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10 Ideal Small Kitchen Set Configurations for a Busy Cooker

You have a tiny kitchen. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a foot of counter space, a few kitchen cupboards, and a wall in a rental or your place. We’ll offer you a mile of ideas in an inch. Even with a small kitchen, you can cook!

You can make even the smallest kitchen work with kitchen storage ideas and smart shelving. With apartment-sized appliances, mini dishwashers for small spaces, and small kitchen islands, you can fit everything you want in your kitchen.

The kitchen is the hub of household activity. Preparing breakfast and lunch in the morning can feel like a race against the clock as you try to get everyone ready for school and work on time.
A well-organized kitchen may be a huge boon to productivity in a fast-paced environment where every second counts. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tiny kitchen set combinations for a professional chef like you. As usual, Simphome researches, curates, and presents you with the list.

10 Ideal Small Kitchen Set Configurations for a Busy Cooker

10 Ideal Small Kitchen Set Configurations for a Busy Cooker Poster

10. A Clean Galley Kitchen Idea

It’s true that little is more sometimes, especially when it comes to decorating cramped quarters. And an excellent illustration of it is provided by Shayden and Georgia of the Moochstyle Instagram account, which is headquartered in New Zealand and focuses on home and lifestyle content. The use of white flat-front cabinets, counters, and tiling helps keep the compact space open and airy, while the small amount of darkness in the upper cabinets and hardware gives a touch of visual interest to the guest’s room.

9. Free Up Your Focus from Your phone

If you typically charge your iPhone or iPad in the kitchen, you will find that this chic setup, which Sarah Robertson designed, is the ideal solution for you. The idea is not only suitable for hiding your clutter but also for keeping your focus on the job.

This way, you can free up more space on the kitchen counter to prepare food or read recipes while keeping your safety checked.

Tips for Converting a Drawer into a Covert Power Source

The most challenging part is finding a power outlet near your drawer so you can charge it. If there isn’t already an outlet, you’ll want to call an electrician to put one in; having them handle the wiring is also an option while they’re out there. Different plug-and-play solutions exist to accommodate a wide range of drawer depths.

On the other hand, if you’re moderately handy, you can quickly build your docking station. In general, you only need to drill a hole in the back of your drawer and the rear of your unit for a cord to pass through, attach a power strip to the back wall of your drawer’s interior, and plug everything into the wall.

8. Put Your frequently-used Tools at Reach

Due to their length, you cannot store all cooking utensils can’t in one cabinet. In this instance, you’ll run into trouble due to a lack of storage space.

And if you find yourself spending too much time rooting around in the cabinet for the right cooking implement, you might want to consider suspending a rack of them from the ceiling. They’re conveniently close, so it’s easy to see them and grab them before they get away.

A rod and hooks make this kitchen belonging to Karen Emile of Milk and Honey Life more streamlined. After you copy the idea, you can grab a measuring cup without rummaging through your cupboards if you need a measuring cup.

However, safety should always be a top priority. It would be preferable to have the rod mounted above the counter next to the stove. You could accidentally start a fire if you put it directly over the range.

7. Adopt a new floating corner shelving idea

When it’s impossible to have wall-mounted shelves because they’re going to block the window’s view, this corner storage idea is the solution you’re looking for. The industrial-inspired rack is simple and fits perfectly with the kitchen.

You can save any ingredient and stuff you need daily.
As it has a straightforward design, it shouldn’t be hard to ask someone to make one for you. Besides, it’s not going to cost you a lot, either.
Create more storage and decor space with industrial-style open shelving in small columns, as designer Caren Rideau did in this kitchen. It’ll clear up counter space and help you easily see your inventory.

6. A Mini and thin island idea for a mini apartment

This little loft has been designed in height to provide space, with a bedroom suspended on the mezzanine, a kitchen situated on a platform with its head raised high, and a library that will make Pascal and his neighbors on the shelves dizzy. The storage design was influenced by boat storage, with an “in-the floor” drawer, an “in-the-stairs” wardrobe, and a fold-out double bar to allow up to 4 people at the table.

With its fully equipped kitchen, cozy living room, and long bathroom, it lives and feels like a huge apartment despite its small size of 22m2.

Speaking about a small kitchen
We have an interesting proposal for you titled “10 Small Kitchen Inspirations for A Tiny House.” It comes with images, a countdown, and fresh perspectives that we cannot cover inside our regular Youtube video. Be there

And with that said, let’s continue our countdown with

5. Streamlined your Kitchen Construction

Fantastic Frank designs this compact L-shaped kitchen. He constructed the kitchen into a corner of a bigger dining space that he furnished with a huge table and chairs. As a result, the kitchen can blend in with the rest of the room when mealtime rolls around. The glossy lacquered cabinetry in the modern flat-front style of the all-white kitchen’s slim cabinets merges seamlessly with the all-white backsplash. The cramped kitchen appears much larger and more open thanks to the presence of a wide picture window that lets in an abundance of natural light.

4. How to give your Kitchen More Counter Space

We adore how this tiny cottage kitchen uses various ingenious storage options to keep the surface clear and functional. These are some of our preferred concepts.
First, the owner installed three toe kick drawers under the lower cabinet to use the dead space behind the baseboards.

The majority of current base cabinets can include toe-kick drawers this way.
A curtain rod in front of a window provides functional vertical storage for pots and pans.
And as a bonus, there is a little pot rack next to the stove.

3. A Small but functional Kitchen Concept

If you’re constantly juggling multiple tasks at once—whether at work, meeting tight deadlines, or taking care of young children at home—this kitchen should be a godsend. This little cooking space is light but remains airy thanks to robin’s egg blue cabinetry and charming country-style details.

Move to either side of the counter, and you’ll find a convenient workstation for processing your experimental menu quickly. You won’t wander, idly looking at things or doing nothing.
It is compactly functional but sufficient enough to access cabinets and drawers while standing.

2. A kitchen corner idea with Cute contrasts

This is an example of an ideal modular kitchen design. It comes with windows that serve the dual purpose of letting light in and allowing fresh air to circulate. The bright yellow cabinets and other pieces of furniture in this kitchen provide a striking contrast to the clean white walls that surround the space.

It features a built-in range, oven, and cupboards to keep crockery and cutlery for convenient access. When dark outside, you can let the light from the smart bulbs shine into your working space without opening the shutters on the long wall window.

1. Give your Small Kitchen a treat of A Pegboard

As seen above, a kitchen with light blue and red accents introduces color without the commitment of painting the cabinets or purchasing an outrageously colored gadget. The wall is a highly adaptable surface in any room of the house. This is how you use vertical space to store items in a tiny kitchen. Get yourself a pegboard and open shelves much like the one seen here.

Make sure that any objects you store on exposed wall shelves aren’t going to be readily knocked over by rodents like cats and rats. They may decide to invade certain kitchens if they discover an abundance of tasty food stored there.



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