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12 Built-in Kitchen Design Alternatives fit for A Limited Cooking Space

Before beginning the design process, the most important thing is to have a solid understanding of the functions that you will perform in the kitchen. Any private house designer needs to start with this fundamental approach. It is not acceptable to treat a kitchen as an afterthought or an area you will outline in the last stages of construction. Here, you will access some of the most effective ideas for designing a small kitchen with the most efficient organization features you can acquire with the least amount of money to spare.

Your kitchen deserves a beautiful design and layout because it is the heart of the home. Besides, a beautifully designed kitchen is also crucial when you plan to sell your property. Thus, spending time and money on built-in appliances and furniture would be worthwhile.

Are you looking for some ideas to carve out luxury with built-ins? We have summed up these 12 built-in kitchen design alternatives that fit a limited cooking space. As always, visit Simphome if you cannot handle ads spoiling your learning experiences.

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12. A Seamless Fridge Idea

The fridge is the biggest appliance you have in your kitchen. Therefore, it is noticeable and requires a thoughtful layout.
Some people prefer to build a large cabinet to house their fridge. Unfortunately, the result is not always attractive. You may find small gaps between the refrigerator and cabinet.
Besides, the transition from the existing cabinet and fridge is quite abrupt, which may disrupt the sight. For this reason, you should consider installing panels that turn your fridge into an integrated refrigerator.

An integrated refrigerator offers a seamless transition, as the fridge has always been a part of the kitchen. This fridge, for example, features brown doors that match the cabinet door immensely.
To create an integrated refrigerator, you will need to make the cabinet that will house the fridge later.
Make sure you leave space between the back of your fridge and the cabinet wall for the cooling system. You also have to leave a gap above the refrigerator for air circulation.

11. A Traditional Kitchen Idea with Built-In Shelves

One thing that a small kitchen usually needs is ample storage. Installing cabinets may not be the best option since they tend to be bulky, so they will eat up more space. Wall-mounted shelves could be better, but they protrude out from the wall, giving you a chance to bump into them.
For this reason, you need to consider creating built-in shelves because they sit flush with the wall, freeing up more space.

This kitchen used to have an alcove. Now, the homeowner has turned it into unique built-in shelves housing a collection of cups and knick-knacks.

10. Conquer the Entire Wall

Maximize the storage solutions for your small kitchen by using the entire wall to make new kitchen built-in shelves. The good thing about using your entire wall to create built-in shelves is you can have a lot of storage for various items. Besides, the shaker doors can add textural elements to the wall. More importantly, these built-in shelves are DIY-friendly.

You can make these built-in shelves from several IKEA Billy bookcases depending on the length of your wall. Before installing the Billy, you should build a platform so the bookcases can stand on it. The platform also enables you to add trims if you want that extra.

9. Consider Built-in Kitchen Appliances

The elegance of a kitchen with built-in equipment cannot be overstated. These built-ins always provide an instant injection of modern style.

The ergonomic design of built-in appliances is another advantage. They allow you to operate safely and comfortably in the kitchen. Most importantly, they are an excellent choice for a small kitchen.
Unfortunately, these lovely built-in appliances are not without flaws. You cannot quickly move them because they are mounted in the cabinets. When they are broken, repairing them will be difficult. You should also consider the costly installation expense. (Harvey Jones)

8. A Rustic in a Modern Kitchen concept

White works wonderfully in this tiny kitchen, widely known as the best buddy of little space. It soothes the eyes and makes people perceive the room as larger than it “actually” is. Also, there is some built-in storage with a rustic feel in one of the kitchen nooks to inspire you.
If that’s too much, pay attention to the extra room between the cabinets and the island. That addition is ideal for those with heavy foot traffic and kids’ safety.

7. An Inspiring Built-in Kitchen Design Idea for An Open Kitchen Floor

Wheeler Residence – 608 Ringwood, Menlo Park, CA

Like many contemporary ones, this kitchen has an open layout that uses the available space better by doing away with unnecessary partitions. Yet, no other house is like this one. The kitchen is not tucked away in a far-off corner but stands in the center of the house between the living area and the family room.

The built-in cupboards, fridge, and other appliances are housed in a wooden frame that lends a cozy feel to the otherwise sleek modern design. To give the room a more industrial touch, the owner chose a concrete island instead of the wooden-made one.

You may avoid a decision if a demand of your prospects has the power to dictate a new transformation plan.

6. A Small Kitchen Idea with Built-Ins

Careful furniture layout planning is essential for making the most of the available space. Although small, this kitchen, for example, packs a lot of important features.

The island in this kitchen doubles as a dining table. The custom table has only one leg on one side and a solid island to provide additional support on the other side. There’s a bench on the right next to the table, so you can relax and take in the scenery without moving an inch.

If the idea fits your situation, it would be best to forego window coverings such as curtains or blinds. This plan allows more light from outside into the space, making the room feel more spacious and bright.

To get more perspective related to our particular idea,
You can visit our featured page titled “10 Small Kitchen Inspirations for a Tiny House” to obtain more options for making a small kitchen appear larger and more functional. If you are considering downsizing to a smaller home, as Elon Musk did recently, you must carefully consider how you set up, organize, and manage your kitchen for daily use.

5. Let Them Blend

Having built-ins in a room, like this kitchen, is highly desirable because of the sleek, unbroken appearance that they create.

It comes with straight lines, a muted color scheme, and a built-in kitchen cabinet that the owner built up to the ceiling. It sits perfectly flush with the wall and turns the kitchen into one of the ideal features that all contemporary homes suppose to have. The island is neat and has modern cooking features, from sinks to induction cookers, including extra space for a breakfast bar.

4. A Handy Small Built-in Pantry Idea

Organization and efficiency become paramount when working with limited pantry space. You can easily access snacks by dividing them into individual bags or containers. You can organize dry items like cereal, pasta, and other dry goods in see-through plastic containers. You can find extra space by purchasing a wire rack to hang over a door (it costs around $50.99 at Target or Amazon, hopefully less after you read the list).

3. Tap into a Small Wall

Do you have a vacant wall near your kitchen? If it is not too thin, you can try incorporating built-in cabinets. It is not necessarily fancy, though. This small wall, for example, comes in a straightforward design, yet it is functional.

The wall houses a microwave, allowing you to reheat food or make popcorn without the hassle due to the slim design.

Another astonishing feature is the shelving unit. When you try to find canned tuna or soy sauce, you do not need to bow and dive into the dark and cramped shelves. You only need to pull the shelves out of the cabinet and grab the item you are looking for, thanks to the drawer slides that make it easier.

2. The IKEA Hack Built-in Cabinet Idea

This one is another IKEA hack that you should try. You can turn IKEA Borgsjo bookcases into beautiful cabinets for your contemporary kitchen. Since IKEA Borgjso is not that tall, you need to build the base using 2x4s to lift the bookcases off the floor. This way, they can be floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets.

The project is meticulous and tiring. You need at least five months of working hours and around $2000 of initial investment to get the project rolling and completed. Much cheaper than the $5000 price offer that you suppose to give when calling a contractor, according to the author of the idea

1. Built-in Cabinet with Pull-Out Rack

This pantry was designed with convenience in mind at every turn. The newly installed pullout storage allows for easy access to deep drawers, which are ideal for storing a variety of objects while yet ensuring that they are hidden from view. The door features a corkboard lining, which provides a convenient space for hanging keys, notes, and endearing handcrafted works of art created by family members.

Replicating the idea is tricky. However, if you can get a compatible pull-out mechanism for the cabinet and basic woodworking, you are halfway to the completion of the project.



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