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17+ DIY Projects and Storage Hacks to Open up Your Space

3. A Foldable C Table Project Idea

Looking for a foldable and adjustable table? Build a C table using only 3 ¼” plywood!

  1. Cut the plywood into two 3×31, two 3×30, two 3×27, four 3×13, and one 27×31 to make the frame, legs, and top.
  2. Use a palm router to create 16 half-laps on each end of the cuts, except for one side of four 3×13.
  3. Sand all parts with 80-grit and 120-grit sandpaper, then attach the legs to the frame and top with piano hinges.
  4. Finish with three coats of oil-based varnish with sanding in between coats.

Now you have an adjustable table that can be easily carried and stored away!

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