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15 Creative Cabinet Designs and DIY Tricks for a Small Kitchen Makeover

3. Discover the vibrant transformation of Lagado Architects’ Rotterdam Townhouse into the Playful Workhome-Playhome!

In the heart of Rotterdam’s Noordereiland neighborhood, Lagado Architects has transformed its own townhouse into a dynamic space featuring bold live-work areas and a striking blue staircase. Seeking a multifunctional environment, the architects injected various vibrant colors to infuse the home with character and creativity.

The centerpiece is a vivid blue staircase that spans all three levels, accentuated by triangular openings offering glimpses of different rooms. The family living room boasts unobstructed garden views and a chartreuse-yellow daybed adorned with navy and pink cushions. The kitchen showcases an ashwood storage unit with burnt-orange niches and teal-colored cupboards against a tiled splashback. With its playful design and thoughtful details, Workhome-Playhome is a unique dwelling.

2. Furniture Assembly 101: DIY Assembling and IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Installation

Are you ready to tackle the assembly and installation of IKEA kitchen cabinets? Brace yourself for this DIY adventure with the following clever tips to guide you through the process. From turning on some music to keep your spirits high to being prepared with your own tools, these tips will make your journey smoother.

Hanging cabinets on suspension rails? Don’t forget to purchase your own screws. And don’t assemble those cabinets on the bare floor – protect them with an old blanket or dropcloth. While the assembly process is manageable solo, you’ll definitely need a helping hand for installing suspension rails and hanging the cabinets.

Remember to follow the instructions closely, even if you feel confident, and be prepared to improvise when necessary. When attaching screws, using a drill is a time-saver, but finish tightening manually to avoid damage. Pay attention to the orientation of boards that slide into the cabinets, and start the installation with the corner cabinet, working your way out.

Hang upper cabinets high to avoid a soffit, and do thorough research beforehand. Double-check your product inventory, and don’t rely on the plastic legs to hold up bottom cabinets – use suspension rails instead.

1. A Vertical Pantry Storage Hack from @Get Hands Dirty

Today, we will transform a messy pantry cabinet into a well-organized storage solution with vertical sliding drawers. This DIY project is perfect for maximizing space and creating a more efficient pantry. So let’s get started!

First, gather all the necessary materials, including Baltic birch plywood and yellow MDF. Cut the parts needed for the drawers and laminate them together to create thicker panels. Sand any factory finish off the plywood before laminating the MDF to it. Use a vacuum bag to apply even pressure and ensure a strong bond.

While waiting for the panels to dry, cut the fronts out of 18mm Baltic birch plywood. If you don’t have enough plywood for all the fronts, you can combine strips to create a unique design. Join the halves using floating tenons and glue.

Next, cut the shelves and create supports for the drawer slides. Use pocket holes and butt joints to assemble the structure. Make sure everything is attached square and secure.

Sand the surfaces smoothly and apply three coats of water-based varnish for a durable finish. Now it’s time to cut the acrylic walls for each shelf. Use a multi-material blade suitable for plastics to ensure clean cuts. Create shallow strips for the front of the shelves and taller ones for the back to prevent items from tipping over.

To install the acrylic walls, pre-drill holes and use screws to secure them. Consider using a template to mark the hole positions for accuracy. Add a strip of wood to the top face to receive the upper slide. Install the slides vertically for traditional drawers or horizontally to maximize lower shelf space.

Finally, place the shelves on adjustable pins and enjoy your newly organized pantry cabinet. These vertical sliding drawers give you easy access to your groceries and plenty of storage space.



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