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10 Goblincore ideas to Refresh your House Interior

Goblincore has been gaining popularity as the newest interior style for those looking to modernize their homes. Read on for ten ideas on how to incorporate this new and trendy design into your home’s décor

Key points and introduction to the Goblincore-inspired Room Decorations:

  • Industrial furniture is a key aspect of Goblincore, so start with a solid piece of wood or metal furniture in a raw finish and furnish from there. To accentuate the style, purchase items with clean lines and minimal detail work.
  • Use a dark-colored flooring material, such as black or dark brown, to contrast the lighter shades used in household objects.
  • Use hard lines in your décor to evoke an industrial atmosphere.
  • Group your décor items by putting like items together. This choice provides balance and symmetry, which is the foundation of Goblincore styling.
  • Pay attention to proportions and symmetry in your décor style to achieve a crisp and modern look.
  • You can produce a warm atmosphere with Goblincore by mixing metals, woods, and fabrics for an eclectic mix of textures.
  • An industrial style pulls from various art and design history (such as Art Deco or retro furnishings).
  • Flowers, plants, and birds are the best decorations for a room, according to the Goblincore concept. They will make it look more natural-styled and thus, bring the forest into your home with ease.
  • When decorating your home with such elements, you need to try to mimic the natural beauty on earth by using flowers, plants, and birds found in nature.

Are you fans of The Hobbit, The Lord of The Rings, or Gibli Studio?
If you fall for those movies and series, you surely agree that the interesting point is not just about the storyline. The set they brought up to the screen must be another thing that
attracts more people to adore them.

The charm of natural beauty from woods, flora, and fauna is the main attraction. The good news is you can bring that mesmerizing look to your interior. People know this style as Goblincore.
Goblincore embraces the imperfections of nature while beautifying its wild and dark side. Therefore, the distinctive charm of this style is becoming popular in these two years. It is also typically a maximalist design.

Are you considering bringing those mystical with a bit of sparkle style to your house? If so, take a look at the list of 10 Goblincore ideas to refresh your house interior next. As usual, Simphome presents you with the list.

10 Goblincore ideas to Refresh your House Interior Poster
10 Goblincore ideas to Refresh your House Interior Poster

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List Entries:

10. The Hanging nature – A Vintage poster idea

Goblincore appreciates the aspects of nature, which some people may not see as the beauty they have been seeking for the interior. Can you imagine bringing moss, mud, plants, and mushrooms into your home?

You do not have to do it and create such a mess, though. Hanging one or two posters picturing those elements will do in a pinch. Besides, they can make great wall art without ruining the floor and carpet.

Choose a poster that shows a vintage-style drawing. Then complete it using wood dowels to hang it onto your wall. The combination will create an antique look that will truly represent goblin-vibe into your room.

9. The DIY Growing – A Moss Mirror Idea

Placing a moss mirror in your room is a fascinating idea. Since moss is another non-vascular plant that you can probably see in the set of a magical garden, adding such accessories will help you create a touch of a magical garden in your house.
You do not have to get the natural moss, especially if you do not want to mess up your room, though. You can DIY it using a faux one.

First, get a framed mirror. Whether it is a simple wood frame or a gold glided Victorian vibed frame is up to you. Just make sure it has a frame so that the moss looks like growing out of the mirror.

Then, clean up the mirror.
Next, stick some faux moss using hot glue over its outer surrounding. You can have other preferred layouts as well. To make it look striking, you can use different colors and textures of faux moss and add an accessory like mushrooms, butterflies, or other tiny creatures.

8. A Bulky Moss-Green Couch Idea

To produce a statement, you can invest in a bulky moss-green couch in your Goblincore living room. The bulky size will make it the most captivating element in the room.
The moss-green color combined with velvet fabric wrapping the couch will help create the mysterious and cozy atmosphere of the wild forest.

Also, it will look beautiful in the neutral-themed interior.
Relevant details:

  1. Select a couch you like and make sure it is big enough for your comfort.
  2. Next, choose a fabric for its surface. Goblincore likes using some soft material that can easily clean up with water or bleach.
  3. Then, replace the old cover with a new one. This idea is a must to keep it looking good and create an increase in beauty in your room.

7. Surround your space with natural plants

Loading plants into your home is absolutely a must-to-apply idea. This way, you can bring more nature into the space.

Don’t be overthinking with what type of plants you should use.
Remember that the concept is related to wild forests, where plants and animals live. Thus, you indeed can grow whatever type of plants you want.
Also, combine various types of in-container plants and hanging plants. By doing this, you can enrich the look of the interior.

Those natural plants and additional elements such as:
1. Ferns
2. Succulent
3. Some green algae and moss
4. Various flowers and vines
5. Real trees and fake trees
6. The stone or wood floor – A brilliant idea

Do you want to bring the tone of the forest into your home?
If so, you may not want to get rid of the wooden or stone flooring they used in the movie set. However, it can be a difficult thing to do.
The good news is you can achieve it through a series of ideas that involve decorating your home with small samples of woods or stones. You can start with rugs, lamps, and other small items.

6. Build your nature-walk treasure display

A Goblincore loves to walk around nature that is full of wonder. You can easily capture every small thing in a forest, such as stones, pines, feathers, twigs, dried flowers, and falling leaves. These scattered beauties can make great accessories for your interior.
Instead of scattering them on the floor to mimic the natural look, you can display them on shelves. You only need to have a mirror cupboard with small compartments. Then place your collections inside it.

To build your living room shelf, you can simply use a cupboard. Get a circular one, especially if you have small items you want to display. Then, decorate the edges by using some wooden trim. Next, paint the sides and top of its green or moss to look natural. The last step is hanging some accessories on your shelves using magnets.

