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Ways To Improve Your Employee Car Park

The value of an employee car park is often undervalued. These areas of commercial property are incredibly significant.

Employee car parks are often the first line of defence from physical threats. Moreover, they also give interviewees, clients, and business partners a first impression of the firm they visit. Employees must receive a stress-free and warm welcome with each working day, too, and the car park is a big part of making that happen.

Some companies assume that they are stuck with the car park they are lumped with. However, the world of parking cars is becoming more innovative daily. If firms have the power to make changes to their commercial property, then the car park is one of the first places that may require an overhaul.
Here are some ways business people can improve their employee car park.

Update the Space

Car parks can start to depreciate over time and after extensive use. Therefore, the space may require a bit of an update to look more pristine.

Consider working with Enterprise Commercial Paving, an asphalt paving company also specializing in parking lot construction, striping services, and concrete paving. Their highly-skilled contracting services are affordable, which means you can oversee these projects in a cost-effective, pressure-free way. Your employee parking space will look brand-new and smart once the work is finished.
Wear and tear might be expected in a commercial environment, but that doesn’t mean it should be permissible. Even if fewer people are visiting your commercial premises due to nationwide work-from-home schemes, when people stop by, their visit needs to be more impactful and memorable. Updating the car park could contribute toward that goal.

Manage Numbers

Every employee has a right to use the car park. That doesn’t mean each of them should park five days a week. As your recruitment numbers grow, you may find yourself running out of space.
Therefore, it could be a good idea to encourage other modes of travel. Carpooling, cycling to work, or taking public transport may be effective. You could merge these interests with a green-friendly approach to employees’ commutes, disguising your intentions of freeing up space and limiting parking numbers. Of course, eco-friendly goals are good to support anyway.

Additionally, the availability of your employee car park may benefit under more flexible work schemes. Allowing your workers to choose their hours or occasionally work from home will significantly ease on-site congestion. Consider making some changes there if necessary.

It is important not to be too heavy-handed when implementing these policies. Workers should not feel like they are being denied something but instead offered a better opportunity of making things work for themselves and everybody. Frame things positively, and employees may use their car park more resourcefully and economically.

Zone Areas

Employees must have their designated spots to park in if the area is larger. That way, when you’re overseeing your car park, it becomes easier to determine who is using the area.

Employees shouldn’t be parked near visitors, delivery personnel, or perhaps even their superiors. Mixing these groups might create anxiety about where they should park or if they might potentially disrupt any important business activities. The last thing an employee will wish to do is cause inconveniences for their boss.

Implementing permit-style technologies in your employee car park may even be a good idea. These devices can place employees on an allowlist and authorize them to use certain car park areas. It might seem like overkill, but these technologies can help people understand where they need to go and help the space stay organized.

Feedback with your employees to see if they are content with the way things work. If they constantly feel like they’re figuratively stepping on people’s toes with their parking, it may cause unnecessary worries that persist throughout the working day and detract from their performance.

Install CCTV

CCTV is a useful deterrent against antisocial behaviors. While it’s natural for an employer to assume the best in their employees, tensions can arise between workers. Criminals may trespass on your commercial property too.

The prevalence of these problems may depend on where your business is based. Some regions will have higher crime rates than others. Moreover, the battle for parking spaces in New York City is often more dramatic than in a rural setting. Nevertheless, it is important to be ready for any conflicts should they arise, and CCTV is a big part of that.

It is not just about catching people transgressing either. Most people will not think to cause trouble if they know they are being watched. Therefore, in addition to the CCTV camera, it may be worth featuring nearby signs that remind passersby and potential troublemakers that the camera footage is regularly reviewed.

Employees may feel more confident parking at a workplace with safety as a chief concern. They may be less worried about their vehicles being vandalized or stolen. After that anxious weight is lifted, employees may be able to work more effectively without distracting worries.

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