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Bedroom Décor Choices That May Be Impacting Your Quality of Slumber

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of maintaining healthy sleep habits. After all, if the quality of your slumber suffers, you’re liable to have a difficult time tackling the various challenges that are synonymous with daily life. So, if improved sleep quality is among your top priorities, you’d do well to take stock of the décor choices in your bedroom. As you’ll find, certain furnishings stand to diminish the general quality of your sleeping space.

Uncomfortable Mattress

Your bed – more specifically, your mattress is the most important item in your bedroom. In addition to being the center of your sleeping space, your bed plays a significant role in determining your overall sleep quality. And if your current mattress is old, worn-down, uncomfy or any combination thereof, a new mattress should be at the very top of your shopping list.

If you think that the quality of a mattress has no impact on your nightly respite, there’s a good chance that you’ve spent your life sleeping on the wrong mattresses. Some of us have become so accustomed to feeling uncomfortable throughout the night that we’ve come to regard it as the norm. However, after sleeping on a high-quality mattress designed with comfort in mind, you’re liable to have a very different opinion on how much difference the right mattress can make.

In your search for a new mattress, try not to base your decision around price. This isn’t to say that you should wantonly overspend on your next mattress, but choosing a mattress simply because it’s cheap is unlikely to improve your sleep quality. If you’re in the market for an affordable mattress that will provide first-rate comfort and last a good long while, consider purchasing a foam mattress.

Thin Curtains

While they may look nice, overly thin curtains are unlikely to have a positive impact on your bedroom’s comfort levels. For one thing, these curtains generally don’t provide much in the way of external light protection. And since total darkness is highly conducive to relaxation and proper sleep, having your sleeping space flooded with external light can throw a wrench into your sleep schedule, especially if you’re someone who does the bulk of their sleeping during the day.

So, if outside light is a problem, outfit your bedroom windows with sun-blocking curtains. Composed of thick, thermal materials, these curtains are designed to keep sunlight in your bedroom to the barest of minimums. If you don’t feel like getting new curtains, consider placing blackout screens over your bedroom windows. Keep in mind, however, that while these screens tend to be cheaper than sun-blocking curtains, they’re unlikely to last as long.

A Lack of Calming Colors

Your bedroom’s color scheme can also have an impact on how relaxing the space is. For example, if your walls, furnishings and décor reflect loud color choices, this may serve to keep your mind overstimulated, which can make relaxation a tall order.

With this in mind, make sure your bedroom is awash with calming colors. Pastel, lavender, beige, sage green and light yellow are just a handful of the soothing colors that can provide your sleeping space with a palpable sense of calm.

A Bedside Table That’s Too Small

Getting up in the middle of the night can be a tremendous detriment to your sleep quality. If you regularly get out of bed to retrieve certain items – i.e., a drink of water or certain medications – getting back to sleep afterward may prove difficult. The longer you’re out of bed, the longer falling asleep again is liable to take. However, by investing in a bedside table that’s large enough to house any and all items you may need throughout the night, you stand to reduce the amount of time you spend awake overnight.

Sleep quality is not something you should be willing to compromise. For the sake of your physical health, psychological well-being and overall functionality, you should aim to get at least seven to eight hours of high-quality slumber per night. And although a variety of factors stand to interfere with this, many of them are entirely within your ability to control. So, if any of the décor or furnishing choices in your bedroom are negatively impacting the quality of your nightly respite, consider the pointers discussed above.

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