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How to Choose a Bathtub for the Ultimate Soak: Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Spa

In a world where stress is a constant and overwhelming presence, there’s only so much that you can do to ease your mind and calm your nerves. Some people choose to sleep as the ultimate way to ignore their problems whereas others turn to recreational activities such as reading or cooking. Seeing as everyone has different preferences, it makes sense that there’s such a wide range of activities to unwind.

But if you’re the type of person that likes a more sensory experience, you’ll likely turn your attention elsewhere in search of a calming activity. Fortunately for you, this paves your way towards what’s perhaps the oldest and easiest way to de-stress ever – taking a nice long bath to relax your mind. And what do you need to achieve that? The answer is quite simple – a sturdy yet spacious bath for all your bathing endeavors.

What Are the Different Types of Bath Styles?

Since getting a bath is one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a refreshing makeover and turn it into a functional space, it comes as no surprise that there are a few ways you can implement it into your home. Each style has its own perks so it’s up to you to figure out which style features matter the most.

Freestanding Baths

This is quite possibly the most popular style out there due to its practicality and stylish design. In other words, freestanding bathtubs give you the opportunity to freely express your style and customize your bathroom according to your taste. There’s a whole bunch of options too, ranging from vintage, claw-like footing to sleek and contemporary finishes, so you’ll surely find a freestanding bathtub that matches your needs. There’s no shortage of colour options either so make sure you play around with that as well.

What’s easily the most redeeming quality of these types of bathtubs is the fact that you can place them just about anywhere in your bathroom. You don’t even have to attach a freestanding bathtub to a wall or any kind of surrounding in order to install it– it can take centre stage effortlessly and steal the show. Using the tub as a statement piece will certainly help you step up your bathroom décor game unlike anything else. If, at some point, you decide to give your bathroom a makeover, simply move the tub to your new designated location and you’re good to go.

Apart from their flexibility, freestanding baths also have the ability to create the illusion of having more space. Since they’re not built-in or surrounded by walls, they appear to be much smaller than their stationary counterparts which, in turn, makes your bathroom appear larger. If you consider the fact that the bathroom is the most compact room in every household, adding a bit of extra space is surely a welcome sight.

Drop-In Baths

This is one take on the fixed models in which the tub is “dropped into” a fitted enclosure. Essentially, it’s mounted into a pre-existing deck that surrounds the entirety of the bathtub. The only visible area is the lifted edge or lip on the sides of the deck. Needless to say, this style saves up quite a bit of space and it’s relatively inexpensive. This is what makes drop-in baths a common feature of many Aussie households in recent years.

Alcove Baths

Also known as recessed tubs, they’re placed in an enclosure with three surrounding walls and often serve a double function, both as a bath and a shower. Alcove models are built specifically against the wall to maximize space and practicality. The only downside is their somewhat more compact design so if you’re looking for something with ample leg space, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Corner Baths

These are similar to alcove tubs since their corner configuration is attached to the walls on two sides. Their triangular design is quite unique and creative so if you want to add an extraordinary feel to your bathroom, this is the perfect way to do it. Moreover, you get to use every square centimeter of space to the best of your abilities which is definitely an advantage.

How Do You Choose the Right Bathtub?

With so many options, how could you pick just one? Luckily, there’s a handy shortlist of features to pay attention to when shopping for a new bathtub.

Size and Weight

A general rule of thumb is to go for a more spacious bathtub if you have room for it. This gives you the opportunity to move freely without feeling like you’re trapped. However, if you’re running low on space, a smaller tub will be more appropriate to your needs.

Similarly, weight is an important consideration. If the bath is quite heavy as it is and you fill it up with water, your flooring may not offer proper support. Make sure you talk to a professional regarding this matter to ensure that your bathroom is on par with the tub you want to get. Once you’ve got that covered, installation should be a breeze.


It’s no secret that bathtubs come in a range of different materials. For those of you that are looking for something sturdy and durable but with a heftier price tag, you should have a look at stone resin, cast iron, or copper baths, all of which are non-porous. At the cost-effective end of the spectrum, you’ll find an assortment of acrylic, fiberglass, and ceramic models which are also well-built and long-lasting.


The method of installation goes hand in hand with the type of tub you choose. If you’re looking for a fuss-free placement, then freestanding baths are the way to go. But if you feel like that’s not a good fit for the bathroom space at your disposal, you can hire a professional to install the fitted models for the best results.


This normally goes without saying but it’s worth noting that you should shop within the limits of your budget. It’s quite easy to get carried away when you’re redecorating any part of your home, particularly the bathroom but that certainly doesn’t mean that you should deplete your savings entirely.

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