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10 Frugal Furniture Bed Designs

The platform bed has many advantages over conventional beds. Regarding mattresses, platform beds are the way to go because they support the mattress directly without any box springs. This feature creates an air exchange in the mattress by allowing air to rise through the slats. Doing so can improve the quality of your sleeping environment by reducing exposure to allergies, dust mites, and mold. What else, you may ask? Here, we have other explanations.

Modern trends regarding bedroom ideas may appeal to you. You might want to apply it to your bedroom, but you are worried about your budget. The truth is you can always take endless options of how you want to make your bed as cozy as possible since you will sleep in it most of the time. It can be a timeless investment to put extra effort into preparing a comfortable sanctuary to end your exhausting days.

However, considering a particular cost range, you may search for something else right now—something you probably can find in the following ten frugal furniture bed designs.

As always, Simphome curates the list.

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10. A Japanese Floating Bed Design to Accentuate the Room

The contemporary and enticing Japanese floating bed design is your first recommendation. You only need some wood planks, so financially speaking, it’s well within your means. Due to the unfamiliarity of the design, the next step is to invest additional time and effort in assembling the boards.

The crucial part of this design is the base supporting your mattress. It should be sturdy to support the center of the platform bed to create a floating illusion.

9. A Low-cost bed design with Rustic Elements

Incorporating rustic accents is another popular and economic trend in bed décor. You can use a simple wooden bed frame to provide a country feel to this low-cost choice.

You can also opt for bringing back your grandmother’s carved old bed frame to accentuate your bedroom with rustic appeal.
These rustic bed ideas would be ideal with bedding sets with multiple layers to add textures. This combination is assigned to blend rustic and modern looks. Surprisingly, you can obtain this incredible feat without that much cost.

8. Give it Under-bed-lighting to Maintain the Bedroom’s Warmth

Bringing under-bed lights into the bedroom is frequently impractical due to the high cost. However, you can beat the challenge by considering the economical version of the under-bed-lighting concept.
You can first prepare the base. Unlike many platform beds with only one supporting base, this bed has several supporting frames assembled in a layered finish.

You can install LED string lights around each layer to create a mesmerizing look while illuminating the space.

Your Alternatives:

  • The Light Bars
    Don’t worry—light bars can help. These motion-sensor LED light bars are ideal for children’s under-bed and nightstand shelf lighting. This plug-and-play fixture typically has numerous light modes for mild and heavy sleepers. For durability and security, homeowners should install under-bed lighting for kids with rechargeable USB ports and always-on settings.
  • The stick-on LED
    Any room will benefit from glow battery-powered stick-on LED lights, a good solution for those without electric outlets or time. A neutral white light fixture illuminates under the bed, and you can uninstall it at will. Up to 50,000 hours of brightness are possible with temporary fixtures like these.
  • The Multicolored Lights
    Color lends tone and atmosphere to any environment. Under-bed lighting comes in several colors to match any mood. Color-changing under-bed lighting in master and guest suites is a cheeky alternative for those who want variety.

7. A Boho Bed Furniture Idea

Choosing an inexpensive way to update your tired bed might be difficult because your resources restrict your opportunities. However, there are some affordable suggestions to help you realize your Bohemian Dream.

A huge headboard is a quick and easy way to inject some bohemian style into your bedroom. Generally, acquiring one won’t cost you a lot, and it’s possible to construct it out of metal or wood, among other materials, if you currently have no mood for recycling. Or like the one in the picture with a rattan headboard, which exudes a carefree bohemian air and will last you for many years.

To tweak your room, use rich, vibrant tones.
Some of the most beautiful examples of boho bedding and other boho decor feature whites, beiges, and other pastels primarily. You shouldn’t be hesitant to mix in some bold, warm colors like reds, oranges, and browns, though.

6. A Low-bed-frame Option for Low-Budget Bed Project

When you want to carve out a fascinating bed style at a reasonable cost, a low-level bed is one of the best choices. The design allows you to place the mattress closer to the ground, saving money on materials.

You probably wouldn’t guess that you might achieve a higher quality of sleep by selecting this bed frame because of how much more comfortable it can give you.

