Best Artificial Grass For Dogs

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Most people are a little afraid of using artificial grass for dogs, but it is possible to do it. They are afraid of the safety of the grass and the mess that the dog may leave. There are even artificial turfs that are made for dogs to use safely. You just need to make sure that the grass is easy to clean and safe for dogs to be on.
People with dogs want to have a beautiful, maintenance free yard just like anyone else. They also want artificial grass for dogs that is easy to care for. There are a few types of turf that are perfect for this and are easy to clean when your dog leaves a mess.
This article will share the best turfs for your dog and for the ease of maintenance. There are more than this article will list, but you can research and find some more that you might like better. This article will tell you some of the good things that you need to know about the different artificial grasses.

Best Turfs for Dogs

1. Pet Grow Pet Pad

This turf is made for moderate to heavy traffic and is taller than most artificial grasses. It has holes in the rubber backing making it easy to drain. This comes in small four foot by seven foot to rolls that are twelve foot by eighty-two foot. It has four colors to make it look more natural and foam infill that makes it more comfortable to walk on. The bad thing about this turf is that it is more expensive than other types.

2. Petgrow

This is much less expensive to use but still has some great qualities for you and your pet. It is shorter than other turfs, but it still has the drainage holes to allow rain and urine to drain from it. It also looks very realistic due to the color variances and imitation thatch. You can learn more about artificial thatch here: It comes in sizes from two feet wide to thirteen feet wide and as long as eighty-three feet to fit every yard size.

3. Tiger Turf

This is one of the longest artificial grasses with blades that are 1 5/8 inches long. It is also one of the more realistic looking with a two-tone green and a brown thatch. This is also one of the most expensive grasses, but it is worth the extra money. It comes in rolls that are 15 feet wide and up to one hundred feet long. The biggest problem with this artificial grass, aside from the cost, is that it might not drain as well as others because of its thickness.

4. Sunvilla

This turf is one of the most realistic looking grasses with four shades of green and a realistic looking brown thatch. It is one of the thickest, but it also drains well due to the number of holes in the backing. The blades of the grass are in a c-shape very much like real grass once it has been mowed. It is only supplied in short rolls of about twenty-five feet long and as wide as thirteen feet.

5. WMG Grass

This grass is best for smaller patios or balconies because it only comes in small sizes. It comes in three-foot by five-foot squares or seven-foot by thirteen-foot sizes. It is very cushiony and comfortable for your pets to play on. It is very thick but also drains well because of the many holes in the bottom. It comes in a variety of green colors that help to make it more realistic looking.

6. GL Artificial Grass Mats

This grass is one of the denser artificial turfs with a density level of seventy per foot. It is intended for heavy traffic and has good drainage even though it looks very thick. It has UV protection to help keep it looking more realistic for a longer period of time. This grass comes in sizes from three foot by five foot to rolls of thirteen feet by eighty-two feet.

7. LOOBANI Pet Tray

This is a mat of artificial grass that is intended for use as a pet potty training aid. It has the look and feel of real grass so that you can get your pup to get used to the feel of real grass. You will eventually be able to train your pup to go outside with this tray. This tray has interchangeable grass mats that you can clean with a garden hose between uses. This site allows you to learn more about pet trays. There is only one size available, but it comes with two grass mats.

These are just a few of the different types of artificial turf that are available. There are sizes that are perfect for inside the home to sizes that will cover your yard. They are all different cost levels to inexpensive to really expensive.

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