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Gorgeous Bathroom Design Ideas You Will Love

No home is complete without a bathroom – and with new design trends and sources of inspiration surfacing all the time, it’s only natural to fantasize about one day having the bathroom of your dreams. The best bathroom designs balance function and feeling, maximizing available space and making you feel good – a trend that is likely to continue as people the world over realize the true value of mental health. Do you want to get the best out of your bathroom but you’re unsure where to start? Read on for practical tips on creating your very own oasis at home.

Floor plan

If you’re starting from scratch (or taking on a complete redesign), it’s important to get the floor plan just right – particularly if your bathroom floor space is less than generous. Start by working out where you want to place your big-ticket items, including the toilet, the shower, and the bath (more on these below), and whether you want an open floor plan or the privacy of separate sections. Your windows should also factor into this step, maximizing natural light and breeze without sacrificing privacy. Once you have these plans in place, you can start choosing your fixtures.


When it comes to arranging your floor plan, the shower is one of those big-ticket items that demand a decent amount of space and careful placement. Naturally, size is an important consideration when choosing a shower for your bathroom, but it’s not the only factor. Storage space, privacy, natural light, window positioning (see the previous point), and water pressure can all have a significant impact on your experience.

The good news is that almost everything has a quick fix; if the water pressure in your shower is too high or low, for instance, the solution may be as simple as picking the appropriate shower head. In other words, as long as your shower position is right, the rest can be adjusted.


While not everyone sees a tub as an essential bathroom inclusion, it is a perfect excuse to introduce a little more relaxation time into your daily routine. Whether you’re beginning your bathroom design from scratch or remodeling, the first step is to work out the piping situation, as this will determine the bath placement. Once you have the ideal position mapped out, it’s time to choose the ideal tub for your bathroom, whether it’s a modern free-standing design, a classic clawfoot, or an old-fashioned built-in style.


While the tiling is a fairly standard inclusion in bathroom design, there’s no need to stick to a “standard” pattern, color, or texture. Whether you prefer small tiles that form patterns or larger ones that cover entire walls, the options are truly endless. With that said, it’s worth taking the time to properly consider your design choices as there are several factors to consider and it can be difficult to change a tiling design once it’s in place. For example, while a classic tiled backsplash – and even a full room wrap-around – remain popular, these options are also notoriously difficult to clean. A slab of stone, on the other hand, is great for dramatic effect without all of the cleaning dramas, provided that you’re willing to sacrifice your tile pattern plans.


Second only to the bedroom, the bathroom should be one of the rooms in the house that prizes comfort, and lighting is key to creating the right ambiance. Beyond the feeling it creates, you should also consider how the lighting makes you look, particularly if you plan on using the bathroom mirror to apply makeup or just check your appearance before work. It’s a great bonus that LED lights to happen to be great for the environment, using about 75% less energy than halogen light bulbs.


In recent years, the bathroom has gone from a practical cleaning zone to a peaceful retreat from everyday life, a shift that has been reflected in color scheme trends. While the classic white tiled bathroom will always be popular to a degree, designers are also embracing soft pastel shades, neutrals, and anything that gives off an air of calm. Fortunately, these shades have also proven timeless over the years, returning again and again to the height of bathroom design popularity, so you won’t have to worry about them going out of style.

Without question, creating a bathroom in which you feel calm, comfortable, and confident is a worthwhile investment in your home – but it’s also an investment in yourself. It’s so important to have an escape from the pressures and stressors of modern life, and with the right furniture and design tricks, your bathroom can become that and more. Implement these tips and prepare to be surprised at the shift in your mental state, in the bathroom and beyond.

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