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10 Cluttercore ideas to refresh the look of your living room

Cluttercore design is a form of artistic decoration in which mismatched but meaningful objects are brought together in harmony. The name “cluster core” was coined by artist Tobias Putrih, who has identified cluttered homes as an overlooked site for creative expression that need not be confined to the gallery space

Key points:

  • The goal of Cluttercore design is to bring together things that aren’t typically considered aesthetically pleasing but have significant personal meaning. This type of decoration was inspired by the early 20th-century art movement, Dadaism.
  • Cluttercore design is not about creating something visually appealing, but rather it’s about meaningful expression and creating a space that you feel at home in. Cluttercore takes the concept of interior decorating and flips it on its head by celebrating your personality instead of producing a specific look or theme.
  • Cluttercore is not about perfection, so don’t fret if an object has a few dings or scratches. Think of them as battle wounds and embrace them!
  • To produce a Cluttercore space, you should have at least three things of interest that have some personal meaning for you.
  • The key to Cluttercore design is mixing and matching the elements in the living space so that they don’t look like they belong together, but at the same time, there’s a balance to them.
  • Sometimes, it can take some time to find just the suitable objects for your Cluttercore design. Search garage sales and thrift stores for items with character and personality.

Are you keeping mismatched but meaningful objects in your living room? Are you seeking a way to bring them together into harmony? Well, you should try Cluttercore design.
It is a new craze that makes your chaotic room looks more organized. The design encourages us to fill the space with lovingly arranged items.

Cluttercore produces a joyful atmosphere by mixing styles and going heavy on color and pattern. Its design is down to personal taste. The joy of having a live-in-mess room is that it defines the use of those meaningful objects. Are you interested in creating one? Here are 10 Cluttercore ideas to refresh the look of your living room to get you started. As always, Follow the link inside the reference area for more detail.

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10. Infusing New Style to Your Living Room

In adopting a Cluttercore living room, the key is coziness. You can feel comfortable, although your living room has a lot of items in it. Just keep it well organized and make it feel more pleasant with piles of cushions, soft fairy light, and geo throws.

Since it’s a Cluttercore design, you are free to have any color and patterns for the cushions. Opt for clashing colors in floral, geometrical, abstract, or even a smiling sun pattern. Then add more softness through warm lighting so that a cozy, warm glow will fill
the room.

For example, the room in the picture uses various forms of frames. Gold and glass multi photo frames and hanging pictures look mismatched in shapes, but they bring a warm feeling for the onlookers. Of course, some wall hanging will finish the touch.

Relevant details:

  • No 1: When you want to produce a Cluttercore interior design, the first thing you need to consider is the placement of your living room. Ensure that the furniture fits into the theme of your interior design, whether it is cluttered or not. You may not be able to change the layout of your bedroom furniture, but you can rearrange your other furniture for decoration.
  • No 2: A cluttered room does not only mean having many and various kinds of items; it also means messily arranging them. If you want to get more comfortable in your living room, you should empty all of that clutter and try balancing the design with something simple like a few colorful cushions and warm lighting (this will not change the character of your living room).
  • No 3: A wire basket can be used in many ways to get a quick remodeling for your living room. Use it as storage for magazines, books, and newspapers. You can cover it with pretty fabric or make one with nails and other home improvement items to give it an elegant touch.
  • No 4: A few art pieces can add personality to your living room, such as canvas or framed photos. Use them as a focal point, making the room look more attractive. If you can’t afford to buy art, start with a plain wall and decorate it with personal items like family photographs and even posters or prints of your favorite band. Remember that you don’t need to produce a gallery space because clutter core is all about using your personality to express yourself.
  • No 5: If you want your Cluttercore design to feel like home, then think about how you can mix and match elements of the invention that have special meanings for you. For example, you can combine a candle with a pretty vase and add some flowers. Use an Instax photo frame as a photo display box, or even hang your child’s favorite painting on the wall.
  • No 6: When choosing furniture for your living room, select versatile pieces so you can easily change the arrangement of your clutter core space. Some clever parts to choose from include ottomans and poufs (great for extra seating), sofas and sectionals that open up into beds, and mobile storage containers that can help you get organized.