Moreover, nothing matches the minimalist yet modern concept other than a low-level platform bed to let you sleep like a log. By keeping your bed low, you can save some space for more flexible mobility around the room.

McKenzie Hyde, a certified sleep science consultant at, says, “Research suggests that just changing your sleep system, whether this be your mattress, foundation, bed frame, or bedding, can also enhance your quality of sleep and lessen stress levels.” “If you have been lying on a higher bed for some time, you may benefit from lowering it or replacing the foundation with a low-profile design.”

Try lowering your mattress to the floor to get the most out of your sleep.
“We feel more connected—not isolated—when we are closer to the ground.” “This generates a soothing, more quiet environment that can help us fall asleep faster and rest soundly throughout the night,” adds Hyde. Thus, a low-profile bed may be cozier and more relaxing. Low-profile bed frames are also easier for kids and pets to jump into. Being closer to the ground also prevents bed falls.

Relevant to our current mattress,
We have 12 Bed and Mattress DIY project ideas for you here that you can take to upgrade your bedroom appeal and raise your social media presence if you are ready to replicate and tweak it further with your ingenuity. Go and check out; with that said, let’s continue our discussion with

5. A Linen Platform Bed Idea with Maximum Comfort

Ashland Platform Bed elevates your bedroom and comprises laminated veneer lumber and MDF with a solid wood-mattress-support slat system. The feature eliminates the need for a box spring and is completed with smooth faux leather upholstery that fits memory foam, spring, latex, and hybrid mattresses. Ashland features a reinforced bed frame and tall padded headboard with paneled trim to lend texture to the contemporary look.

Since it comes with a nearly $900 price tag, you can instead buy linen fabric to reupholster your bed frame and headboard.

4. A Vintage Accent Idea with Pallet Bed Inspiration

If you’re looking for a cheap bed, a pallet frame is and always has been a great choice. You can elevate the overall look of the area with the raw arrangement of the wooden board.

This pallet bed is ideal for bringing a sense of vintage charm into the space while also providing a natural tone and warm accent furniture piece to help you drift off to dreamland. You’ll definitely get the most use out of a combination of wood, rope, and some plants in the space.

3. Going Playful with A Canopy Bed

People used a canopy bed frame made of wood, metal, or iron with curtains to prevent mosquitoes and other bugs from disturbing their sleep. Yet, now you can add extra playful ornaments to resonate with the look. You even can make your canopy more unique by adding decorations like paintings, lights, plants, and different kinds of cloth.

General Instructions:

  • Get one or two large embroidery hoops first.
  • Then, wrap the hoop in enough complementing ribbon to hang it from the ceiling.
  • Select the fabric or material that you want to use.
  • You should then hang the fabric over the embroidery hoops.
  • Finally, use the ribbon to hang your hoop and secure the ceiling screws.

2. A Painted-Weathered-Wood-Bed is Oddly Fashionable

To bring the old wooden bed back into the room while being broke sounds like an awful idea. Oddly, making it fashionable is kind of feasible as you have pocketed the vintage and sturdy values.

Simply painting the wood bed may be enough to lift the look into a modern style, but you can go out of the league if you put in more effort. After the basic painting routine with white, you can cover the wood bed with Espresso wax and go along with the process to get the weathered impression.

You can use Krud Kutter or liquid deglosser to quickly and easily remove wood oil and other residues from the working area.

1. Layer the Textures

You have more than enough if you can only afford a linen bed frame and headboard for a cheap bed makeover. Out of the selection, you had better go for neutral and natural colors to make it easier to make harmonious arrangements.

To add textures, you can accentuate a linen bed frame with bedding made of softer materials. Also, you can play with the color selection to set the mood. If you are into a calmer atmosphere, you can play with earth tones such as grey and beige. But, if you need to lift the room’s appearance, going for color blocks is still in the embracement of linen bed.

Sometimes, we may feel vulnerable when we do not pocket enough dimes in our accounts. But do not let your budget limit your creativity in playing the magic on your bed to rest your body and soul. We hope you find the choice for your cheap bedroom makeover from these 10 frugal furniture bed designs.



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