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12 Suggestions for Stunningly Personalizing Your Bedroom

A hard mattress is a Godsend during a hectic situation. However, after everything returns to normal, you wish for more than a mattress to spend one-third of your precious life on. Here, we are to accommodate your situation and beyond. We know from ourselves that living on top of a mattress for around eight hours is a challenge without positive distractions and a beautiful aroma that relaxes our tension.

Your bedroom is the place where you can be yourself. You do not have to hide your feelings to please other people. Thus, you need to personalize this room and turn it into a cozy den for who you are.

There is no clear boundary in carving out a cozy sleeping space because everybody has their own style. If you don’t yet have time to discover yours, however, you can take the following 12 suggestions for stunningly personalizing your bedroom your recommendations. As always, Simphome presents you with the countdown.

12 Suggestions for Stunningly Personalizing Your Bedroom Video:

12 Ideas on how to personalize a bedroom poster

12. How to turn your bedroom Feel Homier

When you stay in a dormitory, you may feel homesick sometimes, which is perfectly normal. Therefore, you need to personalize your room and make it feel homey.

For example, you can do this by placing photo frames of your family and friends on the nightstand. You can also try hanging your country’s flag above the headboard to produce a focal point.
Another excellent method to make your room feel more like yours is to display familiar objects that bring back memories of your loved ones and birthplace (For instance, your grandma’s custom bedspread or converter).

Even though you can’t teleport there immediately, your home will still be cozy and welcoming. Or you can use an air diffuser with custom aromatherapy diffusers if money is not an issue.

11. Embrace your odd side and make peace with it

You may be used to hiding when you hang out with friends and colleagues because you do not want them to see you as a nerd or geek. Hey! There is nothing wrong with having unpopular hobbies, right?

If others cannot accept your interest, your bedroom will be a safe haven to express your original side.
Try displaying the collections you have to show your interest. For example, if you are into basketball, you can invest in an orange ottoman and hang a basketball hoop on the wall as an accessory. If you’re into Scooby-Doo or Groot, why not?

If you are keen on skateboards but cannot risk your old bone, you can also express your passion with a couple of old wounded skateboards. Specific to this particular topic, we already have ten relevant ideas for you.

10. Get yourself a new space to Curl up

Your bed may be comfortable. However, it does not have to be the only place to lie, lounge, and curl up. Therefore, consider purchasing a cozy armchair to lounge on comfortably.

Even better, you can invest in a swing chair suspended from the ceiling. Not only will it give you a comfortable place to curl up, but it will also incorporate a playful element into your bedroom.

9. Display Your Masterpiece

To complete a mission to personalize the bedroom, you need to incorporate artwork. One idea is to use your new craftwork or a silly framed doodle you drew when you were bored during an insignificant meeting a few years ago.

Other than that,
The Internet already offers countless other tutorials for creating artwork to adorn your bare wall, such as a wreath, paper flower, macramé, or this alcohol ink art.

  • To make this ink art, you must get a picture frame. Then, remove the glass.
  • After that, drop alcohol inks of your choice onto the glass.
  • Next, add rubbing alcohol and swirl to mix them up. Finally, use fire to light the alcohol. When the alcohol and inks burn, they begin to create exquisite designs.
  • Next, get a piece of white paper to accentuate the beautiful look of the alcohol inks.
  • Then, replace the glass and white paper with the frame.

8. Personalize it with a Rug

Laying a rug can be another brilliant way to personalize your bedroom. Besides, the rug can round out the look of your sleeping space and provide comfort and warmth for your bare feet in the morning.

However, picking the right rug can be a bit tricky. If your bedroom is relatively small, the area rug you choose should not be more than 6’x9′. Then, lay it under the bed to make the room look more spacious.

You can also use a 3’x5′ rug to furnish your small bedroom. Then, lay it in front of the bed, leaving a 12″ gap between the rug and the bed, and you are good to go.

Do you think a rectangular rug is a dime a dozen? You can use a 6′ round rug to personalize your small bedroom. However, your instruction to lay it will be slightly different from its rectangular counterpart.

If you opt for a round rug, make sure you tuck a quarter of it under the bed. This way, it will not overwhelm your small bedroom.

7. Keep Essential Things only

You need to be finicky when furnishing your bedroom, especially if it is not that spacious. To eradicate clutter, consider keeping the things you need, such as a bed, nightstands, a dresser, and a chair.

The urge to cram your favorite items into your bedroom may haunt you. Still, you must be selective if you want to carve out a comfortable place to sleep. Aside from the essential furniture, you may add one or two items of your favorite to spice up the space.

6. Apply Your Favorite Color Schemes

Applying your favorite colors is the best and most convenient way to personalize a bedroom. It will show who and what you are into instantly.

However, you do not have to paint the entire room black just because you love this neutral color. You can try mixing and matching the tones while adding a little texture to enrich your bedroom look.
If you are into serenity and want to carve it out in your room, you can try combining dusky tones of purple with a bit of green. Then, balance the look by adding brass accents that lend modern glamour.

Are you a huge fan of bold color hues? Applying navy blue to the walls will give a touch of elegance to your room. When possible, Combine it with nude pink to add subtle accents.

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With that said, let’s continue our countdown with,

5. Take A Hint with Monograms

In addition to decorating your room with what you are really into, you can also personalize your space by displaying monograms.

You can find ready-made monograms coming in various materials in home decor, craft stores, boutiques, and many more. Even better, you can make them yourself to take the personalization to the next level.

4. Incorporate Natural Beauty

Despite the size of your bedroom, it does need plants to add a lively lift. It does not have to be large plants, such as dragon trees, birds of paradise, or fishtail palms.

Small indoor plants like cacti or other succulents would be enough for your small bedroom. If you want to give a dramatic look, you can grow devil’s ivy or a string of pearls and let them dangle a bit.

3. Function or Flair?

Function and flair are often forced to trade off. However, why not have both if you don’t have to choose between those two?
Take your time to get pieces that give you both function and style, like a platform bed with a lot of storage or these chic wall-mounted shelves.

These floating shelves are not only functional, but they can spruce up your room instantly. Their triangular design looks ideal with a natural-wood color hue that will round out your Scandinavian bedroom.

2. Introduce Mixed Textures

Although paints can bring an instant appeal to your bedroom, they lack details, eventually making the space look dull. Thus, you need to toss some textural elements into your room.

For example, a woven headboard and some wicker baskets can do the trick. Depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve, try laying a jute rug or a faux-fur rug to implement this concept easily. You can also place knitted throws at the foot of the bed.

1. Complete your personalization with A Cozy Bedding

Do not forget the essential thing when it comes to personalizing your bedroom. It is the bedding.
This is your bedroom, a private area where you spend most of your time. It is also where you rejuvenate yourself and feel free to be original. Comfort is supposed to be a standard from the first day you own the room.

If not, it’s time for a new hunt. There you will find various kinds of bedding with perplexing different materials and features.

Here are tips for choosing comfortable bedding:

  • One, select soft and breathable material.
  • Two, you had better opt out of bedding with bold colors as the colors may transfer when you wash it and finally fade.
  • And last, it is essential to choose a bedding set with a compatible size with your bed. If it is too small or too big, you will have to deal with possible complaints from yourself or someone sleeping next to you later.



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