9. The Unconventionally Aesthetic Interior

The quirkiness of mismatched objects in a living room can strangely become aesthetic. Combining contrasting period styles can produce an eye-filling, eccentric, and elegant living room. If you want to avoid a chaotic scene, you had better organize and make a display of them. Group the same things together in cabinets, on shelves, a table, or a mantelpiece. You can use boxes or plinths to show off your favorite pieces.

Don’t hesitate to combine contrasting accessories such as antiques and vintage pieces. However, to keep your living room looking fabulous, opt for a coherent color palette and leave a breathing space.

8. The Divisive New Homeware Trend

Cluttercore design is a busy approach to selecting and organizing homeware. Although it seems a bit messy, it actually entails carefully arranged items in a room.

Choose some pieces of furniture or trinkets as a focal point of your living room. You could try displaying your belongings in a layer on a side table or bookshelf. If you don’t have a budget for it, you can go through old knick-knacks in your attic. Make use of old stuff for corralling your beloved object.

Relevant details:

  • No 1: A cluster core interior design involves producing a confusing layout and then working with the design. The main thing is to appear still to look organized and in order. You don’t need to use a hardcore organization system for your living room, but take some things from it.
  • No 2: Your living room’s layout doesn’t have to be just cluttered objects. It can also be about a few ideas to put your stuff. Arrange items in a visible way and less than 20 square feet of floor space; then, you can use storage boxes or shelves or trunks as stools for your odd things.
  • No 3: Go vintage in the Cluttercore design. And arrange your living room with pieces that have been lying around since the 1920s. This idea might look like a touristy scrawl, but it will be lovely on its own.
  • No 4: The whole idea of clutter core is to have everything but to make it look like you want. You can use every available surface as storage for your items or furniture to achieve this. You can even produce an entire wall unit from an old bar cart or cabinet and make it a focal point of your living room by displaying some fantastic vintage posters on it.
  • No 5: If you have many items or accessories, you can store them in boxes. If you want to make it look less chaotic, you can even arrange them on shelves, like books on top of the frames and antiques below the shelves. To make it look nicer, use some vintage furniture there as well. Use pieces that are similar for more identical looks.
  • No 6: Make your art more noticeable by hanging pictures from wall certificates or displaying framed photos on a shelf or the wall. Ensure that each item is one-of-a-kind (so pick out unique items) and match the color with your other decorative pieces.
  • No 7: You can use various items to make your living room a homey place to sit. First off, try using some items around the house, such as mirrors or even an old TV set. You can also use unusual things like suitcases or cardboard boxes as storage units. If you’re still not satisfied with the results, try searching for some vintage things at local antique shops or through online listings.
  • No 8: To update your living room furniture, try bringing in a retro-style lamp. This idea may produce a vintage look and give your living room a modern touch.
  • No 9: If you’re OK with mixing styles, you can combine different kinds of furniture. For instance, if you have an extensive and bulky sofa, you could add some antique or vintage pieces to make it more interesting.

7. The New Maximalism

Bring your living room into a great showcase of personalities. This new maximalism trend allows you to get playful with the design without sacrificing the style. It is delightful to play with solid color pallets, pattern repetition, and intricate detailing that are carefully selected to produce a Cluttercore living area.

To avoid the room becoming unappealing, start by adding a few objects at a time, such as a few statement cushions, books, or artworks. A bookcase is an excellent start to organizing your items if you want to carve out a more natural look. Then build it up in layers.

6. Experiment with New Color Schemes

It is best to stick with a theme for your Cluttercore living room. For example, choose a color scheme. That will help you make the room look purposeful, not just untidy.
The most significant advantage of this trend is that it is usually a burst of color. Therefore, go for colors that express abundance and joy. Choose the hues that would complement your collection.