Relevant ideas:

  • 6.1. To build the shelf, you need to start by measuring your space.
  • 6.2. You can paint the sides and top green or moss to look like a natural place for a design. If you like, you can also get a brown wood trim for the edges to make it more natural-looking.
  • 6.3. To stay in the nature-walk theme, choose accessories with symbolisms of nature, such as flowers and leaves, for additional small things lying around in the forest.
  • 6.4. As for the hanging decorations, you can use a variety of things, such as:
    A. Various lamps
    B. Potted plants
    C. Feathers and stones
    D. A hanging chain with leaves and heart-shaped pendants at the end of them
  • 6.5. Fiddle around with a wall sticker
    By putting up some nature-inspired wall stickers on your walls, you can fulfill your fantasy of having a cozy forest in your home. You can collect those stickers from various online stores or simply make them through Photoshop software or other graphic design tools.

5. Set The Fairy Lighting

Setting the lighting will undoubtedly complement the Goblincore nuance in your room. You can purchase a set of Tumblr lights. Then, hang them around your open shelving. You can also try to light up some candles.
If you want to craft it yourself, try to create some mason jar lanterns. It is easy and less time-consuming. You only need to prepare mason jars with wide openings, battery-operated candles or led lamps, vase filler (sand/seashell/plastic beads/pebbles), and other decorative items (optional).

Detailed instructions:

  • 1. Prepare mason jars. Remove the metal lids and screw on the wide-mouth rings. Fill everything else with some filler.
  • 2. Then, decorate the jars with any decorations that you like. You can try to use seashells, glitter, plastic beads in various colors and shapes, or other accessories that suit your taste. Bake it in the oven for 15 minutes at 350°F (175°C) until it is all dry.
  • 3. Put your candles or led lamps inside them, and you are ready to get some fairy lighting
  • 4. You can change the theme of lighting by using a variety of props for your candles, such as:
    A. Vases
    B. Glass jars
    C. A variety of colored candles
    D. A variety of shaped candles

4. A bookshelf for your Goblincore themed book collection

The piles of your favorite books could be another statement of your living room. You can accentuate them by displaying them on shelves made of stained or reclaimed wood. This way, you can add a rustic look representing the trees in a forest.
To get more of the Goblincore atmosphere into your bookshelf, you can place different types of twirling plants such as English ivy, a string of beads, string of hearts, philodendron, and so on.

Moreover, displaying other Goblincore ornaments –whether the natural or the faux among the books would also be awesome.

3. Emphasize your floor area with a rug

To emphasize your flooring area, purchase a natural themed rug, such as a wood pith rug shown in the picture above, or a 3D moss-rug, which you can get in online stores. Another option you can choose is a standard square or rectangle shape rug with dark color and vintage patterns.

Detailed instructions of how to use a rug to complete your Goblincore décor transformations:
3.1. Measure the size of your space and purchase a rug that matches your measurements best
3.2. If you want to make it match the theme of “forest,” you can choose a dark wall with a small window or an antique mirror and hang some moss upside down from it, such as in the picture above.
3.3. If you want to go the faux or modern look, you can use moss-rugs in different textures and patterns or simple rugs (pile rugs) in light colors
3.4. Decorate the flooring area with other natural woods accessories like:
3.4.1. A wooden tree
3.4.2. A wooden dragon table
3.4.3. A wooden daisy side table
3.4.4. A wide tree trunk
3.4.5. A small metal tree on a pedestal
3.4.6. A small metal bowl on a pedestal
3.4.7. Install some curtains or blinds to create your desired look

You can pick any fabric you want for your custom-made curtains or blinds. Just remember that if you want to complete the natural look, you need to choose a fabric with light colors, such as beige or white, mixed with small trees and leaves design for the pattern and natural-colored birds for the motif. Anything that looks like nature is perfect for this theme of decorating your home based on Goblincore ideas.

2. Adding Mushroom Throw pillow

Laying throw pillows into your room lends more Goblincore ambiance and a dose of comfy as well. Yet, it would be better to cover the pillow with a typical Goblincore pattern, such as frog, toad, snail, mushroom, etc.
Moreover, if you can find one with a 3D pattern, it would be incredibly compelling. To create the Goblincore ambiance, you can choose a collection of mushrooms. Try to get it on the pillow to see the mushroom fungi circle from all sides.
Then, you can use natural colors. For example, if you are using a green pillow, you can keep it in a simple color of green or mix it with moss for a more natural-looking scheme. If you do this, make sure that your mushroom color matches your wall colors very well and does not overwhelm your room’s design scheme.

Lastly, number 1. The Enchanting Deep-Nature Wallpaper Idea

You won’t complete the Goblincore style without this idea. In short, you need to get wallpaper related to the natural environment. You can buy one on a website or print it out yourself, or you can try to make it by yourself with the help of Photoshop editing software or any other graphic design tools.
If you want to craft your wallpaper, do not hesitate to use some moss and leaves as the motifs.
However, if you choose to purchase a pre-made pattern in an online store, make sure it is related to the nature and earth theme. If there are animals or plants on it or the motifs have a flower or leaf design, then it is ideal for your Goblincore theme decorations. You can also use different patterns of bubbles and dots for your wallpapers as long as they match the natural theme of your living room.

Return to the patterns and colors. Pick the most suitable one with natural patterns such as forest, wildlife, animal, and floral. Also, opt for darker earth tone colors in green, blue, brown, or lime.
Those are 10 Goblincore ideas to refresh your house interior mentioned in the list. Try to implement some ideas at once to lead your room into a more dreamy and fairy world. I wish you luck and have fun!


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