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Tips for Embracing “Hygge” in Your Home: Comfort and Coziness

The Scandinavian design is well-known for its refinement and simplicity. And the keyword for the Scandinavian sense of interior design is “hygge”, a Danish word representing coziness and comfort.

It is a modern design inspired by the rainy climate and long nights in the north. “Hygge” represents everything we need around us to feel comfortable while we wait for sunny days to return.

So, without any further delay, let’s delve into the main principles of design inspired by “hygge”.

Bring the Nature Inside

There are multiple ways to surround yourself with nature inside your home.

First of all, start with materials. Scandinavian design favors natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool, and jute. Also, details such as an unpolished vase or a natural stone covering for your interior walls are great for a pleasant dose of natural crudeness.

Furthermore, “Hygge” definitely favors plants and flowers. They bring in colors and the smell of earth. Also, they will cool off your rooms during the summer and even help you with the air conditioning bills.

Another thing Danes consider crucial for creating a “Hygge” atmosphere is a fireplace. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to install a real fireplace – you can always buy an electric one, or just make a video of the fire on the screen.

Sun by Day, Fairy Lighting By Night

Scandinavians love the sun because they don’t get much of it throughout the year. Therefore, the first thing you see walking in the streets in Denmark are houses with big windows.

So, make sure to let the light in, by removing heavy curtains or any objects that might block the sun. Installing mirrors around the room can help with the brightness as well.

“Hygge” design is all about gentleness and coziness. Therefore, you don’t want anything that is abrupt or too tense. So, you want to avoid direct lights and have as much fairy lighting as possible. So, invest in a few big candles, string lights, or curtain lights.

Big standing lamps with dimmed brightness are another great way of making a calming atmosphere in your home during the evenings.

Clear Up the Floor

The shiny, polished floors in bright colors are another way to preserve as much natural light as possible. Scandinavian design loves clean, uncluttered spaces, so make sure you have some in your home.

Therefore, having an open floor plan is something you should consider in case you are inspired by the “Hygge” feeling.


As “Hygge” insists on natural calm and serenity, any form of digital distraction goes against it. So, try to avoid LED lights in loud colors, TV, or even using your phone too much.

Wherever you set up your hygge space, make sure you replace Instagram scrolling with reading a book. Also, try to put game nights with friends in place of watching TV all night long.

Neutral Is the “Hygge” Principle

As previously mentioned, “Hygge” doesn’t like anything too aggressive, loud, or intrusive. So, you want to choose colors accordingly.

Try to avoid intensive and loud colors. Look for beige, light brown, gray, and other colors in calming tones.

This applies to everything in your home: the walls, the furniture, the upholstery, details, curtains, and so on.

Simple and Comfortable Furniture

If you are redecorating your living space in “Hygge” style, then you want to have lightweight, easily mobile, and comfortable chairs and sofas.

Also, you want this furniture to be soft, comfy, and pleasant for the touch. Also, you want your furniture to be in simple shapes and lines.

So, for example, a couch in natural olive green color would go perfectly well with beige fluffy pillows.

Bold and Colorful Patterns

Now, in order to escape monotony, the Scandinavian design allows you to play with bold and dynamic accents.

So, you should feel free to experiment with ethnic carpets, for example. Also, your pillows could have colorful prints or embroideries inspired by flowers and animals.

Although colorful details are welcome, try to avoid too intense colors, and opt for natural ones: green, brown, and red.

Hygge Is a Lifestyle…

Finally, remember that “Hygge” is much more than decor. Apart from being one of the main interior trends for years, it is also a lifestyle. In order to bring more “Hygge” into your life, it will take more than decluttering space, having beige furniture, and wide windows.

You should also prepare more warm drinks for you and your family, cook meals, and meet with friends next to a fireplace.

Written by Simpson

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