Tips on Making Healthy Cat Treats at Home

If you plan to give CBD to your cat, you have many options at your disposal. But edible goods are the most convenient and best accepted by felines. They provide all the benefits of cannabidiol but in a more attractive and palatable form. Also, the product offer is vast, so you can find these treats in pet shops or order them online.

But homemade cat CBD treats can beat store-bought goods in every sense. They will have better taste, quality ingredients, more CBD, and lots of love in them. You don’t have to be a chef, as making these treats doesn’t require much time and effort. The ingredient combinations are many, so you can experiment and prepare a new delicacy for your pet every time.

There are several ways to make CBD cat treats. You can make raw or frozen snacks or bake CBD-infused goodies. All methods can result in healthy and yummy treats that your feline friend will enjoy. The only ‘drawback’ to the second method is that you should have experience in cooking with marijuana. But you can find some handy guidelines on this link.

Sweet Potato Tuna Cookies

This treat is baked, but it’s effortless to make. So start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees and covering the pan with wax paper. Then, all you need to do is mix all ingredients and shape them into cookies. You will need a single bowl, so there’s no need to wash a pile of dishes.
Mash together two medium-size sweet potatoes (pre-cooked) and a can of drained tuna. That way, you’ll avoid chunk pieces but not necessarily. Instead of tuna, you can use salmon or chicken. In that case, add some coconut oil as these ingredients can be dry. Then add one egg and two to three spoons of gelatin powder.

Mix all with a fork and finally add coconut flour. The amount is predetermined to about half a cup, but you can add more to get the Play-Doh consistency. Next, make bite-size balls and squash them a bit to form a cookie shape. Bake until they become light brown.

Catnip CBD Bites

The combination of CBD and catnip can give excellent results for cats with low energy levels. Catnip contains nepetalactone, which triggers a high effect in the cat’s brain. But it’s not psychoactive or mind-altering. It just makes your feline relaxed, energized, and happy.
Check the web source below for more details on catnip:

For this treat, you need dried catnip. But don’t mind giving it to your pet in a raw form to sniff or just pay with it. So, mix two-thirds of a cup of oat flour with a small-shredded carrot, an egg white, and a tablespoon of coconut oil.

Whisk all well, and then add half of a tablespoon of dried catnip and the same amount of CBD oil. Mix again and add more flour or hot water if necessary. The dough should be soft and rollable. Knead it and roll it out to be about one inch thick.

Use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes or simply roll the balls and splash them into cookies. Just make sure they’re about the same size to ensure each bite has the same amount of CBD. But if you want to be sure that each treat has the same potency, you can bake them in a preheated oven until golden brown.

Peanut Butter Oats Balls

Peanut butter is one of the human foods that cats can eat. It has healthy fats, but it’s made of nuts. And your cat’s digestive system is not used to these foods. So you can use it in controlled amounts to make healthy, CBD-infused raw treats and serve them to your feline friend as a desert. On the other hand, plain oats provide multiple vitamins and minerals to cats.

For this treat, you’ll need about a third of a cup of chunky peanut butter, the same amount of nonfat dry milk powder, and rolled oats. Mix them all in a small bowl, and then add a teaspoon of quality broad-spectrum CBD oil. Stir it up and add graham cracker crumbs.

Finally, add a drizzle or two of honey. Don’t exaggerate with this ingredient, as it’s not exactly cat-friendly. But in a small amount, it won’t hurt. Vanilla and cinnamon are optional. When you mix it all up, shape the dough into bite-sized balls. Keep them in the fridge until serving.

The Easiest Way of Making CBD Treats

Making CBD goodies at home is not a demanding task. But it can be even easier. Simply, you’ll need your cat’s favorite store-bought treats and quality broad-spectrum oil. You should also make sure to choose porous, round, or square-shaped treats to ensure the best CBD absorption.

A simple way is to drizzle a few drops of hemp oil onto these quality cat treats and let them sit for a while. You can also sprinkle edible hemp powder on soft chews, but make sure these are bite-sized. These products should be of intense taste, which should mask the aroma of CBD oil.

CBD treats are simple to make and can be used as an excellent addition to your pet’s meals. And when you’ve made them at home, with quality CBD oil and other ingredients, you’ll be able to offer your feline a healthy alternative to their commercially available counterparts.

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