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15 Creative Cabinet Designs and DIY Tricks for a Small Kitchen Makeover

9. Adopt one of the Kitchen & Bath Design + Industry Awards finalists 2023

Toronto-based designer Svetlana Tryaskina transformed a drab midtown condo kitchen into a sleek hub of style and convenience in her ‘Contemporary & Chic Kitchen.’ Svetlana rearranged the layout, adding a 12-foot peninsula and custom cabinets for extra storage and prep space.

Plush Fisher & Paykel appliances, Caesarstone/Carrera marble countertops, and Kohler fixtures add a luxurious touch. A trendy pantry cabinet with large pocket doors doubles as a compact tea/coffee station. The result? A functional, stylish kitchen with surprise design elements and a cozy vibe.

8. Fill Those Gaps in Your Kitchen Cabinets: Personalized Solutions Made Easy!

So, you’ve noticed those annoying gaps between your cabinets and are determined to find a fix? We’ve got some creative solutions that will make your IKEA kitchen feel less “IKEA” and more uniquely yours!

Option 1: Filler Panels

For those smaller gaps near the walls (around 1″-2″), simply add filler panels. These flat white pieces effortlessly cover the gaps, giving your cabinets a seamless and polished look.

Option 2: Customized Narrow Cabinets

But what about those wider gaps near the sink or stove? Fear not! Get ready to unleash your DIY skills. Purchase the narrowest cabinets available (12″ wide) and customize them to fit your specific gaps. You can easily trim down each cabinet with a trusty table saw to the desired width.

Think outside the box to transform these narrow cabinets into functional storage spaces. Flip some narrow drawer panels on their side and attach them as doors. Ta-da! You now have perfectly fitted cabinets that suit your unique needs.

Imagine one of your customized narrow cabinets perfectly housing baking sheets and pans by the stove, while the other features a convenient pull-out towel rack and stores essential items near the sink. These personalized solutions fill the gaps and optimize your kitchen space.

By embracing your DIY spirit and making a few simple modifications, you can wave goodbye to those unsightly gaps and say hello to a kitchen that truly reflects your style and needs. Get ready to impress with a customized masterpiece that’ll make your friends and family say, “Wow, you did that?”

7. Inside a Yogi’s Tranquil 500-sq-ft NYC Home: Stylish, Innovative, and Functional

Welcome to the serene world of Krissy Jones, a yoga instructor with a knack for turning small spaces into havens of tranquility. Her 500-square-foot apartment in Soho perfectly embodies the charm of old New York, complete with wide windows that flood the space with sunlight.

Jones took down most of the interior walls to create an open and airy atmosphere, dividing the apartment into three distinct areas: a cozy living space, a bedroom area featuring a king-size bed, and a unique kitchen/bathroom zone. Yes, you read that right – there’s a bathtub in the kitchen! Jones loves the exposed layout because it encourages organization and cleanliness. In fact, her top tip for small-space living is to eliminate clutter and embrace simplicity.

To maximize storage and style, Jones enlisted the help of contractor Joey Ting to create custom shelving throughout the apartment. Yoga bolsters double as cushions on a custom futon couch, and built-in shelving provides additional storage space.

The kitchen boasts a charming vintage sink and raw wood cabinets with upper open shelves, adding to the craftsman aesthetic. A salvaged wooden table adds warmth and character, while the pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the bathtub adjacent to the kitchen. This vintage tub has become Jones’s favorite spot in the apartment, and her friends even fight over the chance to stay and soak in it.

Jones transformed her small space into a tranquil oasis in just two months, proving style and functionality can coexist. This Soho retreat showcases the beauty of simplicity and reminds us that small spaces can be worth bragging about.

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