A plain white wall will be easier to manage than a dark-colored wall. All you need to do is mix and match your belongings to display. However, if you want a spot for a focal point, you can have one side for an accent wall. You can make the room more fascinating by adding patterns on top of the palette.

Alternative ideas to bring new focal points to your living room:
1. You can artfully arrange your furniture and artwork in your room. This step is a great way to make many items fit into a small area. An artful arrangement will help you eliminate clutter without overdoing it on the pattern or color.
2. If you want to put some accessories on the wall, go for patterns that repeat themselves. For example, if you have wooden panels on your walls, try using one large design and repeating it in different sizes to cover the entire wall space.
3. Make a significant impact on your living room by using big pieces of furniture that take up critical areas of the room, such as an armchair or coffee table.
4. Your living room will look less cluttered if you can get the items on top of your coffee table, such as a lamp or books, organized in a way that balances out evenly on each side.
5. Arrange your coffee table stuff in neat piles on one side of the coffee table. That way, you’ll still have some clear space on the other side to put any new things that come into your room.
6. Make sure that all of your furniture is placed following the size and shape of your room. It’s best to avoid placing furniture next to walls because it will restrict movement within a space and make it seem smaller than it is.
7. The last step is to have fun putting things where you have never put them before. If something doesn’t fit with what is already there, change it! You can do whatever you want, as long as it makes your room look good.

Also, take inspiration from traditional furniture styles.
1. Using vintage accessories is a fantastic way to give your space a charming touch of personality with the help of their unique designs and textures
2. Bring new life into your living room by recycling pieces that you already own into unique decorative accents for your home
3. You can add height to an area in the center of the room or along the wall with bookshelves or cabinets to store books, magazines, and DVDs
4. Having a few pieces of traditional decorative furniture can bring a feeling of coziness to the room. You can use them to create a focal point or even put them all together to create a space that they are used to
5. If you have a living room set with mismatched chairs, you don’t have to get rid of them if you want to bring height into your living room. Instead, try using a couple of high-height chairs for more emphasis and make sure that each chair is placed in the right place so that it doesn’t clash with other pieces in your room
6. You can bring new life into your living room by mixing styles and trends such as minimalism, vintage, and minimalism
7. Consider using an accent wall to bring attention to your space without making it feel cluttered. Try hanging some paintings, vases with flowers, or prints of your favorite animal
8. If you want to bring more dimension into your living room, consider having a specific colored tint in different shades that can accentuate the shape and texture of its items
9. You can add warmth and comfort to your living room by choosing furniture that is the same color as the sofa or stretching out a colorful rug beside the sofa

5. Go Vibrant

Go vibrant with your living room, especially when it is a multifunctional space—nurseries, and offices, for example. Cluttercore design offers an energetic explosion of color and patterns to produce creative chaos.

Don’t worry about mismatching. You can make it a lush exercise to be a creative curator for your living room. The room may look vintage yet glamor with some thread between them. How you organize your space tells people what a great curator you are.

4. Get Stuffed

Again, Cluttercore suits mismatched design philosophy. As shown in the picture, you can stuff your living room with objects you love. Furthermore, you can make it like a gallery of your life story by hanging photographs on the wall.

This one is a dramatic gallery wall with a book and art collection showcase below. It is a way to enjoy mixing old and new styles. The design should encourage eyes to travel all over the space.
Every item you will add to your living room should have a purpose: to make you and your family feel happier to stay in there.

3. The Room of Curiosity

People will always surround your living room. So, it might consist of treasures of different generations.

While other designs suggest presenting separate areas, the Cluttercore style accommodates the mismatched collection in harmony. This organized clutter idea is perfect for people who are not messy by nature but have many precious belongings to show.

Imagine yourself enclosed in a room packed with miniature collections, records, and books. Curate them in cabinets and make your living space a room of curiosity.

2. Explosion of Colors

The exciting thing about Cluttercore is that you can place objects from different periods together. Classic and modern, vintage and antique. They produce an eclectic mix that is interesting and homely.

As has been said before, when organizing a Cluttercore living room, it is best to take a theme and a color scheme. Instead of having a full-blown mess room, you can make it a lived-in clutter.

This room gets the advantage of botanical and natural style. Bright foliage and floral pattern decorate the room, including artworks and cushions. Stoneware ceramics are also great if you want to add color and personal touch to match the interior.

Lastly, Number 1. The Collector’s Sanctuary

Although you think that all of your possessions are important to show, you do need to curate them. Go through them and see which items spark joy when you look at them. Then arrange and display stuff you love artfully. It is like creating a museum of collection or a family photo gallery.

Moreover, instead of saving your china in a cupboard, you can display them on a sideboard. A Cluttercore living room can be a sanctuary for your beloved belongings.

To sum up, the main ideas to transform your living room with Cluttercore style is:

  • No 1. Collect and Present Collections
    Warnings: Do not let your objects accumulate to form clutter. Suppose you are not planning to use all of them at once.
    To organize your living room, collect the collections you love. Be sure they are meaningful, and you can utilize them. For example, you may start with your childhood memories; next, go through your favorite books and artworks; next, take a look at the objects around the house that you have never used or kept in good condition.
    Then excellently arrange them.
  • No 2. Take a Thematic Approach
    Focus on a theme, whether it is color or pattern. It depends on the items you choose to collect. For example, if your collection is bright, go for pop colors; if it is vintage and antique, use patterns such as floral and botanical.
  • No 3. Decorate Briefly each item in your living room with other objects that match its theme. You can find one piece of art with many stories to tell or a book that you can put on display. Don’t forget the smaller details such as cushion covers and vases to make your living room look more attractive.
  • No 4. Add Textures and Natural Materials
    To create an area for calm, adding natural materials and textures is essential. You can use wood or stone to get a homely effect. You may also choose to use ceramics, metal, or textiles. Not only will the items give the area a homely feeling, but they will also fit the overall theme of your living room.
  • No 5. Build Multifunctional Spaces
    Living rooms are either decorating spaces or multipurpose rooms where you can do different activities in an organized way. Producing a clutter-free environment is vital in multifunctional areas like an office or a nursery.
    In these areas, you need to collect items that can be movable, such as a wooden desk/table. A built-in unit can help keep the space organized, and it can also fit other objects such as chairs or cabinets.
  • No 6. Add Practical Lighting
    To keep a clutterless living room, you have to make sure it is well-lit to see what you are doing. You may want to place lamps on the side of the wall. Alternatively, if your collection allows, go for overhead lighting, which will effectively illuminate this space and make it look bigger and brighter.
  • No 7. Be Creative and Let Color Shine
    When it comes to lighting, you need to make the most of it by using a grand color scheme. It will make the room stand out and give the impression that a lot of thought has gone into decorating it.
  • No 8. Organize and Display Everything you need to organize your objects thematically, as discussed in point 2. This idea will help you efficiently store things while adding variety and creating an engaging environment that reflects who you are or what you love. There are many things you can choose from to keep your collections. Depending on your interior and decoration style, you can find various storage solutions. You can also use several things together to make it look more presentable, such as books and artworks that have been made into semicircles with shelves.
  • No 9. Add Storage For large items such as couches or wardrobes, you need to consider the storage space available in your room. This idea will involve locating a space near the sofa to place these large pieces without blocking any other living room area.
  • No 10. Decorate With Color and Pattern
    The same goes for pattern, color, or both. The main idea is to use thematic colors or various ways to create a unique and exciting atmosphere.
  • Also, Install Artworks Add artworks to make a personal touch to your living room, but make sure it fits in with the previously chosen theme. You can use paintings or sculptures of people or animals that relate to the theme you are making. You may also go with items of art that have been around for a while, such as old prints, photographs, mirrors with frames, artworks on pendants, mirrors balls, and more!

Surely, minimalists would cringe at this trend. Yet, it gives a breath for those who like to show off the objects they love. The movement is a core of a homely living room or any space in a home. This design lives in a mess with a purpose. And the intention is to bring more coziness to a living room.



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