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How to Design an Open-concept Kitchen Perfectly?

Designers often talk a lot about the open-concept living room and kitchen layouts. We’ve also seen a lot of open interior design concepts all over the internet. Whether it’s on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram, everyone seems to be talking about it. What is an open kitchen layout anyway? And why should we apply it to our homes?

What is an open-concept kitchen?

In a home, a small open concept kitchen is often characterized by the removal of walls and door boundaries that previously divided various functional sections such as the kitchen, living, and dining areas. An open-concept kitchen and dining room floor plan has the kitchen orientated where one of its counters is facing or connected to the rest of the spaces in the house.

What is the perfect kitchen layout for an open concept?

Small house open-concept kitchen and living room is a layout commonly seen in small condo units and apartments. The open concept creates an illusion of more space since the eyes can see the panoramic view of the house without any wall partitions.

When it comes to kitchen layouts, an open-concept small U-shaped kitchen is perhaps the most ideal layout to go for when adapting the concept. U-shaped kitchen open-concept has a lot of advantages. You can add more storage spaces both on the floor and up on the walls. open-concept U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula also provides adequate counter space making it easier to move around and cook with the family.

Open-concept kitchen cabinets are easy to install when the layout is barrierless. In an open-concept kitchen, no upper cabinets are an option if you don’t really want to have hanging cabinets on your kitchen walls. There are tons of open-concept kitchen cabinet ideas as well as tips and tricks on what cabinetry to choose to pull off the open-concept kitchen plan.

Should you have an island in an open-concept kitchen?

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Yes. One of the reasons why an open-concept kitchen with large island works is because they naturally form a “focal point” within the space. The best approach open kitchen concept with an island, according is to consider each section as its own ‘room’ while keeping it proportionate and cohesive with the rest of the spaces.

In some traditional homes, you’ll often see an open-concept kitchen island with columns. You don’t have to worry about the columns getting in the way. What you can do instead is to design with it in context. Make it a part of the scheme or camouflage it against the backdrop.
You may be able to add an open-concept galley kitchen with an island to your kitchen renovation without having to undertake any construction work. Keep in mind that portable kitchen islands are readily available and can be an excellent solution for galley kitchens that require a more versatile design.

How to create an open-concept kitchen lighting?

Sometimes open-concept kitchens include a living area or television room. If this is the scenario with your home, it’s critical to apply open-concept kitchen lighting recommendations, basic rules, and tips. You should add both ambient and task lighting, just as you would in the living area, bedroom, and other spaces in the house that needs both natural and artificial light to be called “well-designed.”

Open-concept kitchen living room color ideas

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Modern kitchen designs blend seamlessly with the central living space. While an open kitchen design can have structural limitations, it is still a great way to create an amazing space. If you want a kitchen that is completely open to the rest of the space, you need to keep the design in mind.

  1. Open-concept mid-century modern kitchen
    The style known as mid-century modern is still influencing many kitchens remodels and ideas today. Clean lines, helpful utility, a combination of traditional and non-traditional materials, and contrasting elements such as wood and plastic characterize this style.
  2. Open-concept farmhouse kitchen
    Warmth and comfort are synonymous with the classic farmhouse aesthetic. It has a timeless, delicate feel about it without being excessive or detached. Because an open-concept kitchen is typically common in contemporary spaces where everything is streamlined, jumping into a design with a traditional feel like a farmhouse can make your kitchen feel homey, welcoming, and warm.
  3. Open-concept contemporary kitchen
    Functionality, customization, innovation, market price, and efficiency are all factors in the success of contemporary kitchen design. For the ordinary household, contemporary kitchens are far more useful than traditional ones. Modern open-concept kitchens make life-on-the-go duties much easier, from the design to the appliances.
  4. White kitchen open concept
    A white open-concept kitchen is considered a timeless design. White symbolizes cleanliness and elegance which is vital to have in a kitchen atmosphere. If you decide to transform your traditional kitchen into a modern open kitchen layout, go for an open-concept kitchen with white cabinets to complement the overall visual style.
  5. Black open-concept kitchen
    Many designers are exploring black and white open-concept kitchen design. Black is a great color to have if you want to create a sense of luxury and sophistication in a space. Kitchens with black shiny surfaces and open-concept kitchen dark cabinets are more dramatic and have a somewhat masculine and mysterious vibe – ideal for condo units and bachelor pads.

Now that you’ve learned a little more about open-concept kitchens, you should be able to make a better-informed choice about whether or not this design trend is suited for you.

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