Organizing the kitchen can be a big task, so make sure to involve the entire family. Assign tasks and responsibilities to everyone, and make it a team effort to keep the kitchen clutter-free.


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Kitchen management and DIY organizations
12 Kitchen management and DIY organizations Poster

12. Organize Your Spices with a new Cardboard hack

It is the first time anyone has had high expectations of used cardboard at home. As long as it has good condition, you can collect it and turn it into a spices rack for the kitchen.
That way, you will no longer have trouble finding the necessary spices.

  • Provide a cardboard box or sheets that you can turn into a box.
  • Create a cardboard box long and wide enough for the base frame. Make sure it fits all the spice jars you have.
  • Then make the shelves from other pieces of cardboard more petite than the main box with the needed amount.
  • You can add support layers among the shelves before assembling each part using Tacky glue. It is vital to reinforce each frame to support the jars.
  • Next, add tie lines along the rack to prevent the row of jars from falling.
  • Additionally, you can cover all parts of your spice rack with Gaffer tape to give an even, attractive look.
  • Finally, paint or spray paint it to provide colors and patterns that match your kitchen interior design.

11. How to Upgrade Your Spice Drawer Organizations @Sammyonstate

You can also organize your kitchen spices in drawers. Instead of leaving them lying around, making a drawer organizer from Plywood is a good idea. The final look will be like a half-standing row of spices.

  • For the initial step, you need to cut the plywood panels into four parts measuring 4 1/4″ and 4 x 1 1/2″. This size will fit a 16″ wide and 4″ tall drawer. If you want it taller or shorter, that can be too.
  • After all the wood pieces are available, you must attach the risers and row boards using wood glue. Let them sit for 30-45 minutes, then nails them so that the drawer organizers have firmer support.
  • Here is the final step: polish the drawer organizer or let it take on its rough feel. Using this organizer, now your kitchen drawer becomes neater and more aesthetic. Remember to label each jar of your spices to make everything easier.

10. A Mountain house kitchen organization idea by Style By Emily Henderson

Since you spend most of your time in the kitchen, you may struggle with organizing it. You have tried hard to keep this space organized, but clutter always comes. If you are dealing with that right now, consider these tips.

First, take everything out to start fresh.

Then, you can sort them out into categories. This way, you can find what you are looking for more easily. Do not forget to toss expired items when decluttering.

Next, consider your flow. You will want to use every inch of your kitchen efficiently to cook comfortably. Think about the items you will use daily, and place them in an area where you can grab them instantly. For example, it is a good rule of thumb to put spatulas near the stove and oven mitts near the oven.

Letting kids be responsible and independent has always been a great idea. Thus, consider investing in a kid-friendly drawer of plates, bowls, and cups. Drawers are prone to clutter. You can overcome it with drawer dividers.

This kitchen, for example, features a “tech” drawer where the owner can store phones. It even has a built-in charging strip.

9. Add A new IKEA Billy to Your Kitchen Island

We know that IKEA comes with various kinds of convenient furniture. And now it’s best to turn the IKEA Billy Bookcase into extra storage under your kitchen island. Besides cost saving, you can also create shelves according to your liking.

This multifunctional countertop is a composite of two IKEA Billy Bookcases of different sizes. Thus, you need to cut them first and rebuild these bookcases according to the size of your kitchen island.

Be sure to remove the back of the bookcase leaving only the shelves’ frame.
It is best to paint all parts white, including the cabinets under the countertop, to give an initial impression of IKEA products.

Install the bookcase frame on your kitchen island cabinet to make it look like built-in. You can also bracket it for extra fastening. Next, nail or glue some lumber to the edge of the shelves, then trim it to give it an attractive look. Lastly, repaint everything white as a final touch.

8. Use Cute mason jars to More Organize Your Kitchen Utensil

Kitchen utensils scattered on countertops and drawers are frustrating. But now you can make a unique, multifunctional, and attractive work. It is utensil storage made of used jars with attractive colors and designs.

  • First, remove the lids and wash jars using soap and warm water to make them sterile.
  • After drying, apply paint not on the outside of the jar but on the inside.
  • Pour the stain into a quarter of the jar, then swirl it slowly so the paint spreads and covers the clear areas.
  • Next, do the same for the following pots.
  • Place the jar upside down onto the wax paper for an hour to drip any remaining paint.
  • After that, turn the pot over and dry it overnight.
  • To avoid wear and tear, you need to recoat the jars using Polyacrylic with the same steps as before.
  • If you love details, labeling is also a reliable solution to apply.

7. Organize Plastic Container Lids Smartly

This section has super easy DIY projects. And with just cooling racks from the Dollar Store and a plastic bin, you now have fantastic container lid storage.

Just put the cooling rack on top or fit it in a plastic bin then it’s all done. All you have to do next is slot the lids neatly between the cooling racks. This strategy is highly space-saving because you can keep it out of sight by sliding it inside the kitchen drawers.

6. A sturdy DIY Open shelving kitchen with IKEA brackets

Open shelving has always been the best friend of a small kitchen. Besides, they are way easy to make compared to countertops. These shelves, for example, can make sturdy storage for your plates and potted plants while jazzing up your kitchen.

To make these shelves, you will need IKEA Ekby brackets. The problem is these brackets support your shelves by capping them instead of holding their weight from the undersides. Thus, it would help if you found wooden boards that fit perfectly.

Try decking if you find it hard to find a wooden board that fits into the brackets. It usually comes in 5/4″, which is perfect for the brackets. And you will need two of these deck boards to create one shelf.

After sanding, staining, and sealing, you can slip both ends of two deck boards into IKEA Ekby brackets. Then, screw the brackets to the studs.

5. Use Tension Rods to Store more Bottles and Cans

Stacking and arranging bottles and cans horizontally in the pantry can make things tidy. However, use other strategies instead to provide extra space to store other instant food.
Here is another use for tension rods. It hangs curtains and is effectively partitioned between piles of mineral water bottles and cans of soft drinks.

Install tension rods vertically in your pantry. Make sure you attach it between the top and bottom shelves so it doesn’t wobble easily.

After that, slot the bottles and cans as much as possible between the tension rods. And finally, everything is in order. Now you are saving more space in the pantry.

Cookie sheets, cutting boards, and pizza pans are thin. However, they may take up a lot of space due to their widths. Thus, you need to create a special room to accommodate them.

This pull-out drawer can be your solution. It is simple yet functional. Furthermore, it is DIY friendly.

  • First, you need to cut one sheet of ½” Plywood to length. The side pieces will be trapezium with parallel sides 14″ and 6″.
  • Once you have cut the Plywood, assemble the sides to the bottom.
  • Then, attach the front, which is 23.25″ x 6″. After that, attach the back part, which is 23.25″ x 14″. Now, you have got the outer frame.
  • Next, create six dividers that will go inside the drawer.
  • Then, install them using spacers.
  • Before installing the drawer to the cabinet, you need to create shims using two layers of ½” Plywood. This way, you can pull the drawer out without making it bump into the face frame or hinges.
  • Once the shims are ready, you can install the drawer slides and the drawer you have made.

3. A Tired slim spice drawer idea

A messy drawer is a never-ending issue, and investing in drawer dividers is likely a brilliant solution. You can get one in stores. But, if you are a DIY enthusiast, making yourself will be your choice. Besides, you can customize it to your liking.

This drawer divider, for example, can help you organize your spices better because it can optimize the available space in your drawer.

You can begin with creating the lower drawer divider from ½” poplar boards. Once it is ready, you can insert it into your drawer. You will not secure it to the drawer, though. This way, you can remove the divider easily when you want to clean the drawer. For this reason, you need to do thorough measurements so that the divider fits perfectly inside your drawer.

  • Once you have installed the bottom drawer, you can create another divider for the remaining 2″ space.
  • To make the top drawer divider, you will still need ½” poplar material. But you will also need a ¼” plywood board for the bottom.
  • After assembling the pieces, cut the back of your drawer to allow the top divider to slide out.
  • Finally, install the drawer slides by following the top edge line on your drawer.

2. Appliance garage DIY idea By Swattsandco

This appliance garage is made of an IKEA wall cabinet, while the doors and exterior panels are from SemiHandmade. The owner added a twist to it by installing pocket doors, which make the cabinet super stylist while saving more space.

If you are interested in implementing this idea, you must leave a gap between the inside walls and exterior panels. To make it easier, you can purchase pocket door hardware, so you do not have to make pocket doors from scratch.

If your appliance garage is not too deep, your pocket doors will be recessed awkwardly. The solution to this problem is by making a space past the drywall. This way, the doors can recess further.

1. Utilize Your Cabinet Door More Efficiently

The final trick for managing your kitchen is always paying attention to the doors. You can make the most of it by giving it a mounted rack to store your foil, wrap, and plastic bags.

    • Using pine board, cut it into 2 x 10″ as the side pieces and one 19.5″ as the bottom piece. Or, you can use another size according to your needs.
    • Attach the three parts of wood on the edges to form the letter “U” with wood glue and then nails.
  • Next, attach two more pieces of a board measuring 21″ to be used as a border for the front. Finally, fasten the Plywood measuring 10″ x 21″ for the back.
  • Now all you have to do is spray paint that rack with the color you want, then install it to the door using nails or screw it!